Why Sales Teams Need a Video Strategy

December 22, 2021·5 min read

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Having your entire sales team use video elevates it from a tactic to a strategy—one that builds upon itself. Find out why your team needs a video strategy.

Does your sales team have a video strategy? If you don’t—why not?

Video is arguably a sales rep’s single most powerful sales tool. 75% of top-performing sales pros say that video increases their response rates. While reading through a text-heavy email inbox makes prospects feel unhappy and stressed, watching a video reverses that effect, making them more receptive to your pitch.

And when your entire sales team coordinates on a larger video strategy, the benefits get even bigger. That’s because beyond offering personal, authentic outreach, video helps teams collectively earn more mindshare, spend more time selling, and improve quicker.

In fact, HubSpot has called video prospecting one of the key skills every sales development rep needs to master—though SDRs certainly aren’t the only ones who’ll find video valuable. Every member of your team, from SDRs to account execs to management, have something to gain from learning how to create and send great videos.

You may not have a video strategy in place right now, but by the end of this post, you’ll understand exactly why it’s so important to your team’s success. Read on!

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