The Best Way to Get Started With Short Form Video (Reels, TikTok, Shorts)

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If you've had a tough time getting started with 
short-form videos namely TikTok or Reels or Shorts   which are now on YouYube. You're in the right 
place because I'm going to help get you going. Hey, welcome to my channel, If we're just now 
getting acquainted, my name is Jen Lehner.   I'm a digital marketing strategist and a system 
strategist and I help people grow their businesses   by using digital tools and team building and 
outsourcing the smart way and creating smart   systems in their business. So, today we're going 
to talk about creating short-form video and why   it's really a smart move to add short-form 
video into your content creation.

But if   you're anything like I was you're just like oh 
you know no matter how much of an enthusiast you   are about all this stuff like you also 
might be a digital marketing strategist   or a social media manager or something and 
you know what to tell other people to do but   for you yourself you're just not quite sure where 
to get started. That was my story. And so like   so many things that I tackle for the first time 
what I do is I look an industry similar to mine,   so they might be a coach or an author or a course 
creator you know something like that consultant   and then I look to see how they're doing it 
and then that gives me ideas. So number one,   go ahead and scope out go to TikTok and look for 
people who you already know of. Okay so let's say   you are a course creator then you're gonna go and 
look at course creators that you already know of   that are popular.

So maybe that is Amy Porterfield 
okay and you go and look and see what Amy   Porterfield is doing on TikTok. Actually I think 
she got moving a little bit later on TikTok but   she's there and she's definitely doing Instagram 
Reel. So take a look at what other people are   doing. See what resonates with you. Do you like 
it? Can you see yourself doing that or does it   make you cringe? If it makes you cringe and you're 
just like I don't want to do.

If you don't want to   do a dance on TikTok or if you don't want to do 
a funny skit or you don't want to do a lip-sync,   "My dear sweet child that's what I do. It's 
what I live for." That's okay you do what is   comfortable for you the next step is once 
you have found content that you like that   you think you could adopt to your category or 
your service, your business then you're gonna   make that format work for you.

So let me show you 
what I mean. Okay, so first thing you want to do   is just search TikTok for people who are in your 
niche or you know similar to your niche and start   looking. So I'm going to type in Amy Landino. 
She's sort of a productivity kind of person   and there she is and I can see she has a 
lot of TikToks and she's getting really   good response on her TikToks. So and you know 
what this is a good time for me to point out   she doesn't have that many followers okay. 
It's not an insane amount of followers   she has less than 6,000 followers but if you look 
at each video on average, she's getting thousands   of views on each of these little videos and that's 
not nothing.

Now I'm going to look up Elise Darma. And she's an Instagram expert and I can see 
that she's also got tons of TikToks. So one   of the first things you want to do before you 
create a TikTok and to get inspiration is to go   into that person's account really watch and study 
their videos and you want to think about creating   a video that is about your business 
that sort of introduces yourself   and because TikTok is based on trends 
the beauty is that you're encouraged to   copy someone else's TikTok to a degree, the 
structure of it, using the same sound. So let   me give you an example. So here's one that 
Elise did that is a really popular trend.   So now what I did was I saved that to my 
favorites and the way that I did that was I   clicked on the video. You click the three dots 
and then click Add to Favorites. Of course, I   already have it in my favorites. So it says remove 
from Favorites but that's where it would be. Then   the next thing I want to show you is we're going 
to go over to my account which is a baby account   we're just growing it right now but again like 
I was clueless and I had to jump in somewhere.

pexels photo 3758104

So basically, it's just like the one 
Elise did. I just inserted my own content.   Here's another one that Elise did and lots of 
people did actually this is another popular   trend.
nope nope nope nope nope So nothing earth-shattering but very doable 
and so and not intimidating and so a look at   another one that Elise did recently and 
I thought, "Hey, I could do that too."   I have one thing to say you better work [ __ ] Okay so basically what you do is   you click the music down at the bottom 
and you click 'Use this sound'. Okay. Hello and then you just press record 
so it goes something like this.   "I have one thing to say, you better work. Okay super silly and I did do this but I did 
it a little bit more produce. I'll show you   the one that I did today actually. Here it is. 
I have one thing to say, you better work [ __ ] Okay super silly but super doable and really just 
a very easy sort of non-threatening way to get   your toes wet in TikTok and in Reels. Once you get 
going which is the hardest part you'll gain some   momentum and it will get easier and easier and 
here's the great thing.

You're going to feel kind   of dumb in the beginning and it's okay because the 
beauty of social media with all these platforms is   that you don't really have any followers yet. So 
as you're starting not many people are seeing what   you're doing not usually, okay, you might get 
lucky and your first video goes viral it does   happen but that's a good thing then you couldn't 
look too stupid right but for the most part you're   just gonna kind of maybe you know make yourself 
cringe a little better as you do it but not a lot   of people are going to see it by the time you 
start building an audience you'll be getting   better and better. Understand this isn't about 
doing something just because everybody's doing   it. It's about doing it because it is mind-blowing 
how fast people are growing really large audiences   on these channels and because for example Facebook 
and Instagram want Reels to take off so badly.   They want to capture that TikTok audience.

are really rewarding you with views from people   who are your ideal clients. So what that means is 
when you put a piece of content out there, they're   going to show it to people who don't already 
follow you and that's true for TikTok as well   they're gonna put it out who they think needs to 
see it not just your followers and that's how you   can build an audience really really quickly of the 
kind of people who you want to be connecting with.   So my next strategy and this is not going to be 
new to you but it really is a way of making this   doable and even kind of fun and that is you want 
to batch record these short-form videos.

Okay so   like today I did one TikTok with my jacket off and 
then I threw my jacket on and I did a couple more   and I changed the background. So I had this for 
one TikTok and then I had that brick wall behind   me for another one and then I sat at my desk for 
another one and so I mean not that you even need   to do that. You could just do them all in the 
same shirt, same background. But I like to do   that and when I batch record my YouTube videos 
as well.

So those are just a few strategies that   I hope will help you get started with short-form 
video and I would love to see some of the stuff   that you're putting out there just put a link. 
Feel free to put a link to your TikTok or your   Reel or your short-form video, your Shorts video 
for YouTube down below. So I can have a look,   and if you want more tips like these let me know 
and if you like these kind of videos make sure and   hit the Subscribe button and the bell and all 
the things so that you get notifications and   you never miss one of these trainings like 
and subscribe as they say see you next time

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