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With the mindset you can graduate Doing technology without this mindset is the best technology ineffective come to Completing today's topic is winning finishing is winning you get my three best degrees techniques that i have are pretty good but i think much more important is what is also about complete and win say like you because most trainers sell trainers about conclude speak conclude technology then it sounds like it has who forget the l as talking about shoot down as if there was a method then I have the customer that is absolutely not my philosophy I think it's about winning not to win what the difference between winning and winning is a You can probably play puns exchange but I want something with it certain saying defeat we do one others and win against us even as a pun so you know what i mean it's about winning and that has to do with ourselves so complete not shoot down and that is something very decisive conclusion technique to complete win has to what do you think how much percentage with us to do and how much percent more customers what do you think how much percentage it has to do with us please very good 95 percent with us only five percent more customers there you will now if you don't have any have a clue of the sold and before these things they will say o ho ho ho so the customer already has to sign there is 5 percent on little bit and I tell them 95 percent is in us how do I know because the same customer from another is completed so who else is not the customer of the seller is the other and why is he on Was the other attitude because the one winner is inside and the one other is just not a winner who is a doubter that's the opposite of a winner now we are really putting in the potted please think about who from they would like to be taller than him now is bigger than he is now beautiful strength more successful then have we here who we are today and then is where we want to be could be ok now the question if we have an ideal from us then we have that yes not just since today we've had that a little longer why are we not why are we not that disrespectful meant that applies to me just like I am that too and could to be why are we not yet because it is in between there is a gap between the There is a gap for both and the question is how we fill this gap this is not filled automatically this is not a question of how we were born our genes were not a question our situation not a question our money our health what we put in here is not predetermined by circumstances by genes by anything else but us always have the power to decide and we only have two options with which we can fill this if you can want to simplify only with two We can do a lot with individual things self-confidence or with doubt think about how easy it is and if that's true how awesome to agree understand now what comes completely exciting and whenever we fill the gap don't fill with self-confidence then does she automatically feel with doubt this is an incredibly important one knowledge whenever we not in our self-confidence work then the gap fills automatically with doubt that is nature there is no vacuum when we not active self-confidence because bring in fills the gap with doubting self-confidence makes us bigger makes us more of who we want to be doubt keeps us small still makes us smaller than we are now at the momentt are if we fill the gap with confidence fill if our answer is so self-confidence is when our answer self-confidence is then we get motivation when we have motivation then we want to act right and if our answer but doubt is then something builds up, that is, inner resistance and it then follows postponement disease we don't do things inwardly resistance makes us hesitate procrastinate until she was big problem is the big problem is that we think the problems lie outside from ourselves the problems lie to 95% always in us in them and in me and I believe they can understand this is a lifetime task to accept that for me too we always come across new situations where we say that now clearly outside of me that is just shit 9 95 percent of it lies in me how do I deal with it always and so it is also in the sale we need to know the real thing problem is that we think the problem is outside of us we are that problem and now comes the crucial and not the customer we are the problem not the customer that is very important that we understand that we come is never really that far by the way you can complete a pun yes as a qualification technique but also complete to the end we have a sales talk only ends brought when we complete it for we have to persevere and what we really have to do what we really have to do have to persevere in our lives a lifelong lifelong ours build confidence this is the greatest that we can hold out can do build self-confidence one of the best seller I know is yours limits has never been in sales seminars visits he can not do everything that she learn here but he has a self-confidence that im sale busted and he doesn't listen on the besieging a woman at the campfire in Africa that says I have the wish someday to come into space there besieged the although she has no money for 200 and something else a thousand pounds trip to book in his rocket the first still has to build and has at dawn the signed asks matteo ricci the 200,000 but it can it doesn't matter why are you doing why don't you give this to the woman he simply says now the must for save the ticket and it will be your life change and that he can believe that really that is not a tremendous amount that makes all the difference degree technology three requirements first we decide for the other we have to understand it's not about the other to a decision about bring him to the point of bringing that he now decides you have to respect the self-confidence to say and I mean that literally I knows better than the other whether he should do it or not otherwise never become a really good one seller never leave it to the other no that is not respect that is doubt let me tell you that clearly say you decide whether the other buys you decide that and but then with the knowledge of the other needs the help and ethical and under ethically i mean three things they stand Firstly, totally behind the product otherwise this is of course a crime so what to do she is totally behind the product Second, you understand the customer you understand the customer you know what the customer needs you have the depth empathy you understand and know he needs that and thirdly you decide in his sense for me that includes saying I wouldn't do it in your place but you decide decide means don't definitely complete hello that would be manipulation decide means you decidein his sense they dare to because of an over bursting self-confidence a better one to be able to make a decision as the customer yourself and then you meet the decision and bring you there then with the mindset you can graduation technique without this mindset is the best technique ineffective and again for this we need self-confidence self-confidence and that too self-confidence I am a seller's awareness a The seller is someone who does the decision is not made by the decision leads

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