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hey everybody good morning welcome to monday 
morning good to see everybody here i guess   got people uh streaming in here uh paul says 
starting the year off right with the nuggets   of jr very nice of you paul i appreciate it i 
want to make sure you can hear me so do put in   that chat section that you can hear me uh that 
you can see me all that good stuff because on   my end i don't always know that stuff and uh let 
me see here i've got my ipad here and i normally   pop up on my ipad so i'll wait for that to happen 
guys i'm so excited today we all made it to 2022.   that's awesome i mean you got to look at i mean 
you know people die at a baby age or your diet you   know and they're in first grade and 10th grade 
and whatever they die all along this spectrum   of life uh where the average you know lifespan 
is what 78 79 years old i think in the u.s now   who are so lucky to be here uh today i am going 
to share with you some things on email uh email   i will tell you has made me more money than any 
single thing i do email is maybe more money so   if you're if you're trying to make some money on 
email this is the video for you that's what we're   going to talk about today i don't want you to 
feel put off though if you have a question about a   sales page or you have a question about e-commerce 
or whatever it is if it has to do with making   money online guys you are in the right place you 
can type that question in there uh and i will be   happy to answer you um if you haven't subscribed 
so far please do so um please hit that subscribe   button um turn it from red to gray don't forget 
to ring the bell turn all bell notifications so   you're notified each and every single time i go 
live man i feel so lucky guys i really do you know   um i'm trying to think what year was he was either 
2010 or 11 that i quit my job i know i started   my business in 2009 and ever since it has been 
ups and downs but i've loved every moment of it   uh my wife today shared with me a moment we 
had i think five years ago we were in cabo st   lucas and you know all the places i've been i've 
been to you know bangkok thailand i've been to   jamaica i've been to you know all through mexico 
uh all these different places i've been to have   all been because i started an online business 
guys if i can convince you of anything anything   is have an online business and work really hard 
um i was working this morning on my recipe videos   i got those coming out real soon um it did 
just to give you a preview i did one that's   an alfredo sauce that's much better than carabas 
or um olive garden i've got any of you guys make   fun of olive garden but some of the food's pretty 
good okay let's face it um i've got another one i   did where i did a pesto sauce far better than any 
pesto you're going to buy in any store far better   than any restaurant so i did one on that i've 
got one with fried chicken and mashed potatoes   um which oh my god that was awesome my mashed 
potatoes actually we did biscuits too so i've got   a recipe on that uh what else do i got coming out 
i've got that oh yeah black eyed peas and greens   uh that one has also been filmed all of these have 
been filmed and i'm gonna slowly release them on   my channel which is uh let me i guess i should 
put it up here um let's see how much i'm typing in   search youtube for my other channel 
which is restaurant quality recipes okay there it is so if you're interested in 
cooking go there and if you're not don't go   there because it wouldn't interest you okay don't 
subscribe if you're not interested i'm gonna have   some really cool recipes and what that channel 
does just so you guys know and i'm gonna get   to these steps for email just one second what that 
channel does is it teaches you how to cook at home   a lot cheaper and oftentimes a lot better than 
restaurant food that you can get so check out that   channel if you're interested in that restaurant 
quality recipes i need to i need to add that to   this channel here for one of my other channels 
i haven't done that so far i've been working on   it i've got a website i'm working on for it uh 
i've got all kinds of stuff but every video i do   has the recipe in the description um so you can 
grab it there man i'm excited i'm just i'm just   so pumped up today i'm so happy to be around and i 
mean to been given all the gifts and have you guys   i mean you guys mean so much to me you just you 
have no idea how nice it is to have a community   that i can come to uh and talk to you guys and 
share things with you and watch you grow and   i was looking at one of my students uh channel 
the other day and it's a walk to wellness   and she has a beautiful channel guys where she's 
lost tons of weight just walking and she's one of   the people that shows up on here i don't know if 
i see her today uh let's see here let me look and   see what i've got going on uh so what's the big 
things for the year what events are you going to   this year i don't know yet you know 
i've been looking at this thing in dubai   it's an affiliate thing and it's in 
the end of february i may go to that   um but you know there's some vaccination issues my 
wife is not vaccinated i don't judge her for that   i am vaccinated um and i think you have to 
have proof of vaccination so that may be an   issue as far as her going there uh let's see 
here uh search i got that what is your average   length for an email sequence most olive garden 
food is pre-packaged so looking forward to the   alfredo sauce yeah it is pre-packaged but they've 
got some good recipes you know i don't want to   slight them you know there's there's a reason 
there's a line out the door almost every night   at olive garden it's it's good basic italian food 
no it's not freshly cooked at the restaurant the   sauces come in big bags and they heat it up and 
i understand that uh but you know when you have   you know hundreds of restaurants you kind of have 
to do that um carabas does do their sauces fresh   which is kind of cool but that can be hit or miss 
you know i've been to ones in tennessee that were   horrible uh the one here is average the one in 
virginia was very good so it all depends there   too so all right let's get into this email thing 
though i promised you email stuff um and i'm gonna   give you the number one thing for emails and the 
number one thing for emails that most people screw   up that most people screw up is have a compelling 
subject line the subject line of an email   should not tell the person what is in the email 
what i thought that was the subject no it's not   the purpose of a subject line is just one purpose 
and that's to get them to open the email that's   it so you've got to say something in that subject 
line that's going to get people to open the email   okay i even forget this sometimes i'm writing 
a subject line i go oh i got to tell them what   it's about no i don't no i don't i got to get 
them to open the email because if they don't   open the email it doesn't matter and if you give 
up too much information in the beginning on your   subject line they don't need to open the email 
okay it's got to be very descriptive uh it's   got to be specific it's got to be something that 
is really going to want them to open it um now i   actually have a download for that i don't i 
don't have it with me today but you can search   through of top subject lines you can have um and 
some of the things you can put you can put you   know for your information informational type thing 
you can have a reminder one you can have a request   one request for whatever it is um what else could 
you put in there you could ask them questions   in a subject line you could put little things 
like re r e colon you could put forward colon   you could put urgent in there you could put your 
order confirmation you could put account status   there's no need to really resort to sneaky 
tricks or clickbait titles anything like that   all you've got to do is put something 
interesting that's related to that email   and you will get opens i'm back and forth i'm 
putting emojis in there sometimes i put them there   sometimes i don't it does make your subject lines 
stand out more but i have heard that sometimes you   can get more unsubscribed so i go back and forth 
on that one my testing is not done on that one yet   um number two number two okay if you jot this 
thing down this is number two um let's see here   let's see paul says just fyi i've noticed lately 
that on youtube channel headers people are   including links to other platforms like facebook 
linkedin and patreon just fyi yeah they do and i   have some of those links in my description i don't 
have any headers or anything like that but number   two is start with appropriate greeting to kick 
off an email you should begin with appropriate   greeting okay these are the two appointments or 
two components of the greeting a salutation and   the opening sentence okay those two things the 
appropriate salutation actually depends on the   situation if you're writing a formal email to 
a bank or government institution or something   like that it'd be better to start off with dear 
whatever i start off with hey and i'll put their   first name there just hey okay uh i do that very 
often i sometimes i'll put good afternoon good   evening i stay away from mr or miss or mrs i think 
that is really too formal for the type of emails i   do i want them to be on a friendship basis uh 
make sure your emails you know well i'll say   this in the end remind me about a bonus in the end 
remind me about a bonus because i do want to tell   you about that um have a strong attention grabber 
that's number three okay have a strong attention   grabber once you've gotten you know the greeting 
out of the way it's time to start your email while   the subject line does determine whether your email 
is open your opening sentence determines what if   they're going to read the email so we want to have 
that beginning one something that's going to get   them to read the email if it's an introduction you 
can open with something uh you know will interest   your recipient you can find out um through a 
little research on their social media profiles   uh perhaps they tweeted something interesting 
okay what is your audience doing be in touch   with your audience okay super important that 
you do that this will help you build rapport   and show that you're not sending generic emails 
to multiple people even though you really are okay   of course this is not necessary if you're 
emailing you know a friend or something like that   um no one has the time and patience to guess what 
an email is about the sooner you answer the why   the faster you'll capture their attention okay so 
you want to do that number four and i've got eight   of these in case you're wondering there's not 200 
of them so don't think oh my gosh i got 200 these   go through you got you got eight and we're at 
number four right now keep your message short and   concise i think paul asked just a second ago how 
long are my emails it really or emailed sequences   really you asked paul and i do want to answer that 
um the email itself does not need to be that long   i've gone back and forth on these long 
email things and i think i like shorter ones   more to the point i like it where it's kind of 
open-ended and i'll say something like i did   this special or i did i'm reducing the prices 
to this click this link to see the video or   where there's some food shortages out there click 
this link to find out why and then once they   click it will go to a video and it explains 
stuff to them um according to statista okay   we send and receive roughly 319 billion emails a 
day okay so since there's so many out there you do   want to keep your message short and concise that's 
number four okay uh keep your paragraph short guys   don't have these run on paragraphs oh my god i 
see it sometimes and it'll be like 20 sentences   and there's no break nobody's going to read that 
you know i like to put one maybe two sentences in   a paragraph that's it and break it up there's 
a whole lot more chance that they're going to   read it if you do that you could add some bullet 
points of the things that you want to go over   don't give up too and for too much information 
or they're never gonna click of course   um you can use a visuals to break it up if you 
if you um are on my email list and you showed   up today for this training you probably got an 
email with a thumbnail that i stuck in there and   it's the same thumbnail that i put on facebook 
it's the same thumbnail that i put on youtube   okay um now why you may feel like you want to 
tell them everything in the email don't do it   no one is eagerly awaiting a three-page essay 
arriving in their inbox they're just not okay   think about it this way what is the main takeaway 
from your email is there is there a particular   action you want the recipient to take we normally 
will send them an email because we want them to do   something we want them to download something we 
want them to opt in for something we want them   to buy something okay um from there draft your 
email and then reread it make sure every line   is something that is helpful in the email okay if 
it's not get rid of it you don't need it in there   when you need to include a lot of information 
email it's probably better to suggest you know   a phone call or a meeting or something like that 
okay so if you're trying to sell something that   takes a lot of words don't put it in your email 
number five be consistent with your font oh my   gosh guys i see emails sometimes and they'll 
use three or four different fonts on it why   would you do that if i get an email like that i'm 
immediately deleting it or assuming it's some kind   of scam you know from some foreign country one 
font you can have a couple sizes to it you can add   a color every now and then i don't like to really 
add any color to my email because it looks scammy   i will bold some certain things in the email 
um to get their um attention or whatever   and there's a few fonts that i really like uh 
and let me see if i can put these in the chat   section here because these are some of the fonts 
that i really like and let me capture it there   and i'll go over to here and these 
are the fonts and i hope it works boom oh it does okay so look in the chat right 
now and you're going to see the fonts that i   like to use almost every uh you know word 
processor or whatever has these fonts um   and if you don't have these fonts 
you can get them from dafont okay   uh oh okay let me go show here okay so 
it's kind of it bunched it up unfortunately   but those are the fonts right there you should be 
able to click show let me do one other thing here   no no okay so there you go okay so all the fonts 
did show up finally um and you can see them on   your screen it didn't list them the way i wanted 
but anyhow they're there okay that's the important   thing you can get them so those are the fonts that 
i like right there uh some of them are a little   bit bunched up but you can see them uh yeah so 
those are the fonts i like um and you know you're   going to find those when you select the font 
for writing an email if you don't go to defont   it's d-a-f-o-n-t you can download any of those 
fonts right there plus millions i don't have   millions but it's gotta be at least hundreds 
of thousands more number six okay number six is   write a simple closing simple okay uh i'll say 
stuff in my emails like see you there cheers   okay that's it okay and it kind of what i do i try 
to reinforce what i want them to do um you know   you know when you get the best deal you'll thank 
me or whatever cheers jr or see you there if i'm   doing a live training so i'm trying to 
reinforce what i've already said okay   and i use cheers you can use you know sincerely 
best regards warm regards you know thank you any   of that crap but i just like cheers that's what i 
use on almost all my emails i want it to be upbeat   i want to be happy uh let's see here uh paul has 
written something what has he put in here when you   put in hyperlinks in your email do you suggest 
one redirect versus redirect to multiple things   is there optimal size for fonts especially if 
your audience is older best geezer font okay   that's those are really good questions paul has 
some good questions here let me start off with the   first part i only have one hyperlink in an email 
only one it only goes to one place and that's   it and when it goes to that one place it's never 
um uh a whole lot of choices when i get there so   i would never put a link to my website 
where when you get there you go what do i do   it's always going to be a link to a sales page to 
a download page to something for them to do but   it's only one thing for them to do and it's either 
buy or download or join or opt in or whatever it   is so that's to answer that the next thing you 
ask is very very important the size of the fonts   i personally like to see a little bit bigger 
font i can read a smaller font i don't have a   problem with that i've got good glasses i can 
see them but i i have to put forth a little   bit more effort to do that so when i see a tiny 
font i'm more likely not to click in that email   the optimal size now if you're in kartra 
it's going to default to a 16 point font   i always upsize it to a 20 point now some 
people will say well jr i don't need a 20 point   uh but let me ask you a question do you get 
upset if you get a 20 point and you're probably   gonna say well now i mean it doesn't bother 
me i just don't need it okay so let's play   the odds here what if it's an older person and 
they have a hard time reading a 12 or 14 or 16   font but you give them a 20 and they can read 
it easily well you've made that group of people   happy okay you've made it half those people happy 
so the other the other group that didn't need it   is not offended and the other group's more happy 
so i'm always going to go with a bigger font   right because i'm going to get more bang for my 
buck by upsizing the size of that font guys super   important that you do that okay and so yeah so 
i would say a 20 point is what i'm shooting for   almost all of them paul to answer that uh let's 
see number eight we're at number eight and then   i've kind of got a bonus for you too but let's 
do number eight here do a spell check holy crap   and grammar check oh my gosh now i'm not saying 
i don't make mistakes but man oh man i have seen   some of the worst emails come through and i'm 
just like gosh if they're paying attention to that   i probably don't want their product now if 
you don't have a grammar check use grammarly   grammarly is free gram early let me see if 
i can put that in the chat uh let's see here get the free grammarly app boom there it is guys search that i'm 
not an affiliate or anything not trying   to sell you anything but man it'll help you 
because when you have grammarly downloaded   it will check your word docs it will check your 
emails it checks anything that you're typing   and it's so helpful they have an upgraded version 
if you really want to have a readability thing   i don't have the upgraded version 
because i know how to write   thoughts on use of pictures and sales letter 
does position of pictures make a difference   i noticed more pictures uh with people offering 
courses or coaching you know it really depends on   your list on this one this is a funny one i found 
at my survival food company if i put a picture of   the food in there i get a lower click-through 
rate i found at my training company where i'm   training people to make money online if i put a 
picture like a thumbnail or something like that   in there i get a higher click-through rate so 
there you go which one works it depends on the   company it depends on what you're selling and am i 
selling that you should are saying that you should   never put pictures in if you're selling foods or 
e-commerce no i'm not saying that i'm just saying   what we figured out for our company and you've got 
to figure out what's best for you you could do a b   testing you can have some with a picture and some 
without a picture and check your click-through   rates uh if you have something like kartra which 
i will have a link to below in the description   um you can run an a b test and you'll know 
immediately which one works better depending   on the size of your list now if you've got 100 
people on your list it doesn't give you much   insight but once you've got in the thousands 
you're going to know which one works better   so i highly recommend you running an a b 
test and figuring that out let's see here   okay and guys feel free to put whatever comments 
in there any questions you want to ask me in there   please put those in there um and the bonus i'm 
going to tell you is send your emails at the   right time send your emails at the right time 
i don't know what is exactly the right time   for your business but i do know what is exactly 
the wrong time for almost all business and that   is first thing in the morning if you send an 
email out at six or seven o'clock in the morning   you you're going to get a terrible click-through 
rate for the most part you can probably   you know show me some examples of people that did 
well but i'm just telling you for the most part   you're not going to do as well why is that 
here's why when people get up in the morning   a lot of people don't even get out of bed they 
just grab their phone and they start looking at   their email and deleting the ones they don't want 
so if you want to be in the early morning delete   pile send it early morning okay it's the worst 
thing you could do because if you if you get it   first thing in the morning those are the ones 
they're trying to get rid of because they know   they got a lot of emails overnight i send most of 
my emails at 10 o'clock in the morning it works   for our business 10 a.m central standard time you 
could be in a different time zone different part   of the world which i know have people from all 
around the world that listen to this um so it   really depends i have a huge audience in india uh 
india is 12 hours different from us i think it is   let's see here uh hey siri what 
time is it in india right now yeah see it's it's 9 51 pm in india so we are 
you know roughly what is that um i don't know how   that works but it's an hour and 30 minutes plus 
that so i'm 13 hours and 30 minutes difference   uh from india and i have employees in india i 
have employees in the philippines and i think   that's 12 hours difference hey siri what 
time is it in manila philippines right now okay it's 12 21 a.m there uh which okay is in the 
middle of the night okay uh let's see here paul   paul what's up paul i had found a guy who had 100 
different emails for his product and each one had   a lead line they got you to open up each one i 
actually look forward to seeing his emails and   the story linking to it yeah and you did ask me 
that that's another question i did not answer i   want to answer that how long are my sequences 
generally they will last three or four days   and i send an email a day until the last day 
and then i'll send three to four emails on the   last day i'll send one in the morning afternoon 
evening and then late at night to let them know   it's closing down but that's what i normally do 
on a sequence they can certainly be a lot longer   you can send a one-off email if you want to have a 
flash sale that can certainly be done um what you   do is up to you um but i got to tell you guys 
if you take these these things i've given you   today in today's training and you apply them to 
you sending out your emails you're going to get   a whole lot better open rates you're going to get 
a whole lot better click-through rates and you're   going to increase your sales don't think that if 
you send out emails and you don't make any sales   that it's your email's problem you've got to look 
deeper okay so if i send out a bunch of emails   and people open them and they click on them and 
they don't buy it's not the email's fault right   what is the fault there can you figure that out 
put in the chat box if you could figure out if i   send out an email and people get the emails i got 
to get it it's got to be delivered okay and they   open the emails and they click in the emails but 
they don't buy my product what is the problem come   on you guys are geniuses figure this out put this 
in the chat box here now if you're watching this   and it is not live it's just you know a recorded 
video that went up because that's what happens   to my live videos put your your thoughts in 
the comments section there and let's let's   have fun with this have a little game with this 
you know i'm going to tell you in just a second   but before i tell you why not take a stab 
at it most people won't take a stab at it   because they're afraid of being wrong oh my god 
i'm afraid of being wrong what a horrible thing   folks you're always going to be wrong and 
stuff i'm wrong and stuff that's how life   is but you got to put yourself out there you got 
to try so put a stab at this if i send out emails   and people open the emails okay they get delivered 
and people open the emails and they click in the   emails and they don't buy what is the problem 
what's wrong with the email what's going on here   makes no sense right put that in the comments 
section what do you think the problem is i know   what the problem is i can tell you right now what 
the problem is it should be painfully obvious   but you got to put it in there put it in there 
i'm gonna wait a second okay oh wait just a second   and somebody's gonna put it in there let's see 
here uh let's see here paul's got a question   while we're waiting on that and the question is if 
i send out an email it gets delivered people open   it and they click and they don't buy what's the 
problem uh but what's paul's question here do you   ever remove people from your list how do you back 
up your email list in case of computer crashing   well first off i don't keep my email list on 
my computer it is kept at kartra so i don't   have to worry about losing the email list 
because kartra i think has three or four   redundant servers um so they always have the 
emails there i don't i don't keep an email   if i did it would i wouldn't have room on 
my computer for my email list and it changes   uh now the other question is do i ever remove 
people from my list um and the answer is yes   and i do it a couple different ways first off 
what i do usually two or three times a week   what kartra will do because of bounced emails 
because of spam reports because of whatever   they will blacklist some emails and what 
blacklisting means is that they are not going to   deliver to these emails so what i do is i search 
my leads and i look for ones that are blacklisted   okay and any of the ones that are blacklisted 
i delete last night i did it i think i had 69   emails that were blacklisted so i deleted them 
now the other thing cartridge does is you know   since they you know blacklist them they're 
always looking at open rates they're always   looking at deliverability rates and if people 
don't open your emails after a period of time   they will automatically blacklist them okay 
now it is incumbent upon you to delete them   though because um having all those extra emails 
in there is just gonna clutter up your account   now cartridge charges you based on how many emails 
you have in there so they're not going to delete   those blacklisted emails you know if you've got 
20 000 blacklisted emails and they're not getting   delivered to they're just going to charge you for 
them okay it's not their responsibility really   to delete emails from your account right because 
maybe you didn't want to for some reason maybe you   want to transfer them to another platform and try 
to email them from there so they don't delete them   they do blacklist them okay so it's up to you 
to blacklist them i rarely even look at them   i just say okay this one's blacklisted i'm 
going to get rid of it uh and nobody has guessed   i guess everybody's scared nobody has guessed 
what the problem is with that email sequence   the one that i sent out the one that got 
delivered the one that people open the one   that people clicked on the one that people didn't 
buy from the problem is the page they landed on   that's it it wasn't that the email didn't 
work if the email didn't work they wouldn't   have opened them they wouldn't have clicked on 
it the email worked okay based on whatever your   statistics are you know one out of a million 
people did that's not good but the point is   don't assume an email is bad because people 
didn't buy assume nothing look at the data   okay if i send out an email and nobody opens 
it it could be one of two things what are those   there's only two things if i send out an email 
and people don't open them there's only two things   that could have gone wrong the first thing is 
they didn't get delivered okay they didn't get   delivered they didn't get delivered they can't 
open them the other thing is they got delivered   but they didn't open them the subject line's bad 
that doesn't mean the email that i wrote is bad it   just means the subject line is bad so focus in 
on things that are actually wrong not what you   think is wrong and it's all a data driven thing 
so if i send out an email it doesn't get open   one of two things it didn't get delivered or the 
subject line is bad now if i send out an email and   it gets opened okay but nobody buys anything 
what is the next step that i need to look at   why didn't they click or did they click okay so 
there's only two things that can happen if they   get the email they open it they either read 
it and click or they read it and don't click   okay or not read it okay so if they don't click 
something's wrong with the email it didn't make   them want to click okay so those are the only two 
things that can go wrong if you send out an email   and they don't open it it's either it didn't get 
delivered or it has a bad subject line if you send   out an email and it does get open but they don't 
click it is your email okay what's wrong with the   email why didn't they click if they get the email 
and they open it and they click and they don't buy   it's your page you're sending them to it's the 
landing page it's the offer page whatever it is a   download or a course or selling a product whatever 
it is those are the things that are wrong so look   at this email sequence process guys after you 
quick tune it with these eight steps and if you're   getting here late i see some people are getting 
here late go back and watch this video again um   it will be recorded on youtube as soon as i quit 
here and also in the description guys there's   going to be a lot of links i have my reading list 
there there's links to courses if you want to get   more training go into my description that's where 
you're going to find all this great stuff we are   revamping my website now i'm moving it over so 
i'm changing all of that up we got that going on   um so yeah that's what i got for you today did you 
like it did you get something out of it um paul   says here what does he say when you split test 
emails is it an ongoing process or you just keep a   cache of ones you've already tested and stick 
with them it's an ongoing process because what   worked last year may not work this year you 
know if you're talking about food shortages   uh well right now that still works it actually 
still works um but let's say uh there's an event   in history you know like you're talking about 
winter time okay and it's june you know that   probably wouldn't work out for you so you've 
got to constantly do that and i like to split   tests between uh subject lines a lot i like doing 
that to see which one opens up and that's how i've   compiled my list of subject lines that work 
which i do have as a free download uh and if   it's not in the description just send me a pm or 
something i'll send you a link to that you know   there's no cost for it or anything like that but 
they're very helpful so i can send you that link   um so that's what i got with for you today guys if 
you like this training do me a favor and subscribe   click that subscribe button 
turn it from red to gray and   ring the bell turn on all bell notifications so 
you're notified each and every time i go live   guys i'm so thankful for you guys i'm so thankful 
for this business i'm in a neighborhood now where   there's nine houses under construction this entire 
neighborhood's new all around me nine houses are   under construction and it gives me the ability 
to look at other people doing their jobs and   the other people doing their jobs right now are 
construction workers and i see them walking across   roofs where they can fall i see them out there 
this morning this morning i got up and it was 27   degrees and they're out there hammering boards 
with nails i don't have to do that okay i don't   have to go outside in 27 degree weather i went 
out anyhow because i wouldn't got something to eat   but these guys are really physically working 
hard and not getting paid a lot of money   respect everybody's job respect everybody um 
that's the other thing is entitled people and   people who think they're better than other people 
i just want to go on a little rant here real quick   i don't get it we're all just humans guys i don't 
care what you've achieved or not achieved you're   still a valuable human being okay period you are 
i don't care if you're you know serving me food   in a restaurant which this weekend i went to 
a restaurant and the food oh my gosh the food   was very mediocre and it took 45 minutes to 
get a pizza and when i asked the girl i said   well why does it take 45 minutes to get pizza 
she said well we got a bunch of pizza orders   i said yeah but why would it take so long she 
says well the oven only holds one pizza at a time   i said wait a second wait a second you're telling 
me that this place here specializes in pizza and   the pizza oven only holds one or one pizza at a 
time she goes yeah but it's like a conveyor belt   i said but yeah it only still cooks one pizza 
at a time so if it takes you know five minutes   to cook that pizza and they got 20 orders that's 
a hundred minutes that somebody's gonna have to   wait for the pizza if they got all those orders 
at once that's your craziness now our food did   finally come out and we had got some dip that was 
terrible that we just asked to have taken off our   bill because it was just water it was terrible 
and the owner even came out uh but the waitress   it wasn't her fault was it okay she was doing her 
job so we tipped her well the point being guys is   everybody's got a tough job everybody does you 
know it's some jobs are tougher than others like   i couldn't be a roofer i couldn't walk around that 
roof out there and put shingles you know and these   guys will do it in 20 degree weather and they'll 
do it 110 degree weather it doesn't matter to them   they'll just do it what if you had to do a 
job like that that's tough so be thankful   for whatever you got uh let's see here on 
different topic how is supply chain hitting   the biz oh it's horrendous actually i can't get a 
lot of products uh our small cans we can't get we   do have some in stock right now uh but i can't buy 
more cans right now those cans are being bought up   by the automotive industry and i don't mean cans 
they're using cans and cars i mean they're using   the metal um and they're also campbell's soup 
has bought up a lot of the metal to make cans and   our cans are different than campbell's soup cans 
obviously because they're long-term food storage   however they're buying up all the metal so i don't 
have them um so i can get big cans which makes no   sense to me but i can get big cans and it does 
affect us um so that's what i've got to say guys   i've really enjoyed my time with you we spent a 
little over 30 minutes here today got some great   input as always paul has put some great things 
in there and kept things rolling and then after   i do these lives i get comments from you guys 
guys i really appreciate the comments go through   my channel i've got over 1100 videos there watch 
some of these videos comment on them you know ask   me any questions you want give me a thumbs up on 
this video that helps a lot too i know it sounds   like a simple thing all you gotta do is click 
and let me give you a second to do that go ahead did you click i'm waiting did you click now okay 
okay so some of you clicked just now and i really   appreciate give me a thumbs up i really really 
appreciate that i really appreciate being with you   uh love each and every one of you guys i'm gonna 
try to be your monday wednesday and friday so   if you want to set your schedule for that monday 
wednesday friday that's what i'm going to do i'm   also uploading new videos every monday wednesday 
friday i edited i think seven of them yesterday   uh today i'm going to be working on my food 
channel the food channel is going to get one or   two videos a week right now that's all i can do i 
got to figure out a rhythm i got to figure out how   to do these things quicker uh to get more content 
out to you guys but man i really love doing it   i love sharing some of these 
recipes with you guys and   you can eat restaurant quality food go to 
restaurant quality recipes uh on youtube and   you can find it uh and thanks so much the the 
website is gonna be rqrecipes.comrecipes.com still working on that that website is not up 
yet but it will be up soon thanks so much for   being here today guys i really appreciate each 
and every one of you and i'll see you real soon if i can find the end button which i just did bye

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