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Rushing up to get to a red light-weight faster just wastes strength.

Honking does not make targeted traffic go away.

Does not matter how fancy your automobile is, it is not well worth incredibly considerably if they near the street.

One of the worst ways to get to exactly where you’re likely is to always drive in the swiftest shifting lane and prevent any toll roads. The flow of targeted visitors isn’t constantly likely wherever you want to go.

Adhering to a further automobile will eventually get you dropped.

If you don’t stop to refuel, you are likely to get stranded.

Giving an individual a prospect, or the right of way, and allowing them into targeted visitors doesn’t definitely gradual you down that a lot.

In our lifestyle, we give way much too several assets to automobiles and their effectiveness and not adequate to pedestrians and the opportunities that they have earned.

The map is not the territory, but a map is a superior detail to have.

Acceleration is overrated. Persistence, good directions and a reliable car almost always beat horsepower.

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