Want to improve your #Mailchimp open rates? Add first names automatically to Mailchimp subject line

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Hi I'm Gary from organicweb.com.au. I'm a MailChimp Partner. Today I'll show you just how simple it is to
add the first name into a subject line field for a Mailchimp email. A lot of
people that attend by Mailchimp classes ask how to insert the first name into
the subject line so I'll show you how. So if we go into Mailchimp itself you'll
notice that I'm in the campaign builder. I'm creating an email campaign at the
moment and if we go to the subject line and click "Add Subject" we then insert our
subject lines such as this. All we need do to add the first name is the
following; wherever we want the first name to appear we add what we call the
"first name merge tag" value.

pexels photo 193003

There we go. So what will happen now is each
recipient will see their name in the subject line as you send it to people. We
can insert the first name wherever we'd like to; we could insert it after our
text for example as follows. There we go. That's how simple it is to insert the
first name into the subject line field. Thanks for joining me..

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