Yelling “fire” | Seth’s Blog

With the feasible exception of hockey games, there have been handful of locations in our modern lives wherever public interactions are meant to be coarse. If (back when we could, and shortly when we can again) you go to the theater, a museum, the mall, a restaurant, the library, school, the grocery store, the park, or sure, even to a film theater, the administration does not tolerate or really encourage acting like a jerk.

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And then social media arrived.

Social media is a position in which the enterprise model depends on some percentage of the group acting in disagreeable methods. It draws a crowd. And crowds deliver earnings.

We have developed a new default, a default in which it is in some way defensible to be a egocentric, short-sighted, anonymous troll. At scale.

Civility has always been enforced by society, and for the previous hundred decades, amplified by commerce. We shouldn’t take anything at all less than kindness, even if the stock price tag is at stake. DMS has a excellent place about the algorithm. As soon as you start prioritizing some voices, you become liable for the tone and noise and disconnection (or likelihood, link and peace of thoughts) you’ve brought on.

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