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Hi, in this video we're going to talk about
our new I.C.E. YouTube video marketing packages, which basically
is an online video campaign on your own YouTube channel. We're going to discuss what it is and what
you get from it. So in a nutshell, I.C.E. is an online internet
campaign that we produce for you with a series of videos released on a YouTube channel. We accomplish 3 primary objectives:
The first objective is to establish your internet presence or if you already have a presence
we try to enhance it, to increase your identity so people can find you. The second objective is build a trust in your

Bottom line is, if somebody comes across your
videos then that means they're looking for the information that you're presenting. If they find your videos useful, you've built
a level of trust with them and they'll see you as an expert. The third objective is distribution. We will take these videos and we put them
on your own YouTube channel as well as broadcast them to several of the most popular social
media channels so that way everybody can find you. Now a lot of people ask us, why YouTube? Well quite frankly, why not YouTube? Several years ago when YouTube started it
was just a little online channel for home movies but now as of today, 2015, YouTube
is the second largest search engine in the world and the number one video source on the
planet. I mean it has a billion unique views every
month and that's pretty significant. So by using YouTube we are now basing your
videos in your own channel, professional channel that we will build for you on the most powerful
platform in the world for video.

So it's kind of almost like a no brainer and
on top of that we utilize all the built in tools that YouTube offers to increase your
views, increase your chances, and integrate you with all the social media networks and
search engines. Now let's get down to the type of videos you'll
receive with your I.C.E. video YouTube package. We call these videos, "Magnet Videos" and
that basically means they are designed to attract viewers and bring them back to either
your website, your channel, your social media page, where ever you want to send them.

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Now you'll get a series of these videos that
will release weekly and they run from, ideally, one to three minutes long. That's the perfect amount of time to give
someone a little nugget of information and not overwhelm them. These videos are basically informational in
their spirit. So they can be frequently asked questions,
they could be about you and your company, they could highlight products, they could
highlight procedures, give them tips and basically you want to give the a reason to watch these
videos and if they find something useful they're going to come back to your channel and watch
more videos. These people are finding you because they're
looking for something. So we base these videos off popular search
terms that are going to give you the best chance of somebody finding your material,
going to your channel, watching your videos, and returning them and hopefully eventually
converting them into a customer. Now primarily these videos are going to be
hosted on your private YouTube channel that will be built for you branded with your identity. Once they're there they will be published
to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter which are the most popular social media networks and
they're going to link and share your media with everyone so you can draw them back to
your channel or back to your webpage.

So we try to utilize the power of search engines
and social media networks to spread your material and increase the amounts of hits and increase
the views and increase your subscribers. Now what do you get in these packages? We currently have two available. We've got the YouTube Video Marketing Starter
package, which is a 3 month run, 1 video per week and you get a landing video. In addition we build your YouTube channel
or we'll connect your YouTube channel to social media sites or build the sites for you. The videos are also captioned and transcribed
giving you basically text searchability. You also get a full turnkey setup which means
we do all the work for you. Once we film your videos we handle it.We build
it, we edit it, we shoot it, and at the end we show it to you and you've got a finished
product. So, you're ready to get started in your video
campaign, or if you already have a channel and you want to give it a little more of a
boost, give us a call and contact us our consultations are free and we'll get your video campaign
started today.

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