Tipos de e-mail, qual usar? | Guia de Marketing #18

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Hello, this is Bruno Peres and today we are going to talk
about types of emails and some tips for you to improve your email.
Let's go… Release the Malkolino vignette! hello it's bruno peres welcome to
another marketing guide and today talk about types of e-mails and some tips for
you to improve the quality of your e-mail but what about types of e-mails
there are several formats of various types of e-mails first a newsletter an
email marketing means promotional and means of relationship and means of automation and
means to heat up your garbage in various email formats
in theory a newsletter band news news is a more informative type of email
sometimes sending through a communication internal of a company or
when you want to do it is some action that will explain a little more about your
service more informative it has a tone even a little journalistic sometimes i am much
more of communication and mail marketing is coming it is a marketing is a way if
you do a promotional action an informative action focused on sales
then you will often receive it with promotions as an explanation and
much more focused on a product and focused on sales but and there are other
email formats when you are telling a story for example and then
this one of mine may have a lot more texts or images indicating this story
indicating what you are doing and socks that may be in the middle of a
marketing automation for you to convert the your grid
maybe it has information on a promotion in the last one at the beginning more
images that is the type of e-mail depends on your objective we already talked about
objectives and goals I'll put the car up here for you because it depends on
how you're going to advance which one it's the ideal bruno the ideal is that you have a
plan understand how you are going to create this medium to communicate with your
target audience and you have reached your goal now some tips that will help to
improve the results and medium regardless of the type that it is of the
format you are getting for your strategy first never ever
put attachments in your emails forward you will shoot and tools
or for many people some people don't know
personally or that one and a half will introduce a new
a new communication action for example you work with a hotel chain and
want to send a discount or want to do some promotional action for the end of the
year free breakfast the package fulfill two days wins 3 etc
I've seen this very common people send the tariff schedule sending the promotion in
an attachment 1 pdf writes in the middle and sent a pdf first attachments
are often blocked second people are not prepared to receive an attachment
if they didn't ask for it one thing is for the guy to fill out a form asking
to receive the e book here comes the attachment this can happen is not the most
suitable thing else out of nowhere person received an email she asked to receive
some promotion south and a lot of snow comes because on the internet usually attachments
and viruses the email systems themselves will not
allow or the browsers that people receive these emails I will put
you in spain so never put an attachment in a e mail be succinct in your
message be careful with messages that are very very long
depending on the profile of your audience people will not read this it looks very
spammy be careful the subject of your message be careful
not to be a miracle worker what this is usually jokes with some
students because people start like that their
titles my service will solve all problems is the best service in the world
best product in the world is you put a lot of exclamation marks be careful when putting
dollar signs put very abusive information in your email when it's too
easy when it's very miraculous it helps people believe it's not true
so what's the best way to do it be succinct be realistic explain
how you can even put a variable that will capture a name of yours of your
client with there bruno a promotion has arrived end of the year for you
check it out bruno we have a hotel promotion that looks
like something more informal I stayed in this environment you have to merge niche images such
as food trips are very imagery us be careful not to
put only text it has some tips a little more technical always put
images you have to put the description the title in the images is inside the
html code maybe it may seem a little more technical but its help because not always
people are configured there there is a little problem for them to
receive an email in html sometimes it's done by text
if these images don't have the titles there titles the goals black full of
chinese something else always tests and emails before sending how to register
you in the marist of testers inside your system open on your cell phone
open the street on gmail hotmail in the middle of ol and corporate mail send it to friends
do tests because different browsers voters from different means
will see in the middle of different ways the more you test the look if
worry about it the more assertive it will be that makes the first car
less in spain box in your results your brand
always try to keep r along your brand on top of your brand signature and that
passes reliability another detail everything and a half has a
center that sends care with that name there be consistent with your campaign
with your brand sometimes since my customers are
connecting with my company it will be called ending up send an email with
name dom something people don't call the name to the person so how are
they communicating with my brand bruno peres o and the person is sending the
cembranelli the owner and a half it's bruno peres or sometimes it ends if it depends on your
project so i've never seen lexus be succinct the
images the titles in the images beware of miracles and
outlandish things in your subjects besides the objects with the person you are sending it has
to be the person who is communicating with the client, think about the types of
emails you are going to do, put it in your test campaigns and go ahead and a half a
very strong very consistent tool that if
used can bring great results even more if we compare it with old
strategies of indirect means of direct marketing that are letters by
mail or newspapers that are delivered the email can be very effective so if
used well that's why they say it doesn't work anymore but sometimes there are
techniques that are may seem basics but not used
this was another marketing day thanks for following us here I
'm bruno peres so the channel down here to
follow our marketing guide every tuesday and thursday
we are here on a marketing day try to bring information for you to build
a plan for you to get that project off the ground and act in
digital marketing gives a liquid a gem leave your comment here go back to the videos in the
latest programs hope to see them here every week and until
next time

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