Understanding Mailchimp Email Marketing Open & Click Rates

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hi I'm Gary from organic web.com today you I'm a MailChimp certified partner and I deliver online MailChimp training please subscribe to my youtube channel I'd very much appreciate it today we're going to go through open rates and click rates and I'll just cover them a little bit particularly from the aspect of reports in MailChimp so let's go into MailChimp itself I've clicked on reports and I'm going to click on View report next to an example of demo I sent a while back so I'm going to click view report if I scroll down the page I'll be able to see what my open raters and my click rate you might see something slightly different and that does depend on what account you have with MailChimp and a few other things the open rate is if people have actually opened our email the click rate is once they've opened our email are they interested enough to click something and read more now of course if you don't have a link or a button or something like that for people to click on you're going to have a lower click rate open rate is hugely influenced by do people actually want to get your information or your your email marketing first off are you sending too seldom are you sending too often even particularly however the subject line is what counts if you have a good subject line that conveys the benefit of the person opening the email in other words opening and reading the email if you have a good subject line you'll notice that your open rates will improve click rate is very much about once the person's actually opened your email are they interested enough to read more so what we typically do in email marketing is we won't give the person the full story when they open the email to read our campaign we'll give them a teaser I guess you could call it with a button where they can read more and then we can see that people are actually interested in reading our content because if we have the full story well we actually can't see if once they've opened the email are they interested in reading more and particularly if you have more than one article or one story in the campaign in MailChimp we can actually see where people are clicking so we always want to puts in people somewhere else so that we can measure if they're really really engaged with our content which is the click rate so what is a good open rate that's very difficult it really depends on your industry and other factors MailChimp do provide example pierre-pierre performance and of course you want to always be better than your peers average performance and again subject line is hugely beneficial and only seen to people that you have permission to send to click rate however and this is just from my personal experience I've noticed that organizations that are sending good email marketing have a click rate of about 10 percent of the open rate so what I mean by that is if and this is unrealistically high if we had an open rate of 67 percent as per here if we had a click rate of 6.7% that would be good there would be spot on there doing something well because that would mean that people have opened the email and then they found it interesting enough to click and read more so again open rate very much influenced by the sector you're in plus your subject lines of people want to get your email marketing and your click rate you want to try and get it to about 10% of your open rate thanks for joining me and if you do have questions about this please leave it in the comments below this video and I'm Gary from organic web.com not a you and thank you for joining me

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