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What's up guys Jason Wardrop here, and I'm with my good friend Joe, Joe is out of Florida. You're in, Florida right now right? Oh, yeah Over here in snow, Utah, and he's just you know out there. He's probably gonna Go tanning later hit the beach and have some fun time so today. We are gonna This is gonna be awesome guys Joe's got a ton of experience in the real estate marketing lead generation industry Which have him talked to that here in a little bit But one thing that we've been talking a lot about over the last several months and a lot of agents that I talked with Where you struggle is really that follow up process right like anyone could go through generate a lead And whether it's truly a Zillow Facebook whatever it is whatever price, you're paying That's great.

That's cool. But then once that lead comes in like how are you actually falling up with that? It's not like you give them a phone Call email text get an appointment scheduler Facebook message like there's so many ways to go through and connect and contact that person And so we want to dissect What we've seen that's been working recently what you can try in your business and all that stuff so that's just kind of quick little intro guys and With that said Joe give us a little background on you How you got in the real estate space and what you're currently doing right now Cool well listen. Thanks for having me on the show guys Jason's a genius so make sure you're watching him every single night He puts out a new video.

I'm constantly stealing from one. He just doesn't know it anyway good But nevertheless yeah, my name is Joe Gillette II I'm a third generation real estate investor last agent. I'm an agent now My grandfather was an agent back in like the 54 sixties my dad worked in that agency whole life and then Yeah, I love mark mean. I really could care less about it real estate, but real estate was like the world I knew about and so I'm actually in 2016 I started an agency and put the from zero to 80 clients and in 2017 and Now we're on track to close over a billion dollars in real estate in 2018 and most of that is due to the fact of really figuring out the back end power There's a lot of people who can generate leads There's very few people that compose leaves that's the game changer and so that's what we're talking about today Well, yeah, so anyway guys here that billion dollars in 2018 which super exciting I mean that is a that's a lot to goal But they are definitely on pace to to make that happen so they're doing some really cool stuff out in Florida And I know you're working with agents all across the country though right.

Thank you mine. Yep Yep, so anyway guys this this model if you're kind of like well. I'm not you talking out in Florida I don't know. This is really gonna work for me. It's the same thing across the country same thing, Canada We've done stuff in Europe. It's across the board People are people so you got to go through interact behave with them the same exact way no matter. What country what language You're in whatever you're doing right so Anyway, so find out a dollar for every time an agent Anthony will this work in my area like I would already have a billion Dollars myself you don't I'm playing I'm not waiting yet.

I'm with you man So true so anyway Joe. Do you want just like kind of walk us through? The lead comes in they go through they type in their name phone email on to a landing page or something like that What's kind of like that next process give us like the seven-day layout and then kind of share with us what you're doing right now That you've seen this been working well And then I'll share some different things that we're doing I bet you a lot of stuff is overlapping But anyway just kind of like break down that whole strategy of how people can skate going with the follow up Yeah, so I mean full disclosure I would say a lot of What we're doing because I'm changes were making in 2018 aren't even Dialed in to the point where we needed to be this good like I'm gonna share with you what we're doing but Right now just to share like our numbers and by the way this really helped station with people I think when they understand the expectations that was the big problem that started for me in 2017 let me just share that real quick yeah 13 We're doing we're getting all these great leads some agents are doing great some agents are doing terrible like what the world So we go ahead and we figure out okay? There's something going on in the back so we hire an outside company that way we had consistency and have them follow up on the lease well when they followed up on the leads we spent $600 and we closed $60,000 in GTA well That's another time fan sprint.

I mean you know I know Facebook master. Maybe I am but that's a pretty good ROI You know I'm saying yes, so it's like. I'm not really a master of Facebook coming Facebook me Facebook's easy part. Um, but nevertheless So we realized like okay? It's not the lead like all the agents were giving up there like journeys that give you your cramps that a little black alright Cuz I'm gonna look like there's really no such thing as a bad lead real estate agents. I turn it off now Sorry days, and I ruined yourself, but they're all going to say oh, yeah well Yeah If it's not the right name or contact information sure that's a bad leak the Russia now care enough about real estate To fill out their information accurately like that's not a bad leak crash nevertheless But here's the thing so this is what's kind of exciting so Looking at that and I'm thinking well What if we could do some cool liz bang stuff like what if I had that that silver bullet? Jason driver I could just solve this once and for all and never have a problem again I thought what if I use messenger box like I on the back end got them talking and Did all this stuff so that we conserve our? 5% of our leads to appointments no, let me go study as of today right now in the last month our conversion rate is 2% event – So back at the end of last year though I'm a 5% have you ever taken just so I'm not doing a soliloquy here have you ever thought about like what percentage at least so I actually need to close from the leaves that are coming in your Have you ever talked to agent to look at that man? Not really, don't I mean I know those numbers Just because like I get into the analytics marketing and all that stuff But most age like they actually actually shot a video on this the other day where I feel like a lot of times People are successful where there's some real estate or anything else because they don't give themselves enough a chance to be successful We're like if you go through, and you know you only close 10% of phone calls that you're making But you only make five phone calls you didn't even give yourself a chance to get one deal you know so like I think Yeah, that's where a lot of this plays into of just like knowing your numbers and knowing like okay You're gonna generate a hundred leads how many of those 100? Are you gonna actually close, but no those hundred how many phone calls? Do you need to make to actually make me go and then at that point? Honestly, it's easy It's almost like cheating when you know your numbers because it's like Okay in order to get one close deal.

I need to generate X amount of leads make this many phone calls send Maybe this many texts or Facebook messages, and if I just do X I'll get one deal and then if I want to get two deals. I just double it three Dale's triple It same type of thing I don't even understand like who invited me on this program today. No no That's it right like and that's the problem when you really and I did this I did this for nine months with 85 and didn't realize just how good everything was like I kept questioning myself, and I'm like Okay, I just convert behind percent then within 5% would be awesome But here's what happened I ran the numbers so that was you know probably average three dollars Li But I ran the numbers at five dollars a week we choosed our high side and it's like I'm dollars Ali we spent five hundred dollars to get a hundred leads how many of those do we actually have to convert and Usually we're in areas half a million above I like to focus in higher price why not? And so here's what I found I was killing myself to get to five percent And if I met in one-tenth of that in other words one half of one percent Killing the game like my ROI is like ten to twenty times Whatever, I'm spending on Facebook is I'm getting them closings in the first 90 to 120 days not even including all of the leads that Come later, and all of the closings that come later is revocable, so yes the first thing I really want to push like look at your numbers, but I think a lot of times The poverty mindset comes in where you're like afraid to spend the money on and you're like oh no You know how much I want you're thinking man You know somebody told a story on Facebook, and they got a listing for 1 million dollars And only spent $30 on that and you're thinking hmm, man $30 I could spend $300 and have 10 million dollars listed, and it's like no only that's not how it works Let's get a true every to what it should cost you testing clothes They have million dollars in real estate that way you're thinking about it right before you even get out the gate And I was doing that wrong and so I just like to encourage over here to start with knowing Like what's the reason number? let's think it out of real estate if you go to a mortgage broker right now and say what would they have a metric called cost per finance transaction across her finance week TEFL And so if they spent in between a thousand and two thousand dollars to close a mortgage leap right That's a two hundred thousand and above That's good.

Okay. That's good Well same thing for us like if you could spend a thousand dollars to get a five thousand dollar commission like I mean better than Warren Buffett does right So so that's the thing so I just want you to start there like really much for those numbers that you're seeing yeah It's true people do closed transactions for thirty bucks people do closed transactions for a hundred bucks But I would say it's probably is a little bit easier about 100 to 200 thousand dollar range However like what's the real metric is it five hundred dollars per transaction is it three hundred dollars for? Transaction and just understand the number and work the averages like Jason said and you'll feel so much better And I'm talking with this tone you notice. I have a little bit of tone there was this say exactly cuz I feel like such an idiot that I missed it like I Messes up a time last year. I was already at the place where I could flow the billion dollars my mind Just wasn't bright.

Well how much it would cost me and how to work that matter so I just wanted to start there I didn't may have three question. Yes, sorry. No you're good. Man. I think that was good to get out of the way we'll Get all the way and also just say it because actually it was coming to my mind before we even jumped with this call of Like gosh. We should probably hit like the numbers of knowing your numbers and knowing what you need to do because Honestly all this other stuff is just mumbo jumbo until you actually know those numbers so anyway if you're not going to spend, but I'm gonna do a thousand dollars a month on Facebook like I Mean you can close one in a hundred three people out there that brag they closed in a hundred I mean I don't But I'm focused on half a million and above right yes so for us It's we're between eleven hundred and two thousand dollars for every million dollars closed, which means enzymes are I mean, I'm sure Jason confessed yet, but you know I'm happy with this no I Be amazing that'd be amazing.

I'd be totally fine with that as well Yeah, I mean guys and if it is time-honored so and by the way that's in the first 90 days right you've got the rest of the year to Nurture the rest of those leads right we're going to talk about how we do that in order to turn that I talked to somebody That earlier today. They were at about 14% of their leaves to convert over the course of a year well He got a hundred leaves and let's say those leaves constitute More than they are let's say the cost you have thousand dollars instead of five hundred dollars right and it's like you could get 100 leaves and 14 of them close, I don't care what your price point and your numbers are gonna be fantastic, right? Yeah Yeah No, that's killer. Yeah, and so um But let's let's hit let's roll into kind of like the fall across like one first thing that I would stress and it's funny because I get this I get this question from time to time in our Facebook group and People were like I generated lead.

I'm so excited. What should I do now right like? the first thing that you should do anytime you get a lead and guys this goes to and I've Made past videos on this where there's like MIT and Harvard studies done on this where if you contact the lead within the first five minutes like the chances of that person actually one answering the phone call and – converting into a close sale I Can't remember the numbers. I'll have to go get the MIT study, but it goes up. It's right 500 times Like 500 times so like it's so key like as soon as you get that lead Go through, and that's why I like all days It's we work with we have the email and text notification or it's like hey Lee just came in here's the name phone number email address Address all this info so they can go through and follow up and contact that person right away, so That's number one, and you should have an email automated email setup, and the thing is here guys Everyone responds a little bit differently some people are more email people Some people want to jump on a phone call some people would rather text somebody people would rather Facebook message So if you can get all these things done like instantly Having an automated email going out an automated text going out you're jumping on the phone if they don't answer Leaving a voicemail and then even if you had some Way of getting the Facebook message out there to just shoot him a quick Facebook message you get in contact Like you don't know which channel if they prefer And so you want to be able to go cast a broad net like back in the day 20 years ago Right you only had pretty much phone calls, so you just jump on the phone or I mean you had an email too, but Email and phone calls, but now you got like everyone's pretty much more texting everyone's facebook Messenger all these other platforms So that is I would say the number one thing is make sure you're on all these different channels of communication and getting your message out there and trying to connect with them and And leave like with value, so it's not like you're just another realtor that You know you should there, not just be that another annoying person right you want to go through add value connect See how you can actually help them I? Agree, I hope ever since I mean to me.

I always think of five ways right you got phone text email Retargeting and messenger yes those are the primary five in theory you could set them direct mail if you had access to that information and Takes every leaf in the address isn't that right be pretty awesome. Cuz I doubt anybody's doing that we're not doing Talking about station, but for the most part. It's those by right You know we need to talk about what we do with these other sides, but ABS like within five minutes That's huge, right? We already know that that's like data proven But I didn't want to say one thing that a lot of people don't say about this Every course or thing that I'm looking at of different people's were you know leaders in the industry for real estate They always talk about following the lease and I believe that. I'm not saying you shouldn't probably, but here's what our data suggests When for example I'll just use the example of the lead that we spent $600 we closed four deals and in hence 60,000 and GCI one of those four deals came from phone calls the others came from text messenger and or and maybe some mix of your Thank You page Is huge with a node.js and your being on that Thank You page and setting the appointment off to thank you base that Surprisingly happened, so yeah Phone calls are only Responsible as a first point of contact for about 25% of the transactions I find that people are way more interested in conversing via text and messenger Immediately as opposed to phone, and then you move it from there to phone and that's opposed to an appointment, right yes But sometimes we're getting appointments directly a messenger distant conversations directly affects, but a lot of people hurt that way And I think it will continue to move that way and the real estate industry tends to be backwards of slower even though there's all The good new technologies for trying to about the mentality of the industry moves more slowly and so And I can say that I've seen it tuns my grandfather right back in the day Yeah, the Pennock in the matter is if people are moving away from home We all know that if you got a call from a number you that know the only reason mr..

Lister's real-estate agent You're answering it that you're hoping. It's somebody want even list or house. Yeah exactly Yeah, cuz if it's me. I don't answer any number. I don't know even sometimes I'll forget that I set up an appointment with somebody across the country that I forgot am I oh wait crap I actually had a meeting with that person so yeah, I'm with you man, so Brings up a really big point okay. I'm sorry to interrupt you that voicemail you mentioned is important because if you're gonna call They're they're not they're not going to answer right or if they do congratulations right you're probably working with a baby boomer I'd be a little bit easier close and some of these weird Millennials But nevertheless that voicemail and This is one Thing that I think we should talk about like just in that first well first of all to me and Dave let's talk about this First in that first initial thing if it's text messenger email Maybe even retargeting a little bit, but primarily those three my first thing is like kind of a hook It's kind of like a really it's like just putting someone out there to see if they'll respond the people who aren't responding They're not they're not ready to move forward quickly and you're in most cases They become the long take people respond quickly that first initial conversation testing Testing you know it's like two boxers when they jab to see how how the other guy moves You know to see what's going on inside of that exchange Yeah same thing bitch you want to put some out there so the one that I use a lot in days and I love to be sure you're Like a messenger or tax a lot of times.

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I'll put out any thanks for reaching out about this house Are you looking for a home for yourself or for a friend? We it gives them that out where they can say a friend and then still converse Yeah, it really adds around like if your hasn't in how many bedrooms and what size like They didn't talk to their friends. That said they wanted a three thousand five hundred and forty two square foot house You know I'm saying yeah But you play along with it. That's a hey, what's the number? I can reach out to your friend. You know Sorry going to do know I like that I mean we don't do that right now We kind of jump jump into like the whole Bed Bath & Beyond ya Know we just jump into that stuff and but I like that I'm just kind of giving them that out because Yeah, people people these days are just you know they definitely got their guard up and so You got to be careful with that so I like that so Kind of just going back to like what you were saying so if we look at this guy's and if you've been on one of my trains in the past you kind of know the strategy that I use where you got the landing page you well first you got your facebook ad They click on the Facebook ad they go to the landing page and then after they put in their name phone email on that landing page They'll hit a thank you page as Joe was talking about then on there you're gonna Have you like your phone number right there? Or it's like hey call or text me at This number for any other questions cuz like they're gonna call or text you right away That's a pretty hot lead or kind of like you're saying right here Give them a little bit of an out but a way that it still pushes them forward of saying hey Or you can set up a call with me and so like we use calendly It's appointment scheduling app that you can go through and set which days of the week that you're available and what times the days that you're available the cool thing is is a hundred percent free and It syncs with your Google Calendar Outlook calendar your account like any one of your calendars that you use And then it just all happens on autopilot So leave clicks on the Facebook ad ops and landing page clicks on that go schedule the appointment and then it syncs with your Calendar sings with their calendar and it notifies both of you guys before the appointment actually happens So that you don't get that tip Cole like oh? I forgot about the appointment or whatever the excuse is because they didn't show up right so Anyway, then never happened Jason.

How have you even a queue? They have ever have any I don't know what you're talking they happen to be once it happened once so I just remember you know No, so anyway guys So that's kind of what we're talking about and like the nice thing about technology and automation these days Is you can have all this stuff happening simultaneously? Of like the you know as soon as a Optima any page having the email going out having the text message going out You're getting notified that the lead came in so you can see that data So you can call them as soon as you can get to it We're having your assistant call them, and then they go to the landing page they can go through set up that appointment with you Right, and then if they don't do that initially you can send out an email the next day You can sound a text the next day You can send like over the next seven days or so I think Joe I think was you maybe who told me this, but I think there's like an agent in Florida.

Yeah, is it like three times Different San Diego San Diego, okay, so he falls up three times a days was it Three calls three texts and three emails every day so nine touches for seven days yeah Yeah, but he only gets 16 leaves a month and he closes eight of them so that it everybody's like Everybody's like yeah, but won't they be ticked off and it's like no you know what happens when you do that They call back and they say I'm so sorry I kept missing your call, and it's so hilarious something like they're calling like Maine code And you're like hey snow promise you know I'm a-gettin that's right. That's right No So I mean like and that goes to think to the point of like you know If you're kind of scared of that like Oh am I gonna be annoying or whatever Yeah, you possibly could but it's like if your numbers are gonna go from like one out of twenty closings to eight out of sixteen fifty percent of the deals or close or local leads I Mean is it worth it to you on that part You know I mean like that those numbers right there speak to it of like and the thing is like you're saying people respects persistence and they play respects Like that you're going out and doing your job And they if they see that you're as persistent with getting in touch with them like if they're needing to sell a home They're gonna want to hire you – because it's like man This guy like he's on or this girl is on top of things like gets things done.

You know so Anyway, I just remember that example still I was like man. That's not such a part of the work. I mean I don't know how deep we're going here today obviously we can't do a four-hour long. Yeah. We'll we'll wrap up here well Let's go another five or so minutes But yeah any other things like a voicemail then because there's another big point and this is there was one thing I could leave Everybody with that would probably just radically change your follow-up and your back end It would be this Pregnant pause Make an offer make an offer like People still don't care if they're a second third time home buyer.

They still don't understand How real estate agents work for the most part? They don't really care either they keep to them. You're just a professional door opener You're not you provide a lot more value than that But that's what they say I tell you rest of the world illicit agents and so when we talk about I'm looking at my notes here because I want to to share a couple of things and I actually I had this recognition in that same agent who? Does that as this great offer when he leaves a voicemail? Yes, he leaves the entire offer on the voicemail breaking another rule pretty much anything.

You've been told to do like do the opposite Like know about of them to make a guess out of them way more than you should You know don't leave a long voice. They'll leave a really long voicemail Okay, so get yours yours yours this thing, and I'm stealing this one guy named Alex rocky But he says it'll be like hey. Thanks so much you know For reaching out you know so what is he calling on this new home like are you looking for how big alone? I've got so many questions for you.

I can't wait to help you out you know Our last client that we hope that we were able to give them a house really really quickly is house of their dreams are so Excited I wanted to share with you. What makes us different the way that we've worked so the first thing I want to share with you mystery from this is all the voice up. There's the three promises First of all I promise you that if we work together I'm gonna be on time every single tonight. If I'm not on time to any meeting that I met with you I will pay you a thousand dollars number two in second promise. I'm gonna do what I say I'm going to do every time if you ever call me on it, and I fail to do what I said I'm gonna do again.

I'm gonna give you $1,000 promise number. Three is I'm gonna be brutally brutally honest with you I don't want to like pander to you and tell you things that aren't true. If I'm not rude early on rescue again I know you $1,000 because of that is my promise to you, but not only that there's three things.

I'm going to do for you Jason's like holy cow this is a long voice no No, it's not I'm going to consult with you. Help you make a wise decision about real estate All right number two the other thing. I'm going to do is. I'm going to negotiate for you I'm going to treat your money like it's my money, and I hope that's okay with you so I want That you're not getting raked over the coals number three I'm going to handle all the details for you, so there's a lot of details on a real estate transaction There's actually over three hundred and eighty-one details in every real estate transaction on average But the bottom line is I'm going to get the job done for you.

Oh And one last thing there's three performance guarantees. I'd like to give you promise number one I guarantee I'll save you ten thousand dollars off of any house you purchase or I'm going to write you a check for $1,000 I guarantee that my experience I don't care what you bought in the past a car a skateboard a house Your experience with me will be the best you ever had and it's not a closing I'll pay you $1,000 and lastly I guarantee you that as my newest client. You can cancel at any time I'm that certain that you love my service, and if you can cancel at any time There's no cross beam whatsoever Is that a good deal now real quick if you could just reach out to me if I don't hear from you in three hours I'll give you a call back.

I'm gonna go look for a couple other houses that may meet the same criteria I'm looking forward to talking to you soon. Thanks so much That's awesome, man That's great father It's not mine right I gave it three three for the rule to use the point isn't that offer some of your like well What if I'm in a market that I can't say them seminars, okay? Find another way to save with $5,000 and guarantee that find a coupon book that pays an 5,000 No
They won't furniture purchases or whatever you need to do right to make that stuff happen Or find a different promise that you're willing to make that would be valuable to them now you've made an offer It's crazy, but it's like in real estate We forget to make an offer when our whole job is making offers Right we remember to make the offer when it's been great the contractor But we never make the offer to the buyer or seller a realistic offer Provide some guarantees provide some huge value with Jason said at the beginning of his call provide value That is a value right yeah Love it man.

I love it Okay, we're cool guys. Well. Hopefully hopefully everyone got something out of today's today's a little call right here as far as like the follow up I Can't stress enough guys know your numbers Just get it get it done. If it takes some time if you want if you want to like cheat and ask me What the numbers are like I've worked with a lot of agents Joe's work with a lot of agents We kind of know a little bit of what the numbers are right, so You guys can reach out to us comment down below on the video as well And I as you guys know I respond to every single one of the comments to make sure you guys are getting your questions answered but Yeah, so anyway guys if you guys enjoyed this video today.

Go ahead give it a thumbs up We'll probably you know if you guys like it We'll have Joe back on because I think Joe adds and brings a lot of value Not only on the follow ups know whatever do yeah? That's right So give a thumbs up for Joe comment down below Let us know what you guys thought and if this you guys first time on the channel makes you guys hit that subscribe button Because I launched a new video every single day on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business Thanks so much guys, and we'll see you all tomorrow.

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