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hey guys this is Matt Tebb here and I'm
a part of the Digital Marketing School I thought I'd quickly share a little bit
about my story. Before I joined the Digital Marketing School
I was working as a zoo professional, I'd worked in management in
animal collections for about 15 years working with large predators, lots of
people, hundreds of thousands of people every single year and
although I did love my job it was grueling it was taxing it was tiring
and after 15 years of working 60 70 hours a week,
holidays, weekends, I worked every single Christmas day for 15 years
I got to a point where I was tired unhappy in my life and I really wanted
to to move on and create something but I
had really no idea about where I was going to go and I
created a vision for my life and that the vision was to break free of the
the constructs of the job you know whatever was holding me back and
whatever was making me unhappy and build a business.

I'd always been
interested in writing and looking at what I could do
but I wasn't quite sure about which pathway I was going to take in my life
after working in one industry for so long it was really difficult to figure
out what I wanted to do that's when I found the Digital
Marketing School I was actually introduced by a friend who knew about my journey and what I was doing and what I wanted and he said
mate I've got the perfect ,the perfect program for you. So
he introduced me to some of the team of the Digital Marketing School
and I started investigating and realizing that the skill set that I
could learn in the Digital Marketing School
would be the answer to a lot of these things that I had on in my mind, and
you know so that's when I decided to really build my vision and that vision
was to get free of my job to really break
free from that build a skill, build a business and help
people and in doing so I was going to be able
to allow myself to live the type of life that I knew I deserved and the type of life that I actually wanted to live so I signed up for the Digital Marketing School and you know
things changed pretty quickly.

I began to learn some really
valuable skills and I decided that it wasn't just a skill set that I was
learning I was learning how to be a business owner and more importantly
how to help other business owners there are people out there
that need marketing. Marketing is an essential skill.
Every single business whether they're big or small requires
marketing, whether they have an in-house marketing team or they hire an agency
everyone needs marketing and this is where my eyes started to really open
because I realized that I could learn a high-value skill that could not only
mean that I can fulfill some of my desires in helping people
but I could also build an amazing career and have the type of life that I wanted
through the income that I could earn running a business based on digital
marketing so I signed up to be a part of The
Digital Marketing School and I became a sponge
there is hundred, literally hundreds of lessons,
live calls every single week, there's a team of amazing
marketers on call to basically answer all your questions whenever you need
them like this school is incredible.

pexels photo 3194521

you know I've got a university degree and I've learned more in this than I
have in my university degree after four years so
what I'm telling you is the content and what you have available to you in the
Digital Marketing School is incredible. So I became a sponge I
started learning, asking questions, getting heavily
involved in the Facebook group but what's most important is I was taking
what I was learning and actually putting it into action
straight away so I didn't wait for six months to finish the course
and then all of a sudden you know I'm a trained digital marketer.

I can start
running my business I actually started within a couple of
weeks of committing to learning the Digital
Marketing School Certification and within that time within about two,
three months of me getting involved I'd already had my first three paying
clients these paying clients were paying me
almost as much money as I was earning per month in my job
so within three months of doing the certification I'd almost replaced my
entire income and it got me to a point where i
realized there's something amazing in what I'm doing so
I really threw myself into it and now I have an opportunity to
to work with clients all over the world and that's fired me up because in a
a couple of months I've gone from being in a job absolutely stressed
struggling with my finances to now replacing my income already
getting clients from not just here in Australia but from overseas
building clients, regularly you know the the systems that you learn in this this
school, they work and you know we have all the backing there to show you how
well they work and I've been putting these into action
regularly every single week and you know clients are coming on board
and I'm still learning so this is what I absolutely love about it is
there is so much opportunity for people to be able to grow a business
while they're growing their skillset If you're considering
joining the Digital Marketing School I would highly recommend having a look at
where you are in your life now and what are some of the goals that you
want to achieve? The Digital Marketing School, provides you with an opportunity to learn a high- value high-income skill that not only changes your life but changes the life
of business owners and this is what's amazing about it is
what you learn in this school will give you an opportunity
to go beyond this and really make a significant difference in the world
while earning an amazing amount of money and that's a reality it's a business you can make great money doing marketing and if this is something that drives you and inspires you you want to own your own business you want
to make a great income and you want to help people, this school
is the best thing for you.

It's not just a
certification it's an education system that will
change your life I'm a testament to that it has changed my
life it has changed countless others and I hope it changes yours. .

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