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the best email software for marketers
are you looking for the best email software for marketers well you're in
the right place in this video I'm going to show you the best email software for
marketers and on top of that I'm going to show you how you can get it for one
dollar and we're starting right now hey everyone J.R. Fisher here if you're
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there's a lot of people making money online and the only difference in them
in you is having access to the tools and knowing what to do I really believe that
you should have access to the very top tools out there that are gonna help you
be successful so that's why in this video I'm gonna share with you what I
think is the number one email software for marketers in the world now have you
used any type of email software before if so put in the comments the results
you got and put in the comments below what you think of this video do you like
it do you not like it give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down but give me some
feedback now when I got started in 2009 I knew nothing about email marketing
I remember getting an email provider called Constant Contact I didn't know
what to do with it I didn't know what to say I would spend all day long trying to
figure out an email and I'd send it out and
zero results in no sales I mean seriously it was beyond frustrating now
let's look at this email provider software that I'm going to show you
right now and you can get it for only one dollar while most email providers do
one single thing part four there's a whole bunch of
things for you now you may ask yourself why is this so important why would I
need all these other things because at some point you're gonna need all of
these other software's and all these are built into Kartra so you won't have
to go out and buy them at a later date that also helps you because if you buy
all these software separately you're gonna have to integrate them with your
email provider and sometimes that works sometimes it doesn't
not to mention the fact that you've got to log in to all these different sites
to make one campaign work properly okay so I just mentioned it and if you missed
it the name of the software is called Kartra for now you've probably never heard
of it because it hasn't been around that long but it is by far the best email
software that there is in the market now the first thing it does is opt-ins now
what's an opt-in an opt-in is where somebody can give you their name and
email and actually get on the list and it allows you to build these opt-in
boxes so that you can grab some of these emails now on top of that it does what's
called tagging so once they've actually opted into your offer maybe it's a free
download maybe it's a webinar whatever it is it actually will tell them and
what that tag does is it identifies that person that they're interested in that
particular thing so that way you know in the future you can email them for the
next stage and the next stage is sequences and guess what Kartra
those sequences to a sequence is a series of emails that's going to go out
to this individual based on the tag that they have now the cool thing about the
sequences let's say you're selling a course that you have in your sequences
and there's a series of four or five emails that go out over a period of a
few days now at any stage if somebody actually buys that course Kartra has the
ability to stop the emails so you don't keep sending emails to somebody
already bought your offer in Kartra they call that a dynamic automation and it
allows you to do that there's a lot of email providers out there that don't do
that so somebody who buys your offer is gonna continue to get emails about the
same subject now why is that bad well it's bad first off because they think
well I bought this do you not know that I bought it and secondly if they keep
getting a lot of emails from you they could unsubscribe and that's gonna cost
you subscribers so you want this dynamic automation on all of your email
sequences the next thing Karcher does is sales pages now to sell a product online
you're gonna need a sales page it's not not a matter of just a web page and
people click and go to those areas what you're gonna need is an actual sales
page that sells that one item you can build those directly in Kartra on top
of that once they buy a product from you Kartra also has the ability to do
upsells and down cells now what's an upsell an upsell is a product that you
offer them after they've already purchased the original product and they
don't want to have to put the credit card in again so actually what this
upsell will do is it actually just adds that product to their initial order so
let's say they bought a product for $29 and they're happy they bought it the
next page they go to it says hey you may also be interested in this particular
product and that product may be $99 or $199 and the one company that's been
really good about that is Amazon but what Amazon does is show all those
products right below the initial product in Kartra you can actually build an
additional sales page that sells that next item to them now if they don't buy
that next item which is actually an upsell what it also allows them to do is
to go to another page that is a down sell so let's say you sell a $29 product
and your upsell is a hundred and forty-nine dollars and they say no I
don't want this they click no they're not interested it actually takes into a
down cell that says well maybe you'll want
$79 product and it can be an entirely different product and what that allows
you to do is to offer them more products and increase the value of your customer
now the reason this is so very important is if you can increase the value of that
customer you can now afford to pay more for that lead if you're running ads and
you know a lead was only worth $20 you can only afford to spend X number of
dollars to get that lead however if that lead becomes worth $200 you can pay a
lot more for that leading grow your list faster and get a whole lot more sales
the next thing that Karcher does is memberships memberships are awesome now
I didn't initially think I even needed memberships and that's probably what's
gonna run through your brain when I tell you about all these wonderful things
that Karcher does because initially you don't realize you need these and your
business will just grow initially I was just selling survival food why would I
ever need a membership and on down the road I actually started teaching people
how to sell online and started coming out with courses and in those courses
had to be hosted somewhere and I can host them in the membership area
something else we use the membership area for is training for our employees
so we can do a series of videos in there that teaches them how to do different
stages of their job and we can monitor whether or not they watch those videos
how far they watch those videos so we know if they're actually taking the
training so that's a pretty cool thing so don't just think of it is you selling
courses or memberships to courses think of it also internally that you can use
this membership portal to train your actual employees on down the road and as
you grow you'll have the ability to do so
now this is the part I really like Cara also has what's called a help desk now
what this is is with any page that you have or category you can add a help desk
to it and what is that that's a little sidebar where somebody can type in a
question with their email and they can ask you a question so you
can help them out now what happens from there is Kartra will actually send you
an email and says you have a new support ticket
here's the ticket click here to go and answer it you can then go into Kartra
see what question they had to ask and answer it in addition to that in the
help desk you can set up templates so if somebody is constantly asking about
expiration dates on a food or if they're constantly asking about a particular
piece of software you have you can actually click on that template and send
it to them automatically so you don't have to type out that email every single
time helpdesk or awesome and I don't know if any other company that actually
includes those with an email provider but Kartra does now additionally once
you put your products into Kartra they also have an affiliate marketplace and
what that means is if you've got some products that are selling in there you
can offer it to the affiliates the other people in Kartra they can see your offer
and you can pay them a commission and they can then email out your offer to
all of their list or run ads to your offer and then you just pick up
additional business which is awesome and you could do this with any or all of the
products that you have in Kartra if there's certain products that you don't
want the affiliate instead of access to if you just don't give them access but
if there's others that you want them to then you do the next thing they do is
credit card processing now you have to have a credit card processing provider
but all you have to do is integrate it whether it's stripe or PayPal or you can integrate it with car truck and run all the credit cards
through there in addition to that you know you have to pay for the SSL thing
when your site you don't have to in Kartra that's totally included so
you're secure processing your SSL that extra certificate you normally have to
pay for yearly you don't have to in card four it's automatically included in the
monthly price the next thing you can do is
page design that's right you can actually design all these web pages
writing Kartra now if you think you're not good at designing things and
that's just not your skill they've got hundreds of templates you can pick from
from sales pages to webinar pages to video pages whatever you want it's all
included right inside Kartra now I've got to admit there may be things in
Kartra right now that you just don't need but I will tell you this with their
pricing it's so low I would definitely still go for it because the items that
you don't need now you may need later on and when you're growing your business if
you have to constantly move to different platforms back and forth and upload your
names and all that it takes a lot of time and it's a lot of effort and then
you're gonna have to rebuild all of this in another platform so what I would tell
you up front is start with Kartra even though you don't use a hundred
percent of what's there in many cases it's a lot cheaper than the other
providers that don't give you one tenth of the amount of software that Karcher
does now if you're serious about growing your business and you want to stop your
business on a really solid foundation I totally recommend card four and with the
length that I'm gonna provide to you below you can actually try it out for $1
all you have to do is click on that link and it's gonna take you to a page you
don't have to opt-in you have to give them a credit card or anything watch the
video there watch all the things that it does and check it out because I know
what's gonna work for your business it works for my business it's an awesome
piece of software let's take a look at Kartra sales page right now so you
can kind of see what it does some email marketing to memberships page building
to automated photos no matter what you do you'll have everything you need to
bring your product or service to market with contra
meet contra pages the all-new all-in-one app that empowers you to create gorgeous
looking web pages start from scratch I'll choose one of our high converting
templates it's simple to use and it's going to transform the way you present
yourself to the world and when you're ready to do more collect and send emails
with the industry's easiest to use communication tool Kartra email with
integrated workflows you can capture leads tag prospects and communicate with
your list effortlessly it's never been this easy to create and manage the list
and Karcher integrations helps you work faster by combining third-party apps
with contras powerful marketing tools for pre-built follows automation and
marketing AI there's Kartra campaigns the industry's most powerful and easy to
use all-in-one marketing machine there's
really no automation or funnel you can't build with campaigns and with Karcher
video you can host videos that use culturist dynamic integrated marketing
features such as lead tagging and a video options and on-screen call to
actions video hosting has never been this powerful and don't forget about analytics contra
has advanced tools to help track what customers and leads are doing across all
your car traps when you're ready to share your knowledge with the world use
contra memberships to host your product with customizable pages drip content and
multiple access levels plus with Karcher help desk you can offer world-class
customer support through Kartra robust ticketing system all while having
full access to the users history and all the Kartra wraps are seamlessly integrated
with each other they're also integrated with contra marketplace where you can
search for even more done-for-you campaigns that help you work faster by
eliminating many of your time-consuming tasks you can get all these tools with a
Kartra subscription along with hundreds of tutorials to help you learn
everything you need to know to create edit and publish
no matter your skill level with car truck you can easily take your product
or service to the world start your trial today click now to get started now have
you tried email marketing before you tried to send out emails you tried to
make some money you know how do you feel like Kartra could help you now that I've
told you about it and shown you some of the things I want to see what you've got
to say please put your comments below so I can see what's going through your mind
and the issues and problems that you're having now you know you're gonna need
these automations and heck you don't want to be writing emails every single
day you want to have it all automated and with this software does it for you
it's crazy 24 hours a day seven days a week
your emails are going out and generating cash for you let technology work for you
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