Tendencias en marketing DIGITAL para restaurantes [+TRUCO]

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Hello how are you today I want to share a strategy that is super super effective very fast and you will be able to remove or steal even if it sounds a bit strong, customers to your competition, how does that sound? sounds good right? Let's see what it is all about well we all know that we are in an era of a technological client not one hundred percent but one thousand percent technological that does everything with the mobile phone leisure work travel planning the search for everything everything is through of the phone true in fact if we look now if you look at your phone right now the same sure you have applications that you never had before because you never had or knew they existed but now we can't live without them not with spotify whatsapp netflix uber or some delivery service or from Instagram of course the favorite social network of foodies so on the phone why do we have these applications and why people are so fanatical about using this type of application not first of all because 92 percent of people in this case is a study of Spain, but well, I imagine it was the rest of the world, it is very, very similar, it uses the Internet, it is like this, we are hooked on the Internet all day, therefore we use a tool to get to what we need, which is the mobile and what we need we find in the applications, but in addition, 85% of these people use social networks, so this is something that you have to internalize, not only as an anecdotal or good fact information is not your client is on the internet and your client is on social networks and it is precisely on instagram bar trotes that to take into account is worth it because people today are so hooked on the telephone and new technologies and you know this very well Of course it 's because it's fast, that is, if you enter the phone now for any information in any of the applications, what I just told you, well, in a couple of seconds you don't have it, it's easy, come on, you don't have to do a master's degree to understand it visually, they are very easy to understand you have to click here the buttons are clear few texts let's go very clear and it's visual so this is sly what you have here in front of your eyes is the strategy that You have to use it not only for what I am going to explain to you now, specifically to steal customers from your competition, but in your entire online marketing strategy, everything you have on the internet, whether it is web pages, social networks, has to be fast and simple.

and visual right now analyze think about it you enter all your different marketing tools and measure if you are not complying because if for example it takes time to load that is to say it is a slow website because people are going to get bored and go to your competition yes then you have a website that has too much information that you have to be looking for in one tab in another tab under it you find the information, that is, it is somewhat complicated, it is not easy for people, it is not going to be useful either, and then if it has a design, well, maybe not very pretty it's not nice it's not attractive and it's not visual because it doesn't suit us either you have to comply quickly simple and visual but well people are hooked by all these characteristics and also because visual He doesn't look at 90% of all the information that comes in, the brain is visual, 90%, imagine, that is, our brain is visual, it's used to it, and besides, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, it's worth this, it's clear that the human beings are evolving towards the simplification of tasks and every time we want the simplest things, neither more nor less and where we have to make less effort to achieve everything much faster and with the least possible effort, this is a reality.

So when in our days we enter A web page like this fulfills absolutely everything I just said, that is, it loads quickly, it is visual, it is simple, I have super fast information, then the photography is spectacular, it seems that I could touch that hamburger and eat it and feel the flavors, even excellent, super, well achieved, no here we have another web page also the photo may not be as good as the previous one but it also gives you very clear information that has new gu acamole has three different types it also tells you in a few seconds what it is about and it is perfectly understood without having to click anywhere you have to think about them and also your web page is fulfilling these premises and if your client did this right now if I went to your website I could find this so simple so visual so fast be careful that if you are not doing this you have to talk to your computer or find a new one to do it because this super important thing is worth talking about visual for example photography gastronomy, which are so important, also has to be present not only on social networks, not only on your website, but also on your trip advisor.

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I know that here we are entering dangerous terrain in a terrain that is not at all pleasant, and I am going to tell you one thing I agree with what you are thinking I agree that tripadvisor there are many false opinions I agree that even your competition may be to be giving an opinion, but it is also true that triple country is written to you by ordinary people like me, that is, for example, when I travel and find a very good place, I always put it and it is also very bad for people, well, if not you want to have a bad experience don't go no that there are also honest people there are normal and ordinary people like you who when they travel give their opinions between vacations then well as long as they vice now and of all that is a reality is that people use it people look at it and if I go to your page right now, I'll go through all that with who I meet, what photographs I'm going to see there or remember that people quickly and visually get an idea of your business behind and look, for example, at this example of today being more and football kitchen that is in london see if I like that type of product I look at it and say wow this looks spectacular it has good quality of movement a fresh product that cares about what they are doing because they also Well, I'll tell you something, a restaurant that cares or a company, it doesn't matter if the restaurant, cafeteria, hotel, is a gastronomic company that cares about its image and its communication, you are transmitting a lot of professionalism and goals, you are transmitting that you take the experience very seriously to the client that you also do not forget that each of these pieces communicate and help you position yourself in the market and then we have these photos that are from social networks that are also spectacular you notice that we have seen three examples of how simple visual marketing fast it quickly captures the attention of the brain in a very few seconds it tells us what the product is what the style of the restaurant is if it is of quality if it looks good and if it is really worth getting up from the sofa famous be with the television that we all have with netflix hd or etcetera and if it is really worth it, as I say, getting up and going to the restaurant because you also have to be very, very realistic and the trend that is We will deal with this in another masterclass The trend is that people are staying at home because they have all the comforts and a great experience and for that we are going to find a way to fight but we will see that in another masterclass well now we are going to arrive concretely after this small introduction of how visual marketing works and the marketing that is now working we are going to see how you can get customers away from your competition with a trick that I have noticed this I have not gotten out of any of them I realize it myself and I will tell you I'm going to tell you to do it and what's more, I want you to do it and tell me the results you're getting, okay, you know that 63% of people under 45 are searching on Google through images if you client under 45 years of age that you know that 63% are not looking for you in the search engine as we are here on the left hand side but that 63% are looking for you in the part of the photos, so many times what is most taken care of is the part of google maps maybe having a well-positioned page but that 37% of people are going to look for the 7 text to look for here so think right now what photographs you have there and so that your client can find you now if I want to compete and I want to take clients away from the competition.

You are going to follow this little little trick. I think it is super effective. First, you are going to decide which product you are going to compete for. I have put the hamburger here since it is so fashionable, but well, obviously everyone has your product has its star dishes and since they can be infinite well I am not going to mention the millions of dishes that can be you have to think about your market in your city in your competition and what are the products for which you are competing does not have a specialty so if you, for example, now enter google and look at your competition and see what they have with this example for the example the hamburgers that are very well positioned and all the photos come out What you're going to do is take some good pictures of your hamburger competition and upload them to google maps look how easy it is but they have to be the same product it's no use making a potpourri of cocktail dessert appetizers not just the product with which you want to compete what is going to happen that I am very sure that your competition is not doing it if you have it because maybe it uploads photos on twitter maybe it uploads photos on facebook and google is positioning it but it is not that it does this strategy directly but that I have done it because for the time it has been publishing because the clients themselves but they have not done it intentionally but you do it intentionally of the product for which you want to compete you are going to take about 20 photos and you are going to upload a couple of photos every day in your googlemaps and with the labels by which your client can search for you, for example, the best hamburgers in Madrid cores hamburgers the trendy places to eat Sit hamburgers original ios to eat hamburgers fashion sites to try to find the keywords as I say where people that people can use to find you and to search for you tag those photos you upload them as I say one or two a day for 20 days to know it could be for 30 better and you will see that in a month from now when people search in images that you already saw that 63 percent you will come out but as I say you already know this trick that nobody knows alone recognize the people who are watching this masterclass you can do it with all the products you want with all the competition they have you can't imagine that you want to compete for the best cocktails for the best desserts for the best hamburgers but start with a single product and with the keywords of that product then first choose the product then you upload it on social networks you upload it on google maps and then that's it, people are going to find you there and you're going to take it away from all 63% of people that didn't exist before but not at all in google images now they will come out first and if you are constant and do it as I am telling you with this strategy you will be number one for a long long time so come on you'll leave me counting the results a big hug

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