Three Brutally Honest Reasons You’re FAILING (And How to Change)

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– The main thing that I
want to share with you right now is the topic of why you might never be successful. (bright music) The first reason, I'm telling you first, you can be successful as long as you make these three core, fundamental shifts. The first one is your mindset. What are you putting into your mind? What are the beliefs that you have? How are you cultivating your mindset? Your existing beliefs, the
existing mindset you have, is contributing to your current lifestyle.

The actions that you take, and everything that you do in your
life is all contributed based on this. The fundamental shift that I had back then from failure to where I am now, building multi-million dollar
businesses for clients, and also internally as
well, is the mindset. Everything that you put in your mind, the books that you read,
the videos that you consume, who you're following,
is extremely important. You want to make that
shift where what you're telling yourself, your own inner dialog, is something that's gonna power you up, something that's gonna
keep you moving forward with momentum, not something
that holds you back. So, if you're telling yourself things like you can't do this, you're a failure, this is something that
you're gonna struggle with, who are to think to think
that you can do this, then this is something that
you want to change right away. You want to keep reframing your mind to go tell yourself that you can do this.

I have a saying that I
want you to write down and make this embedded in your mind. What you tell yourself
is always gonna be true. What someone else like you tells you is something that might be true. What other people tell you
that you can't relate to will never be true. The first, most important
thing is the things that you tell yourself every single day, you want to prepare something
where you're saying things that motivate yourself,
things that are gonna change your core shifts
and beliefs in your mind. You want to be able to do that. That's the first thing, your mindset.

You want to make that shift
from negative to positive, from demotivated to motivated. The things that they're gonna change, your goals, your ambitions, your dreams. Whatever it is, you can do it as long as you have the
right mindset and belief to be able to put yourself
in that mind space. The second most important reason why you might never be successful that you want to move away from
is your environment, the people that you
surround yourself with. Are you putting yourself around people that are dead broke,
they don't have anything to do with your life? They're not moving towards
where you want to be.

Are they someone that's negative to you? Are they saying things,
your closest friends, your closest families, telling you that you can't be successful
in what you want to do? Are they telling you things that are not making you feel great every day? Are they not motivating you to succeed? Are they motivating you
towards where you want to be, or are they pushing you
and holding you back? That is the biggest thing that you want to make a shift on. That changed my life when
I started back there. You want to put yourself with people that are in the shoes of where you want to be five to 10 years from now. You want to surround
yourself with even people that are on the journey right now that have that positive mindset that I talked about on the first point, so that you can be able
to, when you have that four to five people that you hang around that's gonna change yourself
because your environment molds who you are and your mindset.

The more you're around
specific types of people, their beliefs, their
energy, their motivations, their dreams, their
ambitions, their experience, everything translates over to you. First, you have to surround yourself and put them in your environment. That's why the second most important thing is your environment. Who do you have around you? That's the most important thing.

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So, you want to make sure you find out who is that four to five
people that are the ones that are gonna make the biggest difference in your life that are where you want to be or on the journey right
there, and put yourself there around you. You can join things and meet up so can do, I'm an EO, entrepreneur organization. I'm on YEC, Young Entrepreneur Council. The reason why I'm a part of all these entrepreneurial groups, and also Private Masterminds,
is because I want to put myself where people just like me are moving towards a specific goal. They're always motivated. They're always ambitious, or the things that they're celebrating their successes. We also reflect on our failures. So, you learn about all the things, not just what to do, but
what not to do as well. Final, most important recipe of why you might never be successful in the shift that you want to make is perseverance and understanding the
sacrifices that you have to make on the path to be able
to become successful with whatever it is that you want to do.

Even if you want to be
successful in business, in your personal life, you must make sure that you have the discipline,
and you understand the trade-offs and the
risks that you're making in that specific place. So, that's one of the biggest things you want to understand. What is the sacrifice that you want to do? And, have the discipline, the process to be able to get there.

That's the third most important thing. If you're just doing something randomly, you're never gonna be
able to be successful. But, focus, laser dedication focus on that one thing that you want to do, and not scrambling yourself or having shiny object syndrome is one of the most fundamental aspects of
why most people fail. People fail because they jump around doing multiple different things instead of having that laser focus on that one thing that's gonna
make them most successful in everything that they want to do. I came from an immigrant
background in Taiwan. My family brought me
here, my mom specifically. I didn't have anything when I grew up. We had to go from, we moved a lot, all of our resources just
to get here to settle down. From that point on, I had to
build everything from there.

I was able to do it. So, there's no reason
why you can't do it, too. I'm not the smartest person. I just surround myself with people that are extremely smart and people that are extremely successful that can share their successes and their failures. At the same time, that molds my mindset. I've always been extremely
careful of the mindset, things that I feed into my mind, what I tell myself. What is my inner dialog? That self-awareness is the
most important thing as well, if you want to give me a
fourth important ingredient. What is the self-awareness
like inside of you? All the things that
you're saying to yourself, pay attention to that because that is what is gonna make the
differentiator between why you might never be successful and why you might be the most
successful person out there. So, thanks for watching this.

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