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hi welcome to this module which is an
introduction to digital marketing do any of these icons look familiar to you did
you google something today or check your facebook maybe did you see that funny
video which went viral yesterday or did you read the tweet by that famous
cricketer if you did then you are a part of the digital world along with 3
billion other people which is 40 percent of the world's population wow that's a
large number and wherever there a huge number of people there is huge marketing
opportunity which is what digital marketing is all about at the end of
this video you will be able to understand what digital marketing is it
scope the channels identify the need to go digital why companies have to include
digital marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy and of course
the basic objectives are digital marketing what it's used for as I mentioned before there are three
billion people who are online today which is close to 40% of the world's
population who are these people what are they doing how are they doing
it we'll take a look at that 62% of these people are browsing the
internet through their computers or desktops 31% which is again a huge
number are doing school through mobile devices through their mobile phones the
smartphone revolution has made this possible and 7% do so through tablets
you will be surprised to know that off the total time spent on media on
electronic media or otherwise 54% of the time is spent on online media to 4% that people spend on online media
28% the social marketing which is in most cases Facebook 13% is micro
blogging which again is about Twitter and the rest of the activities are a mix
of updating blogs reading news watching TV or online and other activities
what is this translate when people are spending so much time on media there is
huge opportunity for you to reach out to them during that time
and this is a result if you will see this graph you will notice that budgets
for paid search advertising and display advertising both of which are
fundamentals of digital marketing have been increasing over the years this year
it is estimated that there will be a spend of 126 billion dollars the
increase in digital spend is almost three times increase in the total ad
expenditure for marketing when we spoke about search advertising where is this
money being spent this again is related to where is the time being spent this
graph shows you that the Google search engine has a largest chunk followed by
Baidu and Yahoo and Bing when people invest on search advertising
they put up ads on the search Network I'll show you what I'm talking about
this is a Google search engine results page for a query office box for women
you will notice that apart from the organic stuff that you see on the page
actually which is way down the page the ads dominate the page
these are sponsored results and you will see a slightly yellowish orange tag
indicating that they are ads what happens if I have found a website that I
want to go to and then I leave the search engine page this is what happens
in this case I was looking for sites about cakes and baking and I came to
this website but there's an opportunity for me to see an ad here as well so
there you go how's this for intention a as you saw in a previous slide 28
percent of your time is spent on social media which in most cases is
predominantly Facebook but Facebook has space for ads too in this example you
can see ads or furniture for child wear and for sunglasses email marketing is
another important branch have you ever got emails about luhan's or construction
of you houses or about eBay or Amazon in a new office if you have you know what
I'm talking about why are three billion people online what
is this thing about digital media that is attracting everyone let's see that in
detail or a user the digital media offers
multiple channels and devices to do what they want to do they have a wide range
of sites the social media to connect with to maintain relationships this
cross device integration you can start on a desktop go through a mobile and end
on your tab there's also better decision-making this
huge number of choices wanna buy a bag there ten sites that'll offer you one
with five sites probably offering you better discounts than what you can get
at the store and of course they are easy to buy and
return you're going to come home and deliver to you and if you want to return
it in most cases they gonna pick it up as well and of course with one it's
another payment gateways buying online is easier than ever before for a
marketer there are loads of reasons relevance I will compare this aspect to
traditional advertising if you are driving down a road and you see a
hoarding about let's say jewelry you may or may not be wanting to buy jewelry at
that point you may not have the money for it or may not be in a mode for it
but if you are looking online and say want to buy your rings online I want to
buy jewelry online and you see ads that are relevant to you from a jewelry store
that has an extremely high degree of relevance as compared to the hoarding
that you see on the road personalization
cases Google and Facebook and other sites that you use collect a lot of
information about you which is legal but they can use this information to create
a better advertising experience for you you can even see emails where your name
is highlighted for example I see emails that read hello Jasmine would you like a
loan today or you could see ads that could be based on your previous browsing
history if you have been shopping for diapers for your kid you could see ads
that say maybe you should buy a new diaper back again effectiveness is a big driver for
digital marketing traditional media over time has become super expensive placing
an ad in the newspaper or buying a holding for a month is a large outlay of
money whereas digital marketing can probably started off with one tenth of
that investment the digital media is also an extremely measurable medium
going back to the example of the road and hoarding you may not have an exact
count of how many people actually saw the ad on the touring you will not know
how many people went into your store because of that wording and you will
never know how many people bought that particular item because of what they saw
on that particular Road unless of course that was the only marketing media that
you were using at that point of time but digital media you can track this to the
very last click you will know how many people came to your site from where they
came what they saw on your site and what they bought what was the value of that
purchase and will they come back again you can track that as well
Digital campaigns are extremely scalable campaigns if I create a campaign for the
US today I can easily replicate it for India tomorrow there is no permissions
involved there's no time involved it's all done within a few clicks how engaged
can you be with the holding on the road can you talk to it and you change it you
can't but you can be super engaged with an interactive ad that you see on a
website we will see examples later where you can actually make the ad work for
you you can make characters in the ads do different things by clicking a mouse
around that is engagement what do I mean by a level playing field if I were a
small little business obviously I will not have the monies involved to compete
with a large player a national player but you can do so in digital marketing you can actually decide where your ads
will show to how many people they will show and if your ads are of high quality
you might actually end up paying lesser then the bigger players in your market
and of course there is the ability to go viral
how many of your friends ever passed down a paper cutting to you and said wow
look at this ad not likely but a lot of them must have shared a wonderful ad on
their Facebook profiles and that multiplies that is free advertising
let's look at the objectives of digital marketing
driving sales and leads this is direct response marketing where your campaigns
will get people to buy something from your website in some cases they may not
want to buy something but probably convert to a lead where they will sign
up or a coat or sign up for a subscription if you're a small brand
that nobody knows about or if a huge plan but introducing a new
product a new addition to your product line and you want to increase brand
awareness digital marketing is the answer for businesses that are not
really selling a product and don't need sales or leads or not advertising a
product but just want people to come to this site could be a new site could be a
blog about cooking could be something about the environment that you want to
talk about basically you're driving people to your site and this can be done
to digital marketing user behavior is an important factor in advertising there is
a difference between how it is treated in traditional media and digital media
let's look at a few factors that matter in digital marketing page of results there's a funny quote
that I read the other day that the best place to bury somebody is on the second
page of results because they're never going to be found if you are not in the
first page of a search engines results nobody is ever going to click in and see
your ads so it's important to be in the midst of action which is on the first
page first fold is that part of the website
that you see without scrolling down again most people are not involved
enough to scroll down and therefore if you want your message to be heard it's
important to be in the first fold we need a right mix of text and images
too much text will make it look like a newspaper too bookish too much images
will look like clutter in fact there's a term called banner blindness where the
brain is attuned to tuning out stuff which looks like too much of ads so you
need to have the right mix of text and images clarity of content somebody who
comes to your website needs to understand what your website is all
about he shouldn't have to be clicking through five or six links to get a gist
or what your site is about it needs to be there upfront clear and easy to
understand a call to action is a signal to the user about what he has to do what
do you want people to do when they come to your site do you want them to buy
something do you want them to sign up somewhere do you want them to give them
your email id what do you want them to do unless you tell them clearly they are
not going to be able to understand quick and easy navigation is very important
fact have you ever been to websites but you try hitting the back button and you
come back out of the site if you have that's terrible is it it a user needs to
understand how he can move from one page on the site to another
a prominent back button a home button all this will help security security is a major concern
because there's lots of commercial transactions happening on the web you
put in your credit card details you don't want to be fished but you don't
want to end up spending a lot of money unintentionally the security is
important in US resources in creating a secure atmosphere for your users
responsiveness in this world of social media but people expect you to talk back
to them brands have a very important responsibility of responding back to the
user if somebody posts on a brand's page that I didn't get this product or it was
bad it becomes important for the brand to respond back and say we're sorry we
will look into it if you don't that leaves a very bitter taste in the users
mouth so watch out for responsiveness that brings us to the end of this model
let's take a look at what we learned we learned that exponential growth and
digital highway or the digital world is a huge opportunity for marketers users
can be reached in various channels search display social media email
marketing and more the benefits of digital marketing are
numerous of your important ones are relevance measure ability and
scalability the main objectives additional marketing and driving sales
and leads clicks to your site or increasing brand awareness and finally
we learned about how user behavior in the digital world is different from the
traditional world and what this sets expectations for what factors are
important when you look at a digital marketing campaign
thank you

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