You’re Lazy and Unmotivated: Are Your Habits to Blame?

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– You are guaranteed to fail if you focus on texting, playing video games,
or hanging out on Facebook, personally they might give
you some satisfaction, but I can guarantee you,
on a business level, it's not gonna make
any difference for you, and it's guaranteed to have you fail if you don't focus on
the highest and best use that you need to do so what I
want to share with you today is what I personally do to be
able to grow my businesses, what I do every single day, I
focus on having the discipline to be able to do and keeping
a structure and developing the habits of success business building.

Now the first principle
that I wanna share with you is the highest and best use, and what highest and best use
means is that you always want to focus on the top three things that are gonna move the needle and move the ball
forward in your business. Highest and best use are
things you wanna focus on, so for example, for me
personally, the three things that I must do and I must focus on, and anything that's outside of this, I delegate to a team where
I have someone else do it, the first thing, and it's most
important, is the strategy, I focus on the strategy
of my own businesses, I focus on the strategy for the clients, how to grow their businesses,
how to minimize their risks, and how to make the
decisive, key decisions that are really gonna
move the ball forward.

The second thing I focus on
is relationship building. Every time I'm in meetings, I'm on calls, I'm in meetings outside
public in Vancouver, I'm meeting people, I'm
connecting with people, people reach out to
me, reach out my calls, I add value, that's
the second core pillar. The third core pillar is team cultivation, the culture, hiring, retaining,
potentially letting go of certain key members and whatnot, those are the three core pillars that matter the most, strategy,
relationships, team culture, everything related to key decisions that need to happen within this business so what you wanna do is
you want to narrow down whatever position that you
are, if you're the CMO, the CEO, if you're the
founder, the entrepreneur, you're wearing multiple different hats, you wanna focus on what is
the highest and best use of your time, your resources, your energy, your mental capacity, all of the things that you wanna focus on to
be able to grow the business, grow your clients businesses,
help your target audience.

What is that thing? Narrow it down to these three things, you continuously improve and
optimize on that process, and you set it up as a
standard and you focus on just these three corridors,
anything that's outside these three boxes that
you set for yourself, you delegate it to someone else. And obviously you don't
wanna get tactical, and what I mean by that
is anything that falls outside of these things
that you don't wanna just keep doing the same thing,
sometimes I even fall prey to this, when someone tells me
hey this marketing automation go in and check it,
we're out of this thing, or hey there's this funnel page or there's this copy point I
want you to revise and update, sometimes I do jump into it,
even though I know I shouldn't so even for me, it's very
one of the fine lines and balances to be able
to structure your day where you're focused on
the highest and best use without wasting your time
on things that aren't gonna move the ball forward, right? But you delegate to
people that are have their core strengths and be able
to have them take care of it and you just focus on what's gonna move the ball forward as the
entrepreneur, the CEO, whatever position that you are in.

Now most of the time I'm in meetings and on phone calls as
related to the three things, on a personal side what I focus on is I exercise, try to do
the workouts I need to do consistently three times a week, doing strength training, fitness, just to keep the body healthy right? We've got arms and legs for a reason, it's for us to move
and build our mobility. The second thing I focus
on is the meditation side, meditation is extremely important to me, to be able to meditate every single day and be able to calm myself down, to relax, and just really be able to develop that self-awareness,
that critical thinking, but really, y'know, meditation's
great for spiritual, developing your spiritual
side, developing empathy and just living a much happier
and healthier lifestyle. The next thing I do personally, as well, is I try to educate
myself every single day on the way when I drive to work, or when I drive back from work, I'm listening to podcasts,
listening to things from Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, listening from Gary Vaynerchuk, listening to investors' podcasts, listening to all the
things that are relevant to what I wanna do and just
continuously improving, right? At the same time, I watch videos, I watch I read books,
I try to budget about 10-15 minutes, 30 minutes a day and focusing on those things, now one of the greatest principles that I can share with you that's worked extremely well for me in
terms of the productivity and being able to move the ball forward and grow your business as an entrepreneur or even anything that
you want to do in life is time blocking, you wanna make sure that you schedule time every single day, every single week, to be
able to block out that time, one hour where you're just laser-focused on doing that one thing, what is that one outcome that you wanna achieve? And you just focus on that.

The biggest enemy to productivity is trying to multitask and
do multiple different things, it's the worst thing that you can do, it's shifting your mind to
jump multiple different things. Now you might think, and
this is a big misconception is that you can in your
brain you can just focus on doing multiple different
things, multitask, what's actually happening
is that your brain is just focusing on one core thing and then you jump into another thing, it consumes a lot of your capacity, consumes a lot of energy, you're actually losing productivity, you're losing focus, you're losing everything
that you need to do to accomplish that one
thing, so your brain, you're basically consuming
an immense amount of energy in your brain, just focus
on one thing, and what I do is i time block every single hour, unless I'm doing filming
like this for you, and then otherwise I'm focusing
on just one hour tasks, and I have an hourglass,
I don't have it here, I have it at home where I flip it over, it's timed by one hour, and
that one hour, no distractions.

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No emails, no phone calls, nothing, everything's off I'm just
focused at the task at hand and the outcome that I wanna achieve. That's the thing that
you can be one of the greatest principles for you and I do this every single weekend is
um focusing on really reviewing what happened
in the week, right? You wanna look at the strategy side, you wanna review the week, how did it go? And build a plan going
forward in the next week, what is the outcome for this week? What is the outcome for this month? What is the outcome for
the the entire year? You want to make sure
you're setting outcomes for the week, month, year, because I know that there's so many
things I need to adapt, especially at the size
that we're at right now, just focusing on adapting
multiple different things, focusing on implementing it,
optimizing it and whatnot and so that's what I wanna
do, that I just wanna share with you basically, focus on time blocking and also reviewing the strategy
and stuff on the weekends, what are your plan of action
and reviewing your goals and your milestones
that you want to reach.

One of the biggest things that
you can focus on, as well, is being strategic instead of tactical. As entrepreneurs, and also even if you're in a different position,
it's our tendency to focus on tactical things that don't align with our strategic objectives, simply put, we react to stuff, we answer emails, we reply to texts, we reply to calls when
we're not supposed to, we jump on YouTube, we jump on Facebook, on Messages, and we're being
bombarded with messages, we wanna react and our
brain, we're conditioning our brain when we do that,
to consistently react and it consumes our resources.

That's why it's important to minimize or eliminate distractions
in your environment. If I don't get anything else done, what is the three outcomes
I want to achieve? And then you wanna focus
on reverse engineering those three outcomes,
what do you need to do and then just focusing on developing that and that's really the
most important thing. And the next thing that you wanna do is that you wanna understand
that you don't want to be reactive, you want to make sure that you can also jump in if you need to, but you want to eliminate,
start reducing it as much as possible, so
whatever that is for you, think of it as levers that you wanna pull, you're pulling these levers
and they're gonna give you the most leverage, whether
that be financial leverage, your team leverage, human capital, your knowledge leverage, capital or your relationship capital, or your all these different types of
capitals you can leverage, what is the highest and
best use of those things? You wanna focus on that.

So that's it, that's what
I do every single day and what I want you to do as well, to be able to implement it. I also want you to comment below and let me know, what are
some high productivity tips or what do you do during your day to day to grow your business online to be able to get the highest and best
use out of the position that you're at or
whatever it is that you do every single day, what is
the most productive thing that you've found and I might try it out, but I want you to share,
I want to share with you what worked for me and how you can get the most time out of your day.

I think the last thing
I want to leave you with is you wanna make sure
that you develop habits. We as human beings are
driven by our habits, the day the time that we go to sleep, the time that we wake
up, when we read a book, when we do these things, when you're able to structure and time block,
you're able to develop some good habits, every single day if you look at how many habits,
here's another exercise, list out the habits and
the things that you do every single time, if you
map this out for a day, a week, a month, you can
see how consistent it is to your habits, how we are so programmed by everything we do in our minds based on the things that we've
done over and over again, we're following a consistent schedule.

If you want to change your
life, change your habits, that's one of the most powerful concepts that I learned from a
mentor, you wanna develop solid habits and that's repeatedly
doing every single thing and I think it takes five or seven days of doing something over and over again every day to develop a habit in your mind, so if you wanna work out, y'know, you just gotta work out one single week and then you can consistently maintain and eventually it's gonna become a habit, you're gonna feel like it's
weird that you're not doing it. So that's what I do, list out your habits, and develop solid, good habits and you'll be on the road to success. Thanks for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one..

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