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it's hard for brands to truly act like human beings but that's what they're being required of in this post-pandemic stage [Music] right now in the in the post pandemic air for for marketers and brands we're in a hyper stage of of two-way conversations with the time now spent with consumers in social channels uh they don't want to just hear brand messages they want to interact talk comment share people want brands to be like people they wanted to have this human soul-like connection and i think brands and and marketers are a little confused because we're used to having our tailored messaging there needs to be some deep dive strategy done for brands to understand for social managers like what's inbounds what's on brand and what's off any great company needs to know their selves before they can really move forward and communicate about themselves but i think it comes down to talking to customers if you can uncover those gyms i think you can get really good self-awareness for who you are authentically as a company and who you could be aspirationally without putting together marketing campaigns or messaging that is a stretch for who you are that is that is not believable to the public i always like to begin with strategy any sort of strategy or brand building can be scaled based on opportunity based on budget if i was a small business i i would sit down and i would get all my stakeholders employees investors in a room and i would get aligned on what our mission is what our values are how are we serving our customers but once you know your organization has kind of alignment on on on what you're doing tactics and the creative and the promotions that you're you're doing just starts to like flow what you did a year ago marketing wise um is probably not going to work you know a year later today so all strategies and demographics way you serve customers has changed and it will continue to change and so relying back on what you did a year ago and two years ago three years ago will not work and now is the best time to really dive in deep and try to understand um some things and take a look at your business differently uh right now as you move forward

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