Unveiling Odoo 15: What’s New?

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good morning welcome to audio experience today we are going to unveil odoo15 our new version wait wait wait wait anthony i really think it would be better if you did some warm-ups before starting so let's warm up together okay all right we're gonna start with our right arm and take it over ready right arm yeah right arm left arm right arm left arm okay now we're gonna move the shoulders okay breathe in and breathe out while you do that ready okay and now the most important some vocal exercises all right follow my lead ready all right nice all right ready now meow meow okay that was that was good but meow meow okay meow all right i think i think you're ready go out there and kill it good morning welcome to audio experience welcome to our partners who helped us build odu from all over the world welcome to our customers who follow us year after year and i would like to extend a special welcome to our open source contributors developers and translators for all the work that you do or do would not be the same without you together we will discover all the new features we prepared for you you will learn what's new about different industries retail manufacturing distribution finance but we will start by checking how we use odoo at odoo to manage our services activities here is a typical day at odoo [Music] good morning welcome to the other farm i start my morning with the audu mobile app i check up notifications activities to do and i catch up with team on all the topics we have to discuss so let's check what the marketing is seeing oh they have new designs for the website love it perfect and here in rnd i have a task to validate to improve the contrast looks like it's very good idea so let's have a thumbs up reaction to it oh he already replied with an animated gif so auto discuss allows you to have private discussions between employees or group discussions or even with customer let's have a look if my customer reacted to it oh we need a new quotation as soon as possible let's work on it let's have a look to this quotation to jump to a document super fast you can use the new control k shortcut ctrl k a few letters and you jump to your quotations select the document with the arrow and just like that in a few seconds you get the document you are looking for but for this code i might need the help of antony to contact someone in the document same shortcut ctrl k at and you have the chat window with anthony write the message can you review this quote no and if you did a mistake use the up arrow and you can modify your message in place just like that and i send it okay this looks urgent let's call fabian hello anthony hello fabian i'm i'm on your quotation and i will change the terms and condition oh good thank you so what i like about odoo15 is that we can both work on the same field and update the same content together so it's very collaborative so while anthony is changing the condition i can change the payment terms and then we are good to go we are good like that yeah it's good for me perfect so we can send the quotation by email to the customer so i click up here and i send by email okay right on time let's open the quotation here our details terms and conditions are as agreed let's accept this and sign yes we got the deal so it's time to plan the resources i use the shortcut and i go to the planning on the left i see all my resources and the time i locate it according to the award schedule as i can see here john only has 16 hours out of the 40 hours he can do this week to assign the tasks that have been sold to him all i have to do is to click on the small magnify icon i select an item and it's going to be assigned automatically based on this work catalog now that my planning is good all i have to do is to send it by email to all the developers so that they will know what to do it's time to call the team for kickoff meeting right from the project page all i have to do is to click on this small icon and i can join the team hi tim hi fabian hello so let me show you my screen we'll see the different tasks and review the project together so i share my screen okay here are the tasks all right would you mind showing me the gantt chart please yes so let's have a look at the gantt chart we can make it by employees and by months and as you can see now in the gantt chart we have all the dependencies between the tasks if one of dro is in orange or in red it means that we have a conflict in order to reschedule automatically you can ask or do to compute the critical path to do so just click on the icon here and on this arrow too and or to compute the critical pass using the time off of the different employees so as you can see here it's gray because the employee is on holiday so we didn't schedule something to do for him at that time all right so before we start the project let's review together uh the task final testing that is here so in order to do so i'll use the new collaborative editing of photo and the new slash command allows you to have access to a lot of formatting options like slash heading and i get a heading you can set use cases and then slash heading tests and then you can add other things like check box slash check box and i can do something i will take care of the use cases oh thank you antony if you can write the use case and i'll continue with the test and we can write together in the same document so like test one test two and test three while anthony is working on the uses guys good looks good to me is it good for you guys yeah looking good to me thank you [Music] all right let's check with the team the status of the project so i go to the team and join the call hi tim hey fabian hey why are you on the project well i'm very proud to say it's all finished i'm only waiting for the customer to review to review the work you know yeah it's perfect so let's invite him to the call i'll invite him in the conversation invite and i'll send him an email so that we can do a call in one hour let's join the meeting with the guys from odu [Music] hello guys good afternoon hello can't wait to see what the project is going so far so let me share my screen so that we can do the status report together and give me a second so that i go to the project here and from the project i can click on track here and do a new status report maybe john if you can comment yeah sure indeed so as you can see here out of the four milestones three are completed and the only remaining one is for you to do the final approval so do you approve it yes everything is perfect thank you so let's do a status report to record the progress so we all agree that it's on track yes perfect everything is all good feel free to invoice the remaining milestones perfect so i'll just say you're happy with it in the in the final report and because it is okay that we invoice i go to the sale order i create an invoice and just like that you will receive an invoice whoa they're also very fast to issue invoice this is what i like with odu is the transparency right from the invoice you can directly access to timesheets and see the detail of every hour's built i love it this is amazing it's what we call the new way of working let me invite fabian on the stage to tell us more about it please welcome fabian parkers the new way of forking is about working collaboratively towards collective outcomes to improve efficiency and joy at work but it's also about management software is not anymore about management it's about productivity tools so that your employees can do more in less time and it's centered around human needs you get all the features you need where you need them you don't have a software in between you and what you have to do in your daily basis but most important it's blazing fast it's snappy it's fun to use because it's super fast that is what we call the new way of working there is a feature i'm very excited about in this version it's the website builder oh yeah i love it too you know the the the website builders market is 63 percent market share is for wordpress because wordpress is open source so a lot of people used it but it's outdated if you compare it to shopify wordpress is not as good as shopify as an e-commerce it's also not as good as squarespace or wix for a website builder so it starts to be outdated so imagine if we can have a new website builder and e-commerce that is open source that has all the features of shopify perfect e-commerce and that has a page builder that is perfect much better than squarespace this is the promise of what we deliver with odu 15.

Okay it sounds very interesting but can you please show us how it works and maybe do a demo yeah you want to see a demo i love it come you know what's hard when you create a new website it's to start from the blank screen it's very hard to choose the right color and the right blocks according to your branding so we are here for you in adobe 15 we developed a new artificial intelligence engine that will create your design for you in just a few clicks just click on this button let's do it so i want a business website an online store an e-learning platform an event website you choose you answer a few questions for a university let's say university library you answer a few questions what like what are your main objectives get leads develop the brand sell more here it's fun to develop the brand and the system will take into account all your preference and build the perfect website for you you can choose a pre-made color palette with color that really works well together or you upload your logo and we will extract the color from your logo so i click on this palette choose a few features like i want a news page some events about us and so on and when you are ready you click on this button build my website and that's where the magic happens boom three gorgeous design that are ready to be used for me so i can choose one of the three this one and the system will build my website with my header my footer the right call to actions according to my business objectives it will use my colors and photos according to my branding and here it is just in a few seconds my library website is up and running it's already online i can already use it and you know what we can improve it a little bit this i really like this photo it's beautiful one dynamic with all the hats but we can make it even more dynamic so the new version comes with dynamic shape select a photo and you can add some shapes like rounded or square shapes like this or you can go even more fancy with shapes having colors and you see the colors they perfectly match with your branding so it's always beautiful whatever you choose and you can pick shapes the way you want and that really gives a modern feeling to your website we also have plenty of new features let's say for library maybe a donation that's for university it's good drag and drop a new building blocks all the blending blocks come with these perfect colors as you can see here and they are extremely customizable you can do pretty much everything you want in just a few clicks so here you could say okay i don't want the display option just a donate button or i want the display option but no preferred option i have to choose the amount from the slider here or i want some options but i want this 25 and 100 and here it is my donation widget is ready so all i have to do is to save the page and my website is ready with a beautiful website for a university library with donations beautiful pictures and so on i really love it it's so fun to build a website that way it's super fast you know what i love it so much that i think i'll build a second website just for you so i switched to another website because ado is fully fully multi-website and i'll configure it the same way let's do it i want this time an online store for let's say a car dealer company a race smart car it's a car dealer company and my objective this time is to sell more so we'll optimize the flow so that we better convert the visitors into reviews i pick a color this one add a few features do i want some store locator appointment generation and things like that privacy policy check the option and boom three beautiful website ready to use out of the box it's difficult to choose because there are the three are very different but still they use the same red branding that i choose they are perfectly in line with my team of a car dealer so let's go with this one i know the system is building all the features in just a few seconds i will have the perfect e-commerce website for my cars with a red branding here it is so let's improve it so maybe we can improve the text one of the features i really like in adobe 15 is the new gradient system so you could select some text click on the gradient here perfect and you see how this adds up uh to the modern feeling of the website you know what would be good is to have the button with the same design so let's do the same thing now you can customize buttons too with plenty of new options so i go to the bottom i'd select a style custom style with a fill color and let's pick a gradient like this that's good i don't need a border for this one and i'll go with a shape which is more rounded and yeah it's a bit too small so i will increase the size to large wow you see how beautiful it is it's modern it's it just works and it's just a few clicks and you can go and you can even fine-tune it so let's say that you want to improve this gradient now we have a gradient configurator so you see here you could say okay i want more purple on the right like this or maybe it was good like that but i want to add a color in the middle a red one or maybe a white one yeah white one is better and you can customize your gradient in just a few click and reuse it a different place wow let's continue our cover is perfect let's continue on the page so here i have a beautiful picture with a shape so the system already proposed a shape for me i can remove it if i want or customize it because now we support multiple colors and shapes let's remove the shape and you know what would be great is to see this car coming from the right so for that we'll use a new mechanism of animation that we support on the picture so let's go with uh [Music] which animation maybe a bouncing for the right yes like this bounce from the right or zoom from the right oh yeah that's perfect you see it's coming it's really feels like a good look and feel you can also create animations on texts here i could select the text maybe just a word we don't need to put to use a full line small icon here to activate animation and i can select one like a bomb scene perfect and now i have animation from the car and the text coming in i can synchronize them or say okay the text will be after three seconds after the car so i just set an animation delay so that you see one and the other after so you really have a fine control about what you want to show and how you want to do it and you can customize pretty much everything you see here there is also an animation that's a background shape with an animation it's also a new feature for 215 and let's change it let's go with something more yes more with triangles like this and the triangles i wanted them on the top that's perfect and you see it's subtle it doesn't move and sometimes it changes it's really good you can also customize any block and blocks you now have templates so this masonry block has different template you could say okay i prefer it that way or that way or like this with two big picture or like this this like this so you can easily switch between different templates and for this one i think i'll go with this one so it's very easy to customize and you have this template on pretty much all the blocks so let's click on the header same thing you have all the templates you you want so let's go with this one save and i choose the template for this header and the system is ready so here is my new website as you can see let's make it full screen uh beautiful websites gorgeous color beautiful animations the right choice of templates and animation it's perfect let's have a look at the shop now so i'll save my home page and i'll go to the shop and i will start with customizing the shop maybe i'll add some attributes and variant filters on the left very easy so that i can filter the product easily you can also add new things like a filter by price so you have filter here based on the price and when you select you have the products that are changed automatically the search behavior of photo improved massively now you can search across different objects from products blogs e-learning content product categories so if i write a few words here like boxes is searching on the product categories and the products in this case perfect and you know what this product customizable task is generating 25 of my revenue so it's a very important product let's click on it and add a ribbon to it we want to emphasize this product because it's a key one and if you click here i have more option to the ribbon let's say i want it on the right and i can choose a another color or another text if i want that's perfect for my rebound and this product i think we should make it bigger it's very important one maybe three square and boom here it is my product is well positioned on my page all right so let's have a look at it and click on the products we redesigned all the pages from the blogs to the e-learning content to the product page all the pages are beautifully designed in under 15.

As you can see here you have options from variants on the top with upselling and extra and things like that you have attributes in the bottom and a tool to easily compare attributes between different products let's say you are selling mobile phone with different gigabytes or different size of the screen you can easily have something to compare this and let's customize this page even further and add some feature maybe a call to action right here and this call to action i would say i offer a 30 discount for facebook user for facebook users just like that but you know what i want this content to only appear for some visitors on my website the ones coming from a facebook ad so i'll use a new feature here which is the visibility and i will set it to conditionally i'll say this banner will only appear for this visitor coming from facebook so the visitor coming from facebook will see that in the page and the other ones will see this no banner and you can target any kind of visitor returning visitors based on the country if you want a different phone number for different countries so you can really create generic dynamic content that adapts to your visitor that's good and let's go further i want to upsell and offer some chairs with this table and to do that i will insert something so here i'm in a website where i can design 3d objects i copy my my chair it's a small code and i will insert it to my website and for that i will start with some content let's say a text image here all right and here i will insert an embed code on the top of the picture and i actually don't need the picture so i remove it and i click on edit and i just paste the code from here save and now when i save my page i don't have the facebook banner because i'm not coming from facebook but i have this new 3d so that i can see my chair in 3d zoom into it very easy like this and you can basically insert anything in your website very easily like that and you choose the location the size and you can even make it dynamic in this case i put different variants so i have it in red or in white perfect so that's my product page it's so good that i think i have to buy the product let's add to cart beautiful animation we now have a lot of new features when you add to cart you can decide your own flow do you want to move the visitor to the cart stay on the page so that you can choose other options or open a pop-up with different upselling opportunities we also support adding some gift cards that you can sell on the e-commerce or use in the e-commerce and these gift cards also works in the point of sale so you can sell in one and using the order if you want you can also link completely the e-commerce to the point of sale you reserve the product online and then you go on the shop to get the products and pay or do a down payment and the best is the website builder as it is now is 35 percent faster than a duffel routine so it's a massive improvement in speed and performance all right so my website is there it's published it's beautiful so it's time to let the world know about it so for that i will use the mass mailing i'll just go to mailing click create a new mailing and i'll set the title launching or new website like this i select a template maybe this one and the mass meeting system has all the features of the website builder so if i click on an image you get the same advanced options that i had in the website builder but for the mass mailing so it's very easy to customize and improve in the mailing and if it's a very important mailing i want it to be perfect so what i can do is to launch a b test i just click this box and i can now create a b testing in a do so i will say that this version of this mailing will be sent to 10 of my selected mailing lists and then i will create different variations and each variation will be sent to different subsets of recipients and on this date on the final date we'll select a winner and odoo will send the winner the best email the best version i did to all the other recipients and how do i select the best i can use this the winner selection i can use it on open read click create leads generated quotation or even revenues can you imagine that revenues so you send an email we track the visitor on the website it generates a sell order it pays that generate an invoice he pays the invoice and we know the revenue that we generated from this mailing and based on that you can manage your ip testing you select which option you want to select the winner of this mass mailing and just click send and that's it everyone will be announced we'll go to your website and you will convert that into a lot of revenues what do you think about it anthony wow just wow yeah i love it too the new website builder is so fun you can build website page in a few minutes and you get all the advantages of the e-commerce great website builders and integration with the back end of ado you get all the features and it's not only about the e-commerce you have a multi-channel sales so you can basically integrate with amazon with ebay with your crm and all the sales channels even the point of sale yeah about point of sale uh now we have brick and mortar shop they face a strong competition from online retailers yeah it's not easy they have to reinvent themselves so nowadays the modern point of sale in order to survive they need to do in-store services you will get to want to to do advices in your customer in the shelf they need b2c and b2b so they have consumers but also have companies who purchase services we have different prices different taxes and special agreements and so on you know they also need customer flexible customer options to ship later or to configure a customized product and they also need after-sales services so you want to do some reparations some warranties so provide all this service for your customers so that's your shop and your customer will benefit from that and that's not all they need full integration with the e-commerce you place an order online you get it on the shop you have sales people on the phone with crm and so on so you get all this feature through the point of sale okay it sounds too good to be true so can you show us what it looks like i'd love to whether you work on a tablet a professional point of sale on your mobile or through the laptop the new point of sale has all the features working directly from the front end your cashier never have to go to the back end so let's start with opening a new session it's very easy i can set the initial cache 260 euro have a small note very useful that will be reminded to me when i close the session later on so i can start a new session easily and one of the things i really like about the new point of sale is that you can do service in-store so you can meet your customer and provide some advices very easily so let's authentify myself i have all the product that i can browse so that i can again give good advice to my customer and if you need a product i just click on this small icon i here and i get more information and as you can see this product is available in too much three materials aluminium steel and custom or in two colors white and black and if i pick one of the material like aluminium the system automatically filters the two products that are available let's say the customer wants six of it so because he wants six it's a good customer i will give him a price list b2b priceless so the price decreased automatically if you want this i have to check in my inventory if i have enough stock to deliver the customer and as you can see in san francisco i have 55 units great i can close the deal but in new york i have only five units fortunately i'll do is smart enough to take from the right warehouse if needed so i can close this and i'll select this product which is good for my customer i can choose different other products let's say you want also this one and that's a product configurator right in your shop so you can provide advice and say you prefer this or that and you have extra price so you can really configure your product like this you can also add a new discount just because i can it's a new feature for the 15.

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So let's say you want five euro discount and identify the customer let's say it's this one very useful if you want to deliver after and what's what i love about it is that it just work out of the box it's connected directly to the printer cash drawer and the payment terminal no iot box required it just works out of the box so i can close my session here without having to do anything no wires nothing it's very easy so let's make register a payment like this as you can see it's 48 cents in some countries like in belgium or in switzerland if you pay by cash you have to run by five cents so if i click on pay by cash you see it's rounded at 50 cents it's perfect for what i need and i'll click on ship later that means that instead of giving the products directly to the customer i'll have a delivery order from san francisco that will ship the products later on to the customer perfect i can close the deal even if i don't have the product in store okay let's say you pay by cash i click validate and the cash bar opens and the ticket open that's perfect oh but that's a i don't have enough coins or change to give back to the customer my my cash dollar is empty no worries in the new version you have a cash in a cash out feature just like that i can say i will put some euro from my pocket from fp that i put a cash in in the profit so i can put money here like this and i have a ticket as a proof that i put money from my pocket in the cash register that's perfect odoo is always there to save you if you have an issue that was a good flow for a consumer but you also support working with companies and these roles are very different traditional point of sale software don't support the need of companies we do let's say a new customer is coming in first thing you do you click and you can identify him as you can see here i have his credit 60 000 euro so this company forget to pay a few invoices that that's not good so let's select the customer what i can do is i click on and have a look at the past order and i can filter by customer and i see all the different orders from this customer or order and i can easily reprint the receipt or reprint the invoice that's perfect so you can justify the fact that he owns us some money or i can also ask him to pay on receivable before buying i'd like you to pay 5000 euro because you own us too much money if you want to place a new order please pay your debt first so let's go to payments let's say five thousand euro he won't pay in cash he'll pay in a bank statement and here it's directly integrated with the payment terminal so as you can see i just have to pass my card like this and my bank payment is done automatically i have the tickets and i have nothing else to do if i want i can have a copy for the merchant and just like that it's paid perfect we have seen how we can do some deal with a b2b customer let's go further now that it pays his debt i'm willing to sell him more products let's say he's interested in a laptop so i search on laptop and i see that i have one here perfect five four thousand euro for this laptop i can click here and i see my price my forecast and i see here i have no products available nothing but i want to close the door i don't want the customer to go to the next store and get a product from another competitor i want to close the deal right now so what can i do fortunately with the do that's the killing feature of ado it's now fully integrated with the back end of photo so what you can do is to place an order so if i switch the back end i can create a quotation for this customer and i will place an order for a product that i will buy later on to my supplier so i do that i select my product just like that and now i have a quotation i can send the quotation by email and you will be able to confirm it later on or i can confirm it right now and ask him to pay a down payment to confirm that he's ready to place an order for this product that he will receive later on let's do that so i confirm and magic of a do happens here what i will do instead of selling a product because i want selling a product i just placed an order and i want down payment from the customer i'll click here i can select the last order from this customer and i will settle a down payment like this 20 of the order which is 800 euro and that's a down payment that will automatically confirm the sale order so that the customer can validate his order so let's pay that he will pay let's say in cash and i just validate like this my cash drawer opens and my tickets prints automatically so easy to do all right so now we place an order and because of the magic of ado all the products have automatically been purchased to my supplier automated replenishment rules so a few days later the i will receive the product from the vendor delivery for you thank you you're welcome so when you receive in the point of sale you can connect to the barcode scanning system thank you so all i have to do is to scan the different products so i'll register a receipt like this but you see here i have a problem i have a lot of different receipts that are pending from different vendors so i don't know which one i have to select i don't want which one i just received so what i can do it's very easy i just scan one of the products like this and the systems automatically filter the receipt that contains this product so let's just select this one and we'll receive a different product and here something magic happened too i have different orders from this supplier because you know when you are shop every day you buy new products and the supplier delivers the product as soon as they get available so it proposed me to automatically create a batch so i have a batch here with two different orders one color per order and i can scan all the products directly like this like this and i can register products from three three different products from two different orders easily and when i click on validate here i get automatically the reception report and as you can see in the reception report i see that my laptop is reserved for deco addict so all i can do is to say okay unassigned it prints automatically a label that i can put on the room so because it's reserved i won't post this laptop in the shelf i will put it here for my wizard for my customer and the two orders which are not assigned to customer i can leave it back on top of that i can print the labels the product labels and these are the new labels we print a lot of different labels in the new point of sale as you can see here we have a lot of different templates that are printed automatically so you'd see it's very the connection with the cell order your point of sale is connected to the replenishment mechanism to the barcode scanner so it does all the things you need and when i receive the product the customer received also automatically an sms telling him that he can come at the shop to get his own product hello so you want your product indeed yeah so here it is so what i will do is i will load the order and i will settle the order so we'll have to pay 4000 euro minus 800 euro thank you and let's say you want extra products because let's do upselling because we can't so you can do extrapolated oh and you have a coupon so the new audio version allows to have coupon that works both on your e-commerce and uh on your point of sale so just click on enter code i can scan the coupon like this okay and you automatically have a discount of 10 that's perfect so let's say you pay by cash like this you pay and we are good thank you thank you very very easy to do but we can go further we can also manage the after sale services and that's the future you know there are a lot of shops who can do more business by selling maintenance or repair service or warranties or subscription to different service and you can deliver all of these through your point of sale system because it's fully integrated to the back end you benefit from the other apps like subscription rental or repair services so let's see now the customer a few months later comes back because he has an issue with this product it's broken it's broken yeah let's let let me do a quote for for the customer so i go to the back end and i create a new quotation to repair this product so i select the customer i select the product repair service like this and i will charge 100 euro per hour and i confirm like that of course i wanted to to pay a down payment so i click here pick the order not settle down payment so let's do it again pick the order down payment 50 and now i have a down payment of 50 euro we can pay this by cash and we have a down payment for the product you will repair so now let's go to see the technician so that we will repair this product so let's repair some material the technician can work on the tablet so i go to the reaper service project i click on it and i have all the tasks i have to do let's pick the task from my sell order with the laptop to fix i have everything to do here i can start the timer and i have a counter that tells me where i am so i open the laptop like this can start working on it maybe i should replace some parts so i click here and i will add some parts that will be charged to the customer so like one of these and one of these maybe a new memory and a new cpu come back to my task and that's perfect i'm good so i stop it um 15 minutes let's for the sake of the demo let's put two hours like this save and i can close my task go back to the next one and bring it back to my shop perfect now i have the product it's fixed for the customer the customer automatically received an email when we when the technician closed the task so let's say the customer comes back to retrieve its order so when it comes back we click on this you select the order of the customer and i will now settle the order for the customer and as you can see here i have 200 euro two hours of service a few products that we have added during the repair minus the down payment of 50 euro that the customer already bet very easy all the features are there super super simple so let's pay that i will pay in cash and i will validate this so that i give and i can even send the ticket by email to the customer perfect what a good day we sold services we sold products we shipped things from san francisco we checked the inventory we didn't lose a deal because we didn't have the product we could make orders and things like that now it's time to close the day and in order to do that i will click on the small icon that you see on the top right that prints a summary of all the sales and payment that we have had today here it is perfect what do you think about it anthony that's a that's a game changer for retailer they will be able to offer better services spend more time with the customer and their opportunity to grow their business exactly and if they have multiple stores we even have a warehouse management system for them to operate the new version of ado audio 15 has been designed around seven principles for best warehouse operation first we want the minimal number of touches of the goods so from the receipt to delivery we want to optimize the number of touches if you have a fully automated warehouse it could be zero but in reality the majority of the warehouse management system runs around seven or eight torches with auto 15 we think we decreased it to three or four touches for each good second we designed our other one-way floor we have tools so that you can design from the picking the replenishment of the receipt of the good one way in your warehouse so that it's easy to organize the railroads and you minimize the distance traveled by the people third we want the stock in the right place if you if you minimize error if you optimize where you store the goods to reduce the travel distance if you organize better your errors you can save up to 20 to 30 percent of the time to operate your errors next we want the right amount of stock so we want to be easily to we don't want too much not too few it's easy to replenish you really have the right amount of stock in the right packaging method next we designed so that you optimize labor the barcode scanner is super fast you have tasks for every operator so they know exactly what to do we reduce the number we also reduce the travel distance they have to do we also work so that all the operations they have to do like inventory or picking packing shipping everything is built in for them to proceed very fast next we want to minimize errors if we minimize errors we'll have less issues with replenishment everything is going to be better so we have control system benchmarking and tools so that they have to record less tools so that we can control where you have issues and last but not least our system is fast and reliable um it can even work if you lose the internet connection which is very important in the warehouse because your wi-fi doesn't work everywhere in the wearers so we designed something that runs everywhere sounds very cool i want to see it in action but not in a studio effects studio like this i would like to see it in a real way yes we did we did a video in one of our customers a few days ago let's have a look at it welcome to axidis a very happy user we'll see how odor 15 will help them organize their errors for efficiency to minimize the number of touches and reduce errors and we'll start our journey with purchasing product we'll see the purchase order receiving the product and storing them to the right location you're ready let's go [Music] once you purchase the product the truck comes a few days later and brings the products to you we unload the products in the dock [Music] then the dock coordinator scan the product receipt he can build palettes and boxes together all he has to do to identify the right receipt is to scan one of the products just like that and i'll do filters to the right receipt when i select the receipt it is proposing me to batch all the receipts from the same vendor that way i will be able to scan multiple orders in one shot very easy then i can scan my products as kind of product and when i have more units i can say i will scan a box of 40 or a pallet or 84.

You scan it or you do it on the screen and are confirmed then once you have scanned all the products you can place a license plate number which is in this case an ssc number an identification of the palette you place this number on the palette and now it's identified with all this content all i have to do is to scan it if you use qr code it's even easier with gs1 code you have all the information you need the product the quantity the packaging the serial numbers if you use them in the qr code so it's very easy you scan the qr code and audio sets all the data for you all you have to do after is to identify the palettes if you want to place a palette number on it like this you scan it and you are good to go you can identify and store this palette in the warehouse [Music] perfect right now the material handler will store the pallet to the right location all he has to do is to scan the pallet number and odoo it tells him where to store it in which location it's based on put away strategies that you can define based on the capacity of your bin the type of packaging or custom strategies like a triadic whereas with slow medium and fast-paced products [Music] now that the products are stored patrick the inventory manager can launch cycle count he can do it manually based on rules that's what he's doing right now or i can automate it with rules that is set on the location and once they set these inventory rules the people will start the task based on the cycle count request the worker can do his inventory adjustment in this case i have to check this product i have three products in the system but i see i have four so what i can do is scan the four products just like that so i have one extra and i can validate my inventory adjustment so that the inventory level will be fixed but maybe if i have four here it's because there is one somewhere else in another location in order to get the inventory level of any product everywhere in your rows just scan it just like that and you see everywhere this product is located and we see here that in another shelf in another row we have one of these products and so i can fix this quantity too let's see know how to organize the customer flow from picking to packing to shipping so we're back with patrick the inventory manager and he will show us how we use the new reservation method in order to decide what should be done today so we have three methods one is as soon as possible which was the only method available in order 14 or he can do manually so that he controls when he wants to trigger what or he can use x days before schedule day to automate the process so for example we have fedex coming in on monday so monday morning it triggered manually all the reservations so that we know we have to do that this day now that we reserved all the products to be done today the inventory manager will decide who will do it and in which batch for this he has different picking strategies batch picking wave picking or cluster picking you can automate all these strategies or it can do it manually to have a fine tuning of what he wants to do he is currently creating a wave transfer and assigning a responsible so that you will give a task to the worker that is very efficient to automate your flow in the railroads [Music] to speed up the inventory process workers do cluster picking they can pick multiple order at once storing one order per box so that they are ready to pack very easily and fast so i choose one of the batch the batch one and it's telling me what to do first i need two of these so i scan the product and then i move it to one box i scan the box so that he knows for which order it is located then i check and i need four of these one two three four and i move the box in the same box because it's for the same order so i put the four products right there just like that and i scan this box so that he knows that i put it for this order now i check and i need to do this one and i need three of it but this time it's for another order so i move them in the right box and i scan the package once it's done i validate the order and we are good to go and we all we need to do now is to pack this product [Music] as the products are ready the worker can pack the product and audio automatically prints the shipping label you can stick the shipping level on the box and we are good to go the customer will receive this product in a few days [Music] very cool those features are really great to move product around but now let's check how we can manufacture those goods yeah i love manufacturing because it's so complex to make it right traditional manufacturing software they are designed to run in perfect environment they expect your planning to to be always accurate your inventory level to be right your bill of materials your routing to be correct they expect you to manufacture everything in series but the reality is different in reality your workers get sick you have to pla to change your planning right away you don't need to wait for the scheduler to run over the night and wait for the next day in reality your beloved materials and routines are not perfect you do engineering to order and you cannot do everything in series so it has to be way more flexible than traditional manufacturing software so the new version of ado is designed around a series of principles the first one is it has to be automated the system should provide guidelines for the workers yet it has to be very flexible you should have the control over your system you should be able to change everything to add products in the middle of an operation to revert operations if you did a mistake it has to be flexible so a mix of both is really giving the control to the end users in a good manufacturing system you need to implement kaizen continuous improvement but continuous improvement when you work in chaotic environment is not easy it's not like you just have to analyze the load on the work centers you you need to have feedback loop from the shop floor to your mrp software lots of different things and we need a system that allows you to create a flow most small to mid-sized companies are designed to develop products one by one but they also want to create a flow where they create the manufacture the product in line in short we need to handle the complexity simply it's very easy to say but it's very hard to do and the way we achieve that is by combining mrp plus manufacturing execution system plm quality maintenance everything purchased in the same platform that makes everything much much easier and that allows the data to to flow seamlessly from one application to another for you to react very quickly across all the departments for the information to go from one department to another and your users to act based on that and last but not least a lot of companies nowadays implement engineering to order customizable products they adapt the product from the customer demand so you need flexibility on how you load parts and change your bill of materials you customize products right away in the system very easily and that's what audio 15 is all about let's have a look at our video about it good morning so today we're gonna see how we can use the manufacturing application in complex environment and we'll start in the field with after-sales services we create a project with all the things to do tasks timesheets bill of material manufacturing order in the same projects let's start the day by visiting the customer and i started there with the field service app like this i can easily swipe and check what i have to say to do tomorrow or today and as you can see some tasks are just for me and other tasks are for me or another colleague john because he's an expert and i did him on the field in order to plan my day i like to start with the map view so i click on map and i get a map view of all the customers i should visit today and let's start with the first one here in california and navigate to this customer hey all right so let's have a look at what we have here there are a bunch of switches and servers to repair so let's start the timer in the application that way i have the time that we spend working on it so that my profitability report will be good for this project and i have the time around here and ah there are a lot of things to do so let's call the technician right like that from the application i can call anyone and i will call antony so that he will help me uh have a quote hi anthony hi fabian hi how are you uh can you make a quote for the customer azure for a rack of servers okay uh azure for a rack of servers can you show me what it looks like there so i just turned the camera and as you can see here you have all the servers on the camera we probably have to replace everything okay i will add one extra day to set up the switches perfect okay you want me to send the quotation now yes can you send it to the customer okay yeah it's sent already thank you i didn't follow the customer a project is sold the engineer can go to the project management of hudu and start working on the project so you just click on the project and you get all the projects running you have a kanban view of all the projects so it's very easy to follow up what's going on and what are the different states of the different projects let's jump on the sailor.35 which has been automatically created when the customer validated this order so i have all my tasks that are here so it's very to drag and drop and organize the task and if you want to schedule all the time for all the different workers just jump to the kanban view as it is the system scheduled the task automatically for me as it is here based on a critical path but if i want to reschedule i go to a different to a relationship and i click on the arrow here and say schedule the earliest possible and you see move the task for me automatically i can create new relationship very easily just by getting the handler which is here and drag and drop it to the task here perfect no my planning is good so let's start working on the project so i go to the project and i start working on the task it's very easy you can record timesheet and when it's done you can attach the document very easily just drag and drop the file to or do and it's attached to the task so that you get all the information you need on the project you will have the tags the time you spend the different plans but also the bill of materials and the manufacturing order let's have a look at the bill of material to switch to another screen you can use the shortcut ctrl k and write something like bill of materials and in just a few clicks like that you get all the bit of materials and let's start with this one the rack of servers i'll duplicate it because i've made something custom for this customer so i'll duplicate and i put a reference so that it's linked to my seal order perfect and i will use four switches that's exactly what i need but in the operation i will use other operations you can reuse different operations very easily clicking here and you can pick operations that you pre-configured based on different activities so let's add a testing phase to my manufacturing order and it's imported in my bill of material now that it's done let's create a new manufacturing order so you go to the search for manufacturing order and i jump to the new menu just like that i create a new manufacturing order for rack of servers and this manufacturing order will be dedicated to the sale order 35 and by creating the link here you will have the cost in your project of the service the time spent on the tasks but also the components that you used in the manufacturing order everything will be linked to the same project and as you can see here the four switches are red that means i don't have all the switches on in my inventory that's okay we can continue and you see i have only three switches available so let's add a new line we'll do something different because you know even if it's configured you can always change everything so let's add two uracs when i will save it's automatically expanded to the different components of this kit let's have a look at these three switches because one is missing so let's click on the icon and i have the details here i have three switches available in my stock perfect it's already reserved to my order but one which is not available fortunately audu replenished everything automatically for me as you can see here the purchase order 12 is in request for quotation ready to be sent to the suppliers to buy the missing switch so that i will get four at the end i click on the purchase order i put it in priority and confirm it so that i get all the materials i need easily if i go back to my manufacturing order you see here that no it's not red anymore because i purchased the goods so i have everything needed it's not just not there and i mean my list the material availability is waiting it's computing automatically all the availabilities of all the materials so that i see in my manufacturing order list which ones are ready to produce and which ones are waiting and if it's waiting it click on it and i get the details of all the components now that we have all the goods and the design of the plants have been made we can manufacture our product for that we'll use the manufacturing execution system of ado everything runs on this tablet which is directly connected to ado and this tablet integrates to all the components i need for the manufacturing quality check and printing labels setting up the machine and so on it's connected to the iot box who now support the opc ua new protocol so let's go everything is on the tablet so it's very easy as the for the worker you just have to follow the instruction so i click on the first step and i have the worksheet so i have all the instructions i need to do right in front of me so it's very easy so it's telling me to open the switch like this asking me to do a quality check a visual creative check with the camera so all i have to do is take the camera press here and it's going to take a picture which is here for my creative check perfect very easy then i have kudo to the next step and i want to do it hand free i don't want to click everywhere so you can control all the operations from your foot just click on the foot switch here and it goes to the next step now it's telling me to enter some of the things so i'll just remove and unplug this and check that okay and i go to the next step so let's replace that in the right position perfect and i can click to go to the next step so you see it's very easy and free i can do old operation i just have to follow the step that is interesting that is a quality check that the quality team decided to add at this operation because we had issues in the past with the quality of our product the quality team decided to add exactly at this operation a check for the worker so it's telling me here should i do this does it pass or does it fail i can say okay it pass i could have done it with the foot if i want now i have another quality check i have to measure the thing so i can just do this measure the quality and you see the number change because it's directly connected to my caliper here so it's very easy i measure it and when it's okay i can just validate it just like that next extension is asking me to replug everything and that's it i can click next and it switch to the next instruction i should close it and i can close it like that and switch to the next instruction now is asking me to scan the barcode number just like this perfect and print a label to print the label all i have to do is to right click with my foot and it will launch automatically the print of my label so very easy all i have to do now is to stick it on my product like that i can close it and go to the next step with my foot very easy he's checking he's asking me to re-screw everything perfect i did it i can switch on a step and just like that i did all my step so it's really easy you have something to control all the steps for your workers they don't have to think they just follow you have integrated worksheet you have all the quality check you have the printers that are scanned and if you have any issues you can always click here and you have all the features like launching a quality alert a maintenance request scrapping products so you have a very good feed lab feedback loop so that you can improve the process with the feedback of your worker in the software what a day we started in the field by doing maintenance services came back home purchased server design plans and then we manufactured the product now it's time to do a wrap-up let's have a look at our project management system and see what you can do for that so when i go to the project i have a new icon here on the top left which is the status of the project for now it's on track and if i click on it i have the history of the evolution of this static on track at risk of track so you always know where your stat your project is and you have the progress which is here on the right all the kpis you have tasks manufacturing orders work orders purchase orders all the time spent profitability report gross margin everything is there so that you have statistics about everything in your project and if you click you get drilled on to that so i can go to the burn down chart and i see the evolution of the tasks or i can go to the profitability report or the billable time i have a split of the time we spend by different activities or maybe i want it as a graph so i just switch and i get it as a graph or maybe i want it by task or by task and by employee but i want to exclude these two employees so you have all the data you need very easy and in just a click just like that we used to have a great project management in adobe and a great manufacturing software now you have both together so that you have engineering to order or maintenance or repair or complex project where we mix time tasks work centers manufacturing orders and everything so you get data about all your activities in one single place this is really a game changer for manufacturing companies and now i have a very special guest wayne and our expert in accounting hi anthony and why not i have a gift for you now i'm getting scared this is all the paper invoice we received this morning that many paper invoices do we still receive all of them yeah so can you can you help me to get rid of this and to become a fully paperless company yeah absolutely let's start digitalizing them so first of all let's get rid of all those paper bills and therefore you need something magical like this you can just scan with your intelligence scanner all the different pages in order to create one pdf file because udo is interacting with email gateway so if you have an intelligent scanner like this one you can just scan it and send it to the predefined email list and once you're done take the paper and get rid of it so let's have a look how we can manage it in urdu first of all open the document application the scanned file is right over here so first of all we're gonna split it click on the split button in order to see all the different pages you can have single and individual pages so if you want to merge different pages together just click on the split in order to merge those ones together and all the attachments you don't want to track in udo just deselect them so that we can get rid of those as well so once you're done move it to the finance folder and all the attachments well let's discard them and get rid of it so let's have a look at the finance folder you see all your different builds over here you can use the tags in order to filter exactly the documents that you want to have on the screen so gonna use the inbox in order to see all the bills that have not been processed yet and from here on you can select one or multiple bills together in order to send immediately to the accounting application so use the action buttons on the right side in order to create some bills so we created two pdf files which means two builds and we're gonna attach the image immediately to the to the vendor bill itself so before we're gonna handle those i have some very interesting news because if we go back to the document application you can also filter on the invoices people that cannot use udu for their invoicing application well they're gonna love the fact that you can now also import all their customer invoices and send those to accounting as well because while sending them to accounting we also process them to ocr so i'm very happy to announce that we have ocr also for customer invoices right now so that you don't have to process all of them manually anymore so let's have a look at the accounting application if we open it well we can see our two bills to validate over here and the five customers invoices over there we're gonna start with the bills open the bills to validate and open the first one well because this is currently processing by the ocr well we refresh it every five minutes if you don't want to wait that long just click on the refresh button and all the documents that are managed by the ocr for the moment will be refreshed and you can immediately see the magic of the ocr the recognition of our ocr is just amazing we capture all the relevant information like the supplier but also the bill reference the bill date and the due date and what about the invoice lines well you might imagine that i have some great news over here because you might have seen that we also scan products now well indeed it's because the ocr will also take care of matching all your purchase orders with your vendor bills right now so that you don't have to do that manually anymore and it's not your cr but it's actually an inheritance of all the different purchases of the lines linked to that bill so let's have a look at the second one because for this bill well there is no purchase order available so therefore we're gonna reduce we're gonna actually create one invoice line for every single tax line what is not possible to scan by the ocr is to provide you with the correct expense account combined with the correct tax code because it's simply not on the image and that's where the artificial intelligence comes in place because based upon historical data actually udu will propose you with the correct expense account combined with the correct tax code you might have seen that we have some car expenses here do you know that you can link your cars to your vendor bills as well if you use the fleet application you can add the column of the vehicle and link the bill to the correct vehicle we're gonna see what is the advantage of that just in a second now that you're done actually in without any manual intervention the ocr has taken over all the relevant information so you as an accountant you can just select all of them and post the entries in a single click so what about those cards if you want to manage the difference between your bookkeeping result and your physical result well you can use our different disallowed sorry expense report if you open it you will see all the different um disrupt expense categories that you can create but for cars there is something specific because every single car can have a different percentage we're going to unfold these and you can see that for the car expenses we take track we keep track of every single car with all of them another percentage of the editability so you can handle all of them on a single expense account and we're going to keep track of the correct rate so let's go back to our accounting and let's have a look at the invoices because i refreshed the vendor bills well i refreshed all the customer invoices as well and as i mentioned before you can see that the ocr is also applicable now for all your customer invoices and because we want to make sure that we are aligned between your legacy application and udo we're going to make sure that the sequence is exactly the same as in udo as you can see right over here actually the biggest challenge i think in order to keep and to manage a smooth invoicing process is to make sure that you apply correct taxes on all your customer invoices for all your customers around the world so let's see what's new there if we have a look at our invoices well let's say that we group them by sales team for example we have the one from the website where different b2c customers purchase something well depending on the country this one is in germany you can see that we will apply immediately the correct oss rate for germany and if we take others like for italy or for france we will always apply the correct vati rate actually it's that easy to activate it in one single click we'll create all the tax codes for you and make sure that we will apply them for the correct customer so what about customers that have a multiple vat number well let's have a look at our b2b sales i have i made a sale here to oktoberfest for example this is a customer in germany well we're going to apply vat rates for germany and we're also going to print your vat tax number on the invoice so that's one for germany but i also have a vat number in france so let's have a look at this customer invoice for patisserie we're gonna use the correct tax rate for friends here and print your french vat number it's amazing because now you can manage different tax numbers for a single legal entity so what about bank transactions you already know that we synchronize different banks well i'm happy to announce that we also added a new provider so that now we can add more than 25 000 banks worldwide and synchronize them with udu so once we have the bank transactions in udo we need to reconcile them and if you have a lot of bank transactions it can be a real mess well we have some great updates for the reconciliation models in order to automate that as much as possible so i have 20 bank transactions here let's see how we can reconcile them if you click on it well in a single click you can see immediately on the top that i reconciled 17 statement lines because in your reconciliation models you can make sure that only the ones that matches perfectly with the amount and with your reference are completely automated and all the ones that we're not sure that have a partial payment for example like this one from jerome and another one from cheesecake well there you need to validate manually in order to make sure that those are not processed automatically and for customers that you grant at a discount you can label them in order to make sure that we apply a write-off amount only for those that you grant at the discount so in a few clicks i reconciled all those 20 bank transactions so now that we talked about that let's talk about the closing process the closing process can be very complicated in order to make sure that the closing is done in time so let's have a look first at your vt returns because i already explained you before that we can handle now multiple vt numbers to a single legal entity if you open the vat return you can now select all of them at once so the one for oss you can just click on oss and we will provide you with the one for all your oss sales based upon the different companies that you sold to and if you have multiple vat numbers you can now export immediately the correct text declaration for all of them like the one for friends or if you have lamb in germany as well you can simply click and export them very easily in a single legal entity and what about following up on the balance sheet well you already know the closing entry but we provide you now with a specific closing entry for all of them differently so that you can follow them up on different accounts on your balance sheet but closing is of course not all about taxes the purpose of closing is to make sure that the right expenses and the right revenue is processed in the right period so you already knew that we can easily create provisions like for example for purchases that came in late if we filter for example on let's say 2021 and if we want to make sure that we need to track expenses that came in late like for example the one from december 2020 well if we filter it we will see different vendor bills that needed to be provisioned in previous year well by simply selecting all of them you can go to your action button and create an automatic entry you can change the period so fill in simply your recognition date like the 31st of december in my case and select your accrued account of course it's different in every country belgium is this one and select your journal and from here on you can change the amount or you could for example change the percentage and it will immediately adapt and you will see the impact in the accounting right down there but let's keep 100 what's going to happen now is that we're going to create all the necessary accounting entries on the 31st of december we will make one big accrual and we will reverse them exactly on the date of the bills to be sure that all the expenses are recognized on the right date so let's click let's click on it sorry and we're going to create all the entries for you so in a single click we made a provision but what about the provisions that you can not have already what about bills that did not come in you cannot decide when your supplier will send them well i'm very excited about this new feature because if you use purchase orders you could for example go to all the purchase orders that are waiting for bills and in a single click you can select all of them as well and create an accrued expense we make we take into consideration your invoicing policy but also the right periods so all the receipts that you had in september that are not built yet in a single click you can create a provision for it so also here select your provisional account for example invoices to be received and select the date i do it here in the future but we keep track of it in the past as well so you can create them later for all previous months as well so create the entry we're going to create a provision for you and we make the reverse on the next on the next day so what about timesheets or what about sales as consultants we timesheet a lot but we don't invoice them always in the same month so the same is applicable for sale orders if we go to our sale orders to be invoiced for example we might have timesheet a lot during the month but not invoicing it yet because we want to invest it at the end of the of the project but the revenue must be recognized in time so also here just go to the action button and create an accrual for revenue it's the same way as it works for purchasing voices i'm pretty sure that all accountants are going to love this new feature because it will spare a lot of your precious time so now that we had the closing well of course after a closing you need a beautiful reporting and that's why we have udu spreadsheet so let's create the spreadsheets together and see what's new over there i'm going to start by one for my invoicing analysis for example let's create one by customer and follow it up for example by product within a few clicks you can obtain exactly the information you want on the screen but if you need to add some additional information you can insert it in a spreadsheet and that spreadsheet you can completely adapt it yourself so for example if you want a column for budget let's say that i want to add the budget over here well i can fill in the budget for every customer now i don't have all the information in front of me so i think i need some help here so i'm going to call kelly i hope she's available and that she can help me with the budget so let's just call her immediately from udu and see if she's available hey kelly great to have you here hello how are you today fine fine actually i need your help over here because i'm creating a beautiful spreadsheet based upon our different sales for our customers but i don't have the budget in front of me would you be able to help us here and to fill in the budget for me sure we do thank you so much kelly in the meantime well let's create a chart and see how easy that is just select the totals that you want and insert a different chart you can choose different types the bar the line i'm going to keep the bar and select the categories that you want to use so for example i'm going to use the products and confirm it in a few clicks well you created a beautiful chart and you might imagine already what i want to say because you can see it in front of you our spreadsheets are now completely collaborative all your different users can collaborate together in a single spreadsheet and it's updated in real time so while kelly is busy let's see if we can make our reporting even easier and add some filters so for example if i want to filter you on the country just click and create a filter for the country for example and select your related model so let's choose for the country and save well as from here on in the filters you can immediately filter for example all the sales for belgium and your report will immediately adapt but not only the report also the different charts will immediately adapt based upon the filters that you apply so go for italy as well for example and it will immediately adapt i can see you're done there kelly thank you so much for your help really appreciate it nothing that a nice christmas gift won't pay off yeah i don't think any time i will bring you some chocolates sounds good see you later kelly bye-bye so what is great about spreadsheet as well is that you can now add any different list view in a single spreadsheet so reporting is everywhere if i want to track for example all my sales that are not invoiced yet so let's have an overview of our sale orders and well filter on the ones that are not invoiced well immediately over here you can insert it in an existing spreadsheet so let's go for the one that we created for example and immediately it will adapt a new tab with all the sale orders that are not invoiced and because it's linked to the real data it will update itself after that you invoice them or if there are new ones so in a single spreadsheet i can have information from different applications when it's easy to create spreadsheets it's even more easy to use our templates so let's create a new spreadsheet for example a quarterly budget and in a single click we'll create a new spreadsheet based upon the data that is existing in the database i can just adapt of course the budget that we provide you with an example but you can change the budget over here and immediately all the spreadsheet will adapt based upon all the real-time data now financial controllers like to have those kind of reports it's great to have totals but they also need to explain differences that's why now if you click on any total in a spreadsheet you can just immediately dive into the records and see all the records that are behind in order to have a real-time overview of the accounting and that's basically everything that i want to show you today so thank you very much for listening and let's get back to you anthony all accountants will love it and speaking of talent we have a special guest for you please welcome amy caroline thank you anthony hello wait wait wait wait maybe you should do some little exercise before you start your speech like okay okay fair enough only if you do it with me anthony hello everyone and welcome once again to this year's odoo experience i am delighted to present everything that we have in store for you you will have access to over 200 talks and workshops and to go to these talks you simply have to click on the talk section of the events webpage click on the title of the talk that you're interested in sit back relax and enjoy we have so many odoo experts that are covering a variety of topics we have discussions geared to for developers consultants users and so much more for example if you're interested in learning more about the user experience you might be interested in checking out our customer success stories and if you missed one of the talks you were interested in no worries everything is going to be published on our youtube channel directly after the event so you can watch all the talks or any of the talks in your own time that's not all we also have many interactive events so if you want to go ahead jump in and start using using version 15 right away you can do so and we also have more than 50 exhibitors who you can meet by going to the exhibitors section of the events webpage now once again this year we're going to be giving away some sweet odo shoes so you can be the most stylish person around that's right at the end of each talk you will have the chance to participate in some quizzes earn points and have the chance to win one of these super sweet shoes now i know that you're wondering what are the odds well you have a chance to win a pair of shoes every 30 minutes actually eight people have the chance to win shoes every 30 minutes now we also encourage you to share your thoughts feelings and opinions and show off your odoo knowledge by using odooexperience on twitter we would love to hear from you and you can also go to the community section of the events webpage to create a room or join a room in order to discuss with other outdoors all over the world it's really one of the best places to learn about the new features that we have designed just for you so let's get started what do we have starting today well you'll be able to see what's new in accounting what's new in social marketing odu's implementation methodology the customer success story of pierre marcolini group what's new in the js framework fiesta pasando on odu mexico what's going on in buffalo create multi-purpose gift cards using odoo and the customer success story of exedy the next two days we will have so many engaging and interesting events i won't make you wait any longer so go out there and enjoy odors and if i don't see you good afternoon good evening and good night

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