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today on the journey we'll be talking about direct response marketing and how it attracts more customers [Music] so I've heard of direct marketing but how is direct response marketing different than that good question so direct response marketing is different because direct marketing you're just talking directly to the client like an email but direct response marketing you're doing something to elicit a specific response from your potential client so what are some examples of this say for instance you have a video that you put on Instagram and you're telling people about what you're offering a service a product and you tell them I want you to call now yeah they have to take up specific response in order to take part of gotcha so when handled the correct way it can be very beneficial and bring about some interesting results for one it takes out all the intermediaries it's just between you and your customer you don't have to have the middleman second it's pretty cost effective you don't have to have mass market saturation with traditional marketing methods and then the third it's also measurable and trackable okay you can see your ROI and then also it adheres to some good old school marketing methods and it doesn't go with some of these trends that are flighty gotcha so what an example be I do an Instagram post specifically for let's say a new backpack that I just came out with and then I have a link and they go and they buy that exactly so in crafting your direct response marketing there's a couple elements that you want to have for instance the proposal rather than thinking hey buy my product you actually want to go into some details especially like trial period what the person is going to sign up for answering a lot of the questions that a person may have so part of this proposal is you want to create some urgency you want to give them all the information and kind of lead them down the funnel why is this important what are the details and at the very end maybe this is a trial period I see this a lot with webinars or different online courses you know it's a limited time offer within the next three days this is introductory price and the price goes up right so you're always kind of leading them down that funnel and giving that sense of wow this is important this is what I need and I can't wait I need to buy this now you want that and that response you wanted to make that person feel like they can't miss out so let's say that I'm an online business coach I just opened up my online one-on-one coaching and I'm gonna let my subscribers know about this so one way that I could do this is through a webinar and I'll let everyone know that hey one time only I'm doing this webinar I'm gonna give you five tips on how to crush it in social media and this is the only day that I'm gonna do it so I'm creating that urgency so people will come they'll sign up hey I'm not telling these tips anywhere else this is the only place you're gonna find them I'm never gonna do a blog post about them I've never you know I'm just really creating this like you gotta be there moment for them to register that will be the response that you want then in the webinar at the end I'm gonna let them know hey I've opened up my online coaching I only have ten spots and you guys here watching this webinar are the first people you're gonna get the first chance so if you want to here's my special introductory price and after that once I hit those ten spots done so if my goal was to get ten new clients this would be a great way to create that funnel create that sense of urgency and hopefully be an effective way to get those new clients so today we talked about direct response marketing and how I can bring you more customers we would love to hear from you in the comments below what other topics would you like us to talk about and of course be sure to like subscribe to our Channel and hit that notification bell so you're always notified of our next new video until next time this is the journey you

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