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looking for the best email provider
you've come to the right place I'm telling you this one is amazing now this
is video two this is a two-part series so if you haven't watched number one I
will put a link in the description below there click that link go back and watch
number one because it will tell you more about what we're talking about in this
video but we're talking about Kartra and how freaking amazing it is and how
it can help your business now if you're new to my channel and you haven't
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for watching to the end okay let's get right back into Kartra we had left off
at number five we're gonna hit number six and number six has to do with the
membership area of Kartra you're gonna love this now even if you don't
have a membership now and I didn't in the beginning it can happen it can
happen real quick so you might as well have this advantage available to you
when you're getting an email provider because all of these things are actually
intertwined and at one point I had like eight different pieces of software it
was crazy over the years I started in 2009
I mean we've sold millions of dollars worth of products both physical and
digital so if I had had a product like this a software like this the beginning
it would have been awesome but when I did get Kartra I got rid
of eight different pieces of software now I add you enough on this channel all
I do is teach you how to start run and grow your online business so let's get
back into Kartra and let's look at number six okay so I know there's
a lot of membership stuff out there there's teachable there's significant
avi there's a bunch of them but none of them do what Kartra does because
Kartra does it inside their email program so that everything integrates
it's really super cool let's talk about it okay memberships have become such a
big thing because you can get reoccurring income I know I have several
of them out there some early $27 a month but you know if you get a thousand two
thousand ten thousand people paying you twenty seven dollars a month that's a
lot of money so building a membership super important to any business no
matter what your business is I think you ought to have some type of continuity
model now the cool thing is you can create really dynamic membership areas
within Kartra and I want to talk about some of those things that you could do
in there the first thing I want to tell you is that Kartra memberships or
drag-and-drop so you don't have to have any programming you don't have to have
any technical skills anybody can do this once they learn it it's really super
easy to quickly write these lessons and modules for your courses without taking
much time at all all you have to do is really embed your videos or
presentations into each one of the modules and your lessons are ready to go
now what's really cool is since all your videos are within Kartra and in
their template you can actually put ads within your courses you can't do this
with a lot of platforms you can put buttons for them to buy other products
you can put buttons for them to opt-in or download things you can just the the
possibilities are endless since you have the control over the actual course and
how it's built the other cool thing you can do is you
can have it set up where you could have a number of different courses that
somebody has purchased from you and you could use one single login for that
person so they don't have to login to several different places for each one of
their courses now Kartra also handles all the technology for you so when
somebody actually buys a course you don't have to do anything what you do is
you set up the emails that are provided as templates within Kartra and those
emails will automatically go out and give them their access their username
their password everything they need once they purchased the course all you have
to do is set it up and Kartra takes it from there now Kartra membership sites
are awesome they're really good for any entrepreneur who wants to sell a course
ok if you've got a course to sell if you want to publish any type of your content
if you want to provide coaching whatever it is that you can think of you can use
this membership portal to build it if you need a membership site or you need
something similar to this you need Kartra now in the description below I'm
gonna put a link there you can actually watch a video of all these things that
Kartra does but the cool thing is you can actually get a trial of Kartra for
only one dollar number 7 is help desk this is incredible
I don't know any software that does this but you can actually build help desk for
each and every one of your pages or courses or whatever you want to do and
each one of those help desks can be separate this is included in the price
of Kartra so that when somebody's in a course maybe they have a question they
can click over to the help desk fill out the ticket and as soon as they
do that that will actually come to you in an email form and it'll say hey
you've got a new ticket on this particular course you can then log into
Kartra and you can have canned responses so if you're having people
that ask you the same question over and over again you can have a canned
response you can click drop it in and send it over to the person or you can
customize your templates or you can just answer the email you can have a running
total and you can see all the emails going back and forth with this one
customer so that you have a record of everything that's going on now some of
the advantages to this are you gives your customers options they can do
tickets they can do live chats they can do Skype phone call whatever they want
in addition to that it tracks the status of tickets opened waiting resolved so
you always know where you stand it also allows the customer to rate their
experience so you know if customer service team or you if your customer
service team are doing a great job Kartra analytics will allow you to
measure the average time to complete your issues another useful way to manage
your employees as your business grows it also allows you to when somebody submits
a ticket I want to help this you can automatically add them to your email
list and provide special tags so you know where they were in the help system
and like I said as you answer common questions you can easily create a wiki
that your customers can refer to and avoid asking the same question over and
over I mean sure there are some helpdesk that are you know prettier than
Kartra but Kartra is extremely functional as an all-in-one I don't
think that they could do any better than what they've done by designing this
number eight let's look at Kartra calendar yeah it's even got a calendar
in there now one of the coolest things you can do is this one-on-one coaching
but it's in the past been a pain to implement because of scheduling and lack
of a calendar but Karr tree gives that to you too you see it makes those
adjustments you don't have to do the emails back and forth you don't have to
worry about time zones it's all in the calendar then you're all set you don't
have to bounce them around to other websites like set more calendly or any
of these other sites or Google you know calendars all you do is do it all in
Kartra e and everything is there and there's a history of everything that
went on now if you check out the screen this is really a game-changing feature
for Kartra users because this scheduling feature allows you to keep
your calendar under control while continuing to scale your funnel let's
take a look at all the great things that this calendar feature will do for you
okay first up you keep the full branding
control you can control your own custom domain logo color scheme your calendar
page all that within the calendar so you don't use one of these outside sources
that have their own colors and schemes you can offer free or paid appointments
great for upsells into info products you can set your predefined work schedule so
you never get people requesting meetings when Saturday's or during your gym time
you can automatically send pre-meeting emails and SMS to your customers and
you to make sure no one misses their meetings you can set up your vacation
and Christmas schedule at a time so you never have to worry about that again
check this out you can even set up a team of consultants and manage them from
a single dashboard you can set up for different types of calendars you can
have the consultant model which has open time range and great for one-on-one
sessions you can do recurring classes you can pick a time slot and repeat it
every week or month or whatever you want and you can have the gym model which is
set up different classes at specific times or a live event model which is
specific time and date okay number nine is Kartra integrations and you're
like whoa wait a second you told me Kartra does everything I shouldn't
have to integrate anything well there are some reasons to integrate let's look
at those real quick okay so check it out here's a few things you may want to do
you may want to add more email bandwidth to your account you may want to create
advance connections with your existing wordpress blog you may want to connect
Kartra to your existing online platform if you're not going to consolidate that
or you may want to send SMS messages heck yeah those are really good right
and many many more reasons so integrations is really easy to do within
Kartra okay so there are some things you're going to
want to integrate like your payments now Kartra can process the payment in there
but you need a provider you need like stripe or authorize net or PayPal
something along those lines you can also integrate membership so if you do have a
membership outside of Kartra and you want to integrate it you can do that
without any issues whatsoever you can also integrate any type of emails you
want within Kartra you can also automate messaging which is pretty cool
thing to do too and if you look on the screen right now
I'm going through some of the automations pretty much anything that is
popular out there you can automate with Kartra okay so you may be asking
yourself well what integrations do I really need well everybody's situation
is a little bit different but there are some basic crucial ones that you will
want to set up the first thing is going to be your payment GAE
waise now I use stripe and I use authorized.net I also use PayPal so
those are some primary ones that you'd probably want to set up next thing is
you'll probably want to have some type of tool that can talk to Kartra now
we use zapier and it works really well so I would say you'd want to set up zap
your also with Kartra the next thing I would want to tell you is if you're
gonna be sending out a lot of emails you're gonna want to set up some type of
overages because if you go with the limits that are on your account that can
stop your emails going out you don't want that to happen now let's talk about
all the great things the character does and remind you of them first off even
though Kartra has everything most online businesses will need they also
have a ton of third-party integrations to ensure that you always have a direct
connection to all your tools you'll have to worry about that now connecting to
email services like postmark and SendGrid can save you money if you like
to send a high volume of emails every single month now integration with zapier
means that pretty much anything under the Sun can be accomplished with enough
creativity you have plenty of options to collect payments effectively and cheaply
now I'll put up on the screen what the current pricing is however understand
this does change over time but you know they have basic plans they have a
starter they get the silver they have the gold the platinum and you can just
pick the one that's best for you but the important thing is I've left a link
below in the description and in that link you can click it and you can
actually try this out on trial for $1 at this time so check out that link down
there now at the time of this video I will tell you that click funnels versus
Kartra there's no comparison I mean bottom line is it's a whole lot less
money one Kartra it does everything that click funnels does and so many
other things that I don't know why you'd want to go with click files I used click
funnels for years don't get me wrong it's a great product but it's a lot more
money it doesn't have all the products that Kartra does and I moved on and
sometimes we have to just realize it's time to move on now you may also be
looking at the difference in kajabi and Kartra but you know kajabi is
basically a membership site and you don't get all these other features so
you know price wise obviously Kartra is the way to go there too
now here's the big question is Kartra for you because everybody's
situation is different I'll tell you that we put it off for a
long long time because we had so many funnels and so many emails and we didn't
want to move it and if you've been in internet marketing for any period of
time you're gonna be in the same situation and I understand that that's
tough but I can tell you it's worth it it took us about six months to move
everything over but once we moved it all over it's been so much smoother and I'm
sure the people in my office could definitely verify that so think about it
for a second if you're an entrepreneur and you already got a product idea or an
existing audience Kartra's probably for you people who get frustrated with all
the tech of tying together all these different systems Kartra's gonna be for
you too people who don't want to necessarily
blog every single day to create traffic Kartra is gonna be very helpful for you
in building your list also social media heavy influencers like YouTube Instagram
Pinterest who can send people directly from social media to their funnels it's
going to be super helpful it's also for agencies who want to help local
businesses expand their product selection into digital products
Kartra gives them a single service that can handle all the necessary
functions probably better than they are now now those who want to focus on their
actual marketing customer service and not get stuck in the weeds with tech
culture is gonna be for you those who want to sell their funnels for
additional revenue this is another advantage of Kartra edge you could do
that and that that could be huge for you Kartra oh is it the next best thing
since sliced bread well yeah yeah it is it's pretty very good I've looked at a
lot of software's over the years and I've always found loopholes or problems
with them and I got to tell you I haven't found that with Kartra if you're
worried about customer support they're really good on customer support too
you've got to put in a ticket but probably within 12 to 24 hours you're
gonna have your answer and it's gonna be a good answer it's gonna be something
that you can run with and you can get it fixed so and I got to tell you having
had to put in that many tickets because it just
it works well if you've got a little bit experience you're not gonna probably
have to use the help desk as much if you're brand new and you're trying to
figure it out hey I get it you know that's that's something you got to do
you got to ask those questions to learn how to do these things so I hope you
enjoyed this video I hope it gave you a little insight like I said if you
haven't watched video 1 go back to video 1 and watch that that will give you the
first half of all this information on Kartra hey I appreciate you watching
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