what to do with email addresses after you buy them // email marketing overview

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hey there this is vanessa dearly and welcome to 
my channel i have a question that a viewer asked   me so i'm going to explain it in this video i 
made a video probably a couple months ago several   months ago about how to buy emails and one of the 
question was what do i do with them after i buy   them like where do i put them how do i collect 
them how do i use them again and if you're not   sure how to do that your thought would be oh put 
them in a spreadsheet and then i can email these   people through my personal email and you don't 
want to do that because if you start sending   quantity emails through your personal account you 
will be considered spam and you will be shut down   so you don't want to do that i'm going to show you 
what you need to do now there are several steps   i'm going to give you the steps in an easy format 
but to actually do all of this you have to do some   more research if that makes sense i'm going to 
give you the resources and then you have to learn   how to use a couple pieces of software i even have 
a free course to give you that will help you but   in a nutshell i'm going to show you what you do 
the first thing you're going to do is buy the   emails and i've already made a video about that 
i do have it above but i don't want you to watch   it yet or go watch it and then come back i also 
have the link below and that way you can watch   these videos in order i'll explain what the video 
is and the steps below and you can click them and   take your time and go through them all right and 
all right let's get started and the first thing   i'm going to do is give you a visual of what i'm 
going to talk about and the steps that you need   to take to be able to collect these emails and 
have them in a place where you can email people   again and again and again and talk about your 
products or whatever it is that you're offering   the first thing i want to show you is this diagram 
there's parts or steps in collecting the emails   and being able to have a list of potential leads 
or clients and keep them in one place and keep   them in a place where you can keep on contacting 
them and basically in this case you're going to   start out with buying the email list now where do 
you go to buy an email list let me show you that   in my email that i talked to you about before you 
go to a site that sells emails and it's called   udemy but i'm going to give you a quick review 
the other uh the other video will go in more   detail but you i've had people ask me okay i've 
gone into the site and i'm not really sure who i   should hire and one of the things that you want to 
do is you want to go up here where it says keyword   and you want to type in what is it that you're 
selling so maybe you have fit in a fitness program   so you're looking for an email list where people 
are interested in fitness so you're going to   submit that then a list of sellers will pop up 
here's mike here's conjana a whole bunch of people   that have a list of people's names and emails 
that are interested in fitness and what you do in   a nutshell i'll tell you very quickly is you can 
buy a list of 100 emails at 40 cents a piece and   for instance what they'll do here's melinda 
down here melinda will send an email from you   out to her list and those people will click 
your offer does that make sense and you only   pay for the ones that get clicked so she may send 
this out to a list of a hundred thousand people   you only bought a hundred emails so the 
first hundred people to click she will send   that list to you does that make sense now 
what do you do with them where do they go   let me show you that we're going to go back 
to our sample you have to have some kind of   an offer or a landing page or a link that 
those people get to click that drives them   to a location for you and basically we call that a 
landing page now i have my landing page set up in   click funnels let me bring you to that when they 
click the link it takes them to the landing page   i'm going to show that to you in a minute and 
then they have an opt-in this is where they put   their name and their email and whatever you're 
offering them for free we call that a league   magnet and i have another email below talking 
all about lead magnets and different types   then they opt-in when they opt-in to get 
that free thing that you're giving them   you get their email yes these are emails that you 
are getting from melinda that you bought but this   is a way that you can preserve them and send 
them into a autoresponder now an autoresponder   i use activecampaign i will give you the link to 
that as well i'll show you what that looks like   but activecampaign will collect all those emails 
and now i have them in one place and i can send   out a weekly newsletter monthly whatever you want 
to do and i can continue to contact these people   let's go back and look at the landing page okay 
all right so we showed you step one where you go   to this site and buy your emails and there's a 
link below for that so you know where to go now   you're going to go to a site called click funnels 
which shows you how to make a landing page this   is where you're directing your people to because 
they're going to opt-in you're going to send them   something and then you're going to collect the 
emails and i'm going to show you that as well   let's go ahead and look at step two this is 
what the page looks like it's a landing page   this is where people go your in in this case i'm 
offering an email marketing course you actually   have access to this below free course that 
will go into detail on how to set up the email   marketing part when the person clicks 
that they'll go to the page that gives   them their item for free in this case i was 
offering you a free email marketing course   you might offer something like a free recipe book 
for fitness we just talked about getting fitness   emails so maybe you say these are my favorite 
five recipes and i'm gonna send them to you for   free and then when they click this button it will 
take them it will automatically send it to them   all of this is in click funnels and this is what 
it looks like when you're building a page here   and you can just click you can add 
things look you can add more blocks   all kinds of things it's really easy to use when 
you use the 15 day free trial there's actually a   training on how to do this but you have to have 
there's other software tools out there as well   this just happens to be what i use but you have 
to have a place for them to get something from   you that you're offering and then you need to be 
able to collect it now you're like okay where am   i collecting these emails well so when they get 
the free email marketing course their name goes   right here into the free e-marketing course 
i'm going to open that up i have an automated   sequence of emails that are sent to them and at 
the end of those few emails that i have sequenced   then they go into my main list if that makes sense 
down here at the bottom then they are into my   soap opera which tells a little bit about 
myself and then after that they go into my   weekly newsletter so they get to hear hey 
did it arrive do you have any problems   i could send five or six emails automate it 
and then here are some automated emails it   says here i want to tell you a little bit about 
myself and then after that they go directly into   an automated system where they get my weekly email 
but this is a way that i can keep track of them i   hope i answered the question what you do i'm going 
to bring back up that visual but remember you buy   the emails you when you send the person that 
you're buying emails from they're going to say   what kind of offer do you want to give they'll 
talk to you they'll tell you what to do   and you might have a little email written up some 
kind of an offer a link that will bring them to   your offer landing page they opt in they give 
you their email address you give them that free   thing the free recipe book whatever it is then 
their name shoots over to your autoresponder and   that's where you collect your emails if you have 
any questions put them below like i said this was   a quick review to give you a broader view of what 
this entails i know the first time you look at it   it may seem really confusing but actually it's 
pretty smooth once you get it set up and it just   works for you automatically thanks for 
watching and i'll see you on the next video   you

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