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now that you know some email marketing basics all you need is the perfect tool to create your first campaign i'm emily this is neda and we're going to introduce you to the email marketing app inside the business plus and online store packages of godaddy's website builder back in the day in order to design a professional looking email you had to know how to code lucky for us we live in the day and age of apps and with the godaddy email marketing app all we have to do is choose a template use the drag and drop composer and then design your email and what's even better is all of our designs are mobile friendly and if you don't think that's important then check this out over 60 of all emails are opened and read on mobile devices if your email never makes it to an inbox or just ends up in a spam folder it really doesn't matter how sparkly or mobile friendly it was in the first place effective email marketing needs excellent deliverability which is dependent on your email provider that's why it's really important to choose an email marketing provider like godaddy who has trusted established relationships with internet service providers and only uses the best authentication tools and no one stays up until two in the morning drafting this kick-ass email just to shoot it off into the ether not even know if it rated a click through or even made it to the recipient right if you're taking the time to create these email marketing campaigns you're going to want to know how they're performing the godaddy email marketing app provides tracking and reporting so you know how many people are opening engaging with or sharing your emails dying to start email marketing but you only have like a handful of subscribers use the godaddy website builder signup form on your home page or even on your facebook page and you'll rack them up and all the emails that you send through us include an unsubscribe link to keep you off the spam blacklist will also help keep your subscriber list clean by automatically removing unsubscribes bad addresses and duplicates and all this email marketing goodness is seamlessly integrated into our business plus and online store website builder packages we also include the email marketing app with our managed wordpress solution but if you don't have any of these you can also buy email marketing as a standalone product i'm neda this is emily and we'll catch you later

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