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Do you really know what is a personalized video?
If you want to learn more about it,   this is the right place for you! Let’s 
get into this new way to communicate! Hi everyone and welcome to Babelee channel!  Today we’re talking about personalized 
videos and where to find them Personalized videos are very 
intuitive to understand:   they are videos featuring some personal 
information, for example your name,   or gender, or interests, or even 
your ID card or bank details.  Watching a video referring directly to you, maybe 
reminding you something that is going to expire,   like a subscription, is a lot more 
effective than a generic video.

As we are all surrounded by a lot of information,   we need to select some very detailed and 
personal communications. Connecting to   your customers improves their journey and 
allows you to build stronger relationships. But how can you make it? Oh, it’s 
easy: you just need to take a video,   then a data source, like a CRM,
and think that you are communicating   one to one with a lot of different 
people, by personalizing their experience. There are many contexts 
in which you can use a personalized video,   but we reckon that the best way is to 
make clear the communication goal before,   so to select the right touchpoint and use case.
For example, you can use it for onboarding new   citizens or customers; to promote a special offer in a loyalty program; or to deliver a message to   a selected cluster of your database.

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You can also make a personal bank report or sport report with   your customers’ performances, and schedule a daily 
or weekly delivery on your favourite touchpoint. So, to sum up: a personalized video is 
a video enriched by some personal data,   which is able to deliver a unique 
message to every unique customer.   This makes the message a lot more effective and increases your conversion rate up to two times. Contact us if you wish to create and deliver personalized videos and don’t forget to subscribe   to our channel f­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­or 
more videomarketing tips and tricks!   Se you soon, bye!

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