When we look in the mirror

When we look in the mirror, who do we see?

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[A note I sent to a young friend.]

The man or woman we see when we glimpse in the mirror is the human being we grow to be, the human being we battle to protect and persist with.

If you see somebody who doesn’t have a ton of close friends, then every time a likely buddy comes along, you will discover a way to distance yourself from the heartache of being turned down, and you are going to carry on to not have a great deal of pals.

If you see a person who isn’t joyful with inputs you cannot control, then when new inputs arrive together, you will uncover one thing completely wrong with them and seek out a lot more management not much less.

If you see someone who thrives on challenges, issues will become a probability to prosper.

Each and every day gives us the finest prospect in the world to see a diverse man or woman in the mirror.

A likelihood to adjust the tales we tell ourselves.

Airplanes almost never crash. It doesn’t make any difference. Turbulence isn’t lethal. It does not matter. If you want to explain to yourself a story about air travel, that is your tale and as considerably as you can just take it, it is legitimate. It’s your story and no 1 can choose it away from you.

Possibly you are homesick. Home is fantastic. Property is superb. Missing property is a indication that you have a household well worth missing. Remaining homesick is a story we inform ourselves about who we are.

But who will you come to be? Who can you turn out to be?

It turns out that when you’re surrounded by persons who care about you, when you have freedom and a likelihood to lead, you can develop into a diverse, far more generous, happier, more effective, far more friended model of oneself.

If you want to develop into the variety of individual who can train an 8-year-previous how to enjoy basketball, you can get started doing that appropriate now.

If you want to be the type of particular person who leads, you can begin to direct.

If you want to.

For the reason that you are wise, you treatment, you have a thing to say. Since there are men and women who really like you and treatment about you.

And the greatest way to honor these folks, and honor oneself, is to grow to be the human being you were being born to be.

If you want to.

These days is the ideal working day to start that journey. If you wait, it gets more challenging.

Who do you want to be when you glance in the mirror?

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