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you know business listings are an important marketing tool for small businesses but there's a whole lot of them out there and it can be really time consuming entering your information into just one of them plus if you need to make an update you have to do them all one by one which is a huge pain in the booty that's why we have a solution which streamlines business listing creation and maintenance i'm emily this is neda and we're going to introduce you to godaddy business listings using godaddy business listings is a three-step process identify the type of business you are complete your business profile and then publish identifying the type of business you are will help us determine which business listing sites would be best for you if your business has a physical address like a restaurant or a salon you're going to select brick and mortar now if you don't have a physical address like a food truck or a dog walker you're going to select local service area both of those options include listings on all the major sites so google bing yelp foursquare tripadvisor and city search additional sites will vary based on your business type next you'll complete your business profile and you'll be supplying all of your core information here so your name your website your location phone number hours of operation and your business description yeah you're not actually limited to the basics here either you can include menus or price lists or payments and delivery options once your profile is complete you'll publish and if it's the first time you will go through a verification process verification protects your business and our partners from sharing unauthorized information and once your verification is complete we share that information with our partner sites some of our partner sites can publish these local listings really quickly in just a few days but others can take up to eight weeks but if you ever want to check the progress on it you just have to hit up your business listing stash once your business listings are up it is absolutely critical that you keep the information current accurate and exactly the same across the internet outdated and inaccurate information is bad news for small business owners like yourself one last thing you don't need a website to take advantage of godaddy business listings in fact it's a great solution for a business that maybe doesn't have a website but wants an online presence i'm emily and i'm nada we'll catch you later

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