Why Healthcare Marketing Matters | Online Optimism

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I really enjoy working with healthcare 
facilities because I mostly work with   federally qualified health centers 
and it means a lot to be able to   help people who don't get a lot 
of health education and access   be able to know that it's available to them.
When you're working in social media you're not   you know in the room with patients when 
they're in the healthcare centers and things   like that. But hearing that they've had great 
experiences, hearing that they want to come back   they can bring their children in, and things 
like that really make a difference for me. When you produce trustworthy content you 
can make a real impact on the community   whether that's getting more people vaccinated, 
bringing more people into the health care system,   or just providing information 
about general health and wellness.   You know we try not to just promote 
services but actually get them   get our audiences information that 
can actually help take care of them.

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You have to make sure that the information 
that you put out there is truthful,   up to date, current, and helpful..

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