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ultimate product research guide how to
find the hottest drop shipping products now are you having trouble finding great
products to sell you know maybe it feels like and I just I've gone through this –
does it seem like you're modeling all these successful people in these
products but you're not getting great results there's a reason for that you'll
want to stick through to the very end of this video because I'm gonna share with
you how to find the hottest products and be successful then we're starting right
now hey I'm J.R.

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that out grab my course okay so in this video I want to show you everything you
need to know to find the hottest products and I'm gonna show you three
different methods and some kind of sneaky spying tactics that you can use
do so first off I want to go through some criteria that I have
here and the first criteria for a winning product is it had to have had at
least three plus purchases within the past 24 to 48 hours of testing okay so
it's got to have that it must have a utility something that it's gonna fix or
solve for somebody and it has to have a current high demand in the market place
of those those are the three things that I look for at a winning product now
let's talk about the product research because this is super important matter
of fact you should spend more time on product research than anything else you
do because that's gonna let you know whether you should proceed with a
particular product so there's an area in Aliexpress called alley drop shipping
center and I'll put a link to that in the description below but you need to
turn it on you're not gonna automatically have this
just because you have an Aliexpress account it's something different you got
to go to okay I'm over at Aliexpress but what I'm in is the drop shipping center
now you will not have access to this until you turn it on and I'll put a link
below so that you can get that particular area turned on so what we
have here is a way to really do deeper research on products on Aliexpress the
more research you do the better off you are but the first thing we want to do is
find products to sell so I'm gonna go over here to find products to sell and
once I do that it's gonna populate all these products down here so you can you
can just scroll through these if you want it to and see if you can find
something but I want to show you that what setup you're gonna see your product
here the price how many orders it got like this one here you know forty seven
hundred orders okay dropship order seventeen hundred ratings 4.4 which is
not bad and the sales performance is average so if you notice here I like to
find something that's average or good so here this one here looks pretty good now
you can also go up here and just search in this bar here if you want to do that
but I'm just gonna grab one of the ones they have down here and you can also
analyze URL if you find a product you like and
plug it in to your dashboard here and analyze it so you can search by image
you can search by sponsored products you can search by hot selling so let me just
scroll through here and find one this one here has this is an interesting one
here it says it's good it says it's God looks sixteen thousand one hundred and
seventy eight orders thirty four hundred and twenty nine dropship orders it's a
low price it's so let's just check this out real quick and see what we've got
okay this is the actual product right here it looks like it's got a video okay
so their video really is just not that good you know I wouldn't necessarily use
their video yeah it's pretty terrible video so I
wouldn't use that but they've got some decent pictures here they've got a
picture of an actual koala bear and mixed in with the stuff when I have no
idea why they would do that but anyhow we're not talking about their marketing
right now we're talking about the actual product so this is the product right
here and you'd have to find some angle now I don't know if this one here really
fits our criteria as far as you know having a utility to it so that's a
problem on this one here but we won't factor that in right now I'm just going
to use this as an example so you can see how to analyze with these probably so
I'm gonna go to analyze right here and when I analyze it what it does is it
puts the product URL up here okay and as you can see this product is all over the
place okay you got five hundred fourteen orders went down to 225 went down to 331
then I went down to 94 and then you get you Peaks up here or it's fourteen
hundred and fifty-six in a single day and it's two thousand in a single day
and then it drops down to one hundred and they drop down to 24 and then it
goes back up to 379 this one scares me a little bit it's just it's just – all
over the place for me to mess with it I wouldn't deal with that particular one
so let's see if we can find something else here this one's got five thousand a
below-average though I don't like that this is good let's see what this one is
four dollars it's a creative gift let's analyze this particular one right here
and this one also is kind of all over the place looks like it's heading down
so what we want is we want one with a chart that's going up and the cool thing
about this analysis and we can actually see if the sales are going up or if
they're going down if they're remaining flat what are they
let's see a vintage dragon head mouth open cut bracelet let's see what that is not good not good these here you know
had some sales had a real big peak here which looks like it was a couple days
ago and then it's down to almost nothing okay so this is gonna take some time
you're gonna have to go through a lot of products to find a really good one let
me just try to check out one more here no we wouldn't want that one would we
this is the charts heading down so just go through these find one that's heading
up and that's what you can do or you can just go to Aliexpress you know and find
a product now the next thing you can do is you can use product research method
two is gonna be to utilize Facebook's search tool to find hot products okay so
there is a search tool and what you can do is you can put certain words in there
now I've got a list of all the words here these are these are big things I'm
gonna read these off to you today only okay so if you if you got a post but
today only it's probably something they're trying to sell by here order
here claim yours now free shipping get it here get yours
grab yours shop here click here order here or buy it here so I'm gonna go
ahead and grab one of these phrases and we'll go over to Facebook and we'll
search it I'll kind of show you how this works already and I'm at Facebook now okay here I'm at Facebook I always like
to click this app here to kind of clear things out make sure there's nothing
else in there and I'm just gonna go ahead and paste in their claim yours now
and kind of see what pops open okay so we can see there's a whole bunch of
products right here that you can look at and then we've got people down here I
know so let's let's look at see all on videos here and we'll find all these
products right here that are trying to be sold this one here is huge this is
attention dog owners let's take a look at this one here it's got nine hundred
ninety-two thousand views on this particular one which is crazy and it
shows a dog in the back seat of a crash car and it looks like that dog could
have used a seat belt this is a really good video that somebody's put up so
this is an interesting one right here attention dog owners see more and then
what it is it says we're giving away two hundred dogs seat belts for the next
hour claim yours here so this is really interesting this is a dog seat belt they
show how it attaches to the dog right here now I know we have a harness for
our dog in the car because you know dogs can get hurt in years ago I was an EMT
and I used to watch people who didn't have these things for their animals
which was not good so this is a pretty cool one let me go back one here because
it started the next video and we'll go back to this one here so we'll stop the
video and let's take a look and see what they're selling it says heart for dogs
is the link I saw save paws and when you go to this page here it
says help us help us to help and pictures are horrible in the space it's
just really bad but you can see what we're doing here no dog deserves the
name misspelled the word deserves to die in a ditch the little things like this
guys look at this stuff you know when you're doing your page remember you know
don't mess it up well but they've got all these products down here and they're
saying hey if you buy our stuff then we're gonna be able to you know move
forward with our dog saving program I don't particularly like this page
because they show a harness but you're going to some of the bracelets but this
is the idea of how you do it you look through Facebook find some products find
one that is good okay and just emulate that one okay the next thing you can do
is our product research method number three which is reverse google image
search and I want to show you how that works
and I'm gonna go over to Google right now and show you a little bit of how
that works okay so what I did is I type in dog harness for car and if you notice
here I can right click on one of these here and I can go to wherever that
address is so I'm gonna say open link in new window and what I've done here now
is I've seen all these different links in here and I can do this one more time
open link in new window and what I've done now is what Google does is that
particular image is on a web page so if I right-click it and say go to that
particular link what it does is it takes me to this page right here and when I
look at this page I can see this harness for this dog and I can see what it's
selling for okay so I could actually take this information right here this
looks like a pretty good page here this is zu go pet and they've got something
pretty nice here and I'm gonna go ahead just add this to cart just to see what
happens it says product added and I'm gonna go to my cart and see if
they're trying to upsell me or anything but this is how you're gonna do your
research okay and they're not trying to upsell me which they should they should
we should always try to upsell and you could do this in Kartra I'll leave a
link for Kartra oh that's the software that we use Kartra is awesome
because it's an email provider it's a sales page maker it's a funnel builder
it's a video hosting place everything and it's a whole lot cheaper than
probably what you're using already so I would tell you to check that out but
this is how we do a research so we figured out a product that we can sell
now another thing you can use is the Commerce inspector this is an actual
add-on to your Google account and let's go to that real quick and I'll show that
to you and it's called commerce inspector you can download it here it's
offered by commerce inspector comm and you can add that and then that way you
can actually go in here and track the best sellers you can look at hot
products this is a pretty cool add-on right here so that's something you could
add is a Chrome extension and use that tool to figure out some of these
products so there's a lot of ways to find good products out there but I hope
the one thing you've learned from this video is that as you're looking for
products out there you've got to do research there's got to be evidence that
somebody's doing well with a product if they're not doing well with a product
you don't want to sell it okay you don't want to do that so make sure you do your
research in all the different areas and it would be great if you actually used
all of these methods to make sure that that product matches up with when you're
trying to sell them what you're trying to do and it's a good product and it's
got good prices and there's an audience for it the more research you can do up
front the better your chances are of finding a hot product that you can make
some money on now I hope you enjoyed this video tell me what you think of it
if you liked it give me a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe below and put
your comments down there I want to know what you've done to find hot products if
you've come across some hot products right put that below I really appreciate
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much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one

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