VBAP #29 – Email marketing is Dead – With Brian Cassingena

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It's the way that a lot of people want
to do business now on social media alone and they want to build those audience,
they want to build a Facebook group and they want to get clicks on on
Instagram or what have you and that's all well and good it's relevant for part of
business that everyone should look at in some way. But it can't be
the core of your business and here's the reason why. People often
forget about this too. It's the fact is that, if you have a email list, then you
actually own that.

pexels photo 185576

It's like as a web property as an asset for your business.
But it doesn't matter if you have a billion likes on Facebook or a billion
followers on Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg is the person who owns
that, not you..

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