Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program – Worth it??

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What's up guys Jason Wardrop here and today I want to talk a little bit about Tai Lopez's social media marketing agency program and If you gotta forgive me, I'm driving up to go skiing you can probably see my skis down here Just in my car, but I thought I've got a little bit of a drive So I'll shoot this video really quick because a lot of people are asking like you know okay? Whether Tai Lopez legit is the social media marketing agency program so legit Is it like does it really cost money like to go get started you have to run ads because I mean all those questions really start to get in your Mind as you're going through and starting a new business especially when you're like brand new Because it can be hard Starting with no money, but need to see results and needed to get something quickly So you can start making money? Alright, so I just want to give you guys a quick rundown kind of like if you're skeptical give you a quick idea of how? This whole thing works here First of all just give you guys a little bit background backstory on me I started up kind of my my marketing agency a little over a year ago and In about 12 months I was able to scale from in essence 0 if you guys go back and watch this in my previous videos I break down.

I show you guys inside my stripe account. I show you guys all my numbers and 0 to well over a hundred thousand dollars per month and Actually, I'm not like I'm not doing the holes go I'm driving up to go skiing just for the Flair this is actually the first time I've been skiing and probably, I don't know I think it went twice last year and I just compared that I used to go about four or five times a week When I was like in high school college because this is like my passion right so anyway It takes it takes some good hard work and That's the big thing that I want to talk about with Tai Lopez's social media marketing agency Program or really any of the other programs for that matter Really, what makes? You successful or the next person successful is if you're willing to go through and put in the work There's so many people nowadays.

They think if they go drop Had a little mishap on the I'm going up a canyon right now so the camera flipped over when I was going around a curve anyway back to what kind of what I was saying guys and sorry the lights probably crazy cuz I'm just Going, I'm weaving in now and stuff but Back to what I was saying is think about like Tai Lopez's course people go drop the money to go get started But then a lot of times people are just entitled and they think because they drop the money They should see instant results and guys.

It's all about learned process of taking you to the next step They take you to the next level like for with me with my agency it's taken a long long time like even before like the year-and-a-half of going through and starting my agency I Was doing like a lot of this like social media marketing stuff was doing a lot of the online marketing so if you get the right format and that's the nice thing about his course is it helps you shortcut a Lot of the trial and error stuff if you're just trying to figure out all on your own because back when I was first starting Out in the whole digital marketing game. I was like okay. I don't have money.

I don't want to spend money I'm a smart kid I could go through work harder the next guy and figure out stuff all on my own and I struggled for the first several years guys I was like it was probably four or five years before I made any like real money That was worth even talking about right whereas with now I've been able to figure out that I'm willing to go through and pay a high amount of money to Shortcut the success right if I know like okay? Tai Lopez's course or someone else's course or mentorship or something like that Can help me go through and cut the learning curve from two years to six months than three months even one month I'm all about that like I'm gonna go through and do that every day of the week now and obviously It gets easier to say that once you go through and you're starting to make some money but As far as going through and in his course and stuff It's really important to be able to go through and set up your business correctly And he hits that and then another big question is well How do I acquire clients right? And so there's a lot of different strategy to go through and acquire clients a lot of the stuff that I do now Is more paid advertising just because I can get quicker quicker results like this last.

I think three days This is probably my best little sprint last three days I've made over thirty thousand dollars in the last three days by using paid advertising But as I mentioned guys. I didn't start there I started with more of the organic free traffic routes of client acquisition getting some clients getting them solid results and Anything you can do to really shortcut that whole process That's gonna be a huge game-changer for you, so anyway guys I just wanted to shoot this quick video for you, and I know there's a lot of haters of Tai Lopez And I honestly some a lot of times He annoys me.

I watch a lot of his videos because he's a smart guy. You know he says He'll reads a book a day whether he does or not He's still smart guy to me and there's still things that I feel like I've learned from And you know there's obviously the haters of like guys. He's fake He's whatever but at the same time like if you go through whatever you're gonna Do you're gonna have to put some serious work into it like whether you jump on his little crypto or social media marketing agency course Whatever one of his courses, it's gonna take work, right? Like if you think about being a doctor they go through eight to ten years of medical school before they can even go through and start practicing and You know they're reading tons of tons of books there are hours of Classes they're going through and doing all of like their the residency or whatever you call.

I'm not familiar with all the doctor stuff, but You know whereas like sometimes where we like where we struggle or where we like tell ourselves lies Is like oh? I just bought this few hundred dollar course or whatever or a thousand dollar course whatever the number is doesn't matter and you think obviously like once you hit that you got to be the expert right like and then you should be making money within a Week or two weeks and making the big money. Well. It doesn't always work that way like it can be quick you can't get two results quickly and like once I went through and found the routine the pattern that I Really needed to go through, and it's grunt scale and grow my company.

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This is a little over twelve months ago I was able to double my revenue every single month for like the next four to five months And I think with the 90 days I was doing about twenty five thousand and then a little bit later I was doing fifty thousand, and it just kept scaling up from there, so once you find that Clear path to success and you're able to focus on it You're able to see results quickly and just think guys look think about that like literally a year ago Little over you let's say, it's even 18 months ago.

Okay. I was making and I've got videos for proof I've mentioned that already But I was making less than 1500 bucks a month doing this whole like marking agency stuff and in eighteen months I'm doing like I'll probably do 150,000 is my projections this month and every single month, I'm growing by about 10% and so if you think about that if you're right now starting completely from scratch from zero and You want to go through and build a business whether it's part-time right now? Or you want to get it to full-time or just make some extra money on the side or whatever it is If you get disciplined and focus for the next Even six months or 12 months like you don't have to scale 200 grand a month like You could scale the 10 grand a month and that is a great living right there and as you go through and start to just really focus as I mentioned and put the work in I Mean just think about that in six months if you could be making extra 10 grand a month Dang that that's sweet right or in 12 months You could be making even like half of what I was doing fifty grand a month guys that is more than sorry I hit another curve there guys.

That's more than that's almost like double what the average U.s. Salary is right Think the average income in the United States like 30 grand so if you were able to go through and get up to 50 grand a month Man guys that that's killer so anyway Hopefully this was helpful if you guys have any questions or comments or anything that you want me to speak to Go ahead and leave that down in the comment section below, and I actually what I did, and I put together kind of a short cut So you know you got Tai Lopez social media marketing agency, and it's kind of broad as far as like what type of clients You're going after well.

I really found a lot of success because I was trying a lot of different niches in different industries and That honestly that was really. What was keeping me from having a lot of success because I was having like Chiropractors, Dentists, real estate agents, network marketers like all these different Industries coming to me and so every single time. I felt like how to reinvent the wheel Which was honestly a pretty big struggle it's one of the biggest You know I think the biggest points of failure for most marking a disease and so then what I did this was last August August of 2016 so I guess not last August but a year and a half and or so I Was like I'm gonna focus 100% of real estate, and that's when I was able to go through and really scale my business so What I did for you guys I've got a link actually down in the description is I created a a course of my own so anyway I walked through how I I run I get the real estate client I walk through how I run the ads for the clients to follow up I show you some organic acquisition methods how to get clients for free.

I show you how some my page strategies right now I'm getting about twelve to thirteen hundred leads every single week, and that's kind of obviously through the page strategies But I break it down and the reason why and actually Sam Evans talks about. This is getting niche-specific And that's where I found a lot of my success is getting niche specific instead of saying yes all these clients and I remember like even these big insurance agent companies Insurance companies would come to me a little bit after I made the decision to stick with real stay, and they're like hey We've got hundreds of agents. We want to like well We want you to do our advertising for us, and it was really hard to say you know But I said no, and I stuck to my course of just real estate and just recently I actually broke off into mortgage brokers because I wanted to have that Focus and that's where I've been able to really go through and scale my business and the cool thing about this guys If you think about it I personally think that real estate agent clients are the easiest ones to get because if you think about it pretty much everyone knows A real estate agent right you're either related to one you've got a friend.

That's one or you have a friend That's a friend one like everyone knows a real estate agent, and so if you think about that as far as client acquisition Super easy and then also when I moved into mortgage brokers I kind of start moving to that because one the leads that are generated for real estate agents are so closely related to Mortgage brokers. It's like if someone's looking to buy a home They're gonna need a real estate agent And they're gonna need some help getting a loan getting a mortgage so you need a loan officer, right? So I went through and I started doing that and the cool thing is is because real estate agents and mortgage brokers They network, and they work so closely together Like I was able to basically double my clients overnight because I went through and I asked my real estate agents clients I was like hey do you know a mortgage broker that would want some help with their lead generation in their marketing and all that and Like almost all over like yeah, here's I mean most of them know at least one sometimes They know even more than one which is a huge benefit to you so anyway guys I just want to leave this quick message with you So you guys can check out that course down below if you want to check that out? and then also if you if you have some other questions for me on Tai Lopez's social media marketing agency program or I'm not a member of all of his courses I can't speak to all of his courses But even on other questions about just building an agency and kind of your struggles you might be going through in the beginning Or if you're kind of like at that middle level looking to scale up So I've got some experience obviously if you're you know killing it doing a half million million a month I can't speak to that because I'm not quite there yet, but I'm looking to get there this year Just by staying focused in the whole social media marketing world Of staying into the real estate world and the mortgage world so anyway guys Hope you guys like this video leave a comment down below.

Let me know your thoughts also, if you guys want more videos like this or you want to learn more about how to build your social media marketing agency or how to run Facebook Ads lead generation for clients My goal is just launched a new video every single day on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so I walked you through a lot of what? Doing right now as well as what I did in the beginning to get started and I kind of lay out a lot of the different strategies to Help you go through and grow your business so make sure you are subscribed if you want more videos Just like that and hit the notification bell because when you hit that you guys will be notified when I launch new videos And I'm doing different little giveaways and stuff like that from time to time and so if you're notified lots of times though the giveaways and all that stuff aren't you the first people that are watching or comment even stuff like that so Anyway guys.

Thanks for watching today. Hopefully this was helpful One way or another and with that said I'm gonna head off to the ski resorts Go do some ski in here in a little bit and with that said I will see you all tomorrow. Thanks guys. See you later.

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