Storya Digital Signage Content Automation

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in digital signage personalisation is
now a top priority but most businesses are struggling to deliver dynamic
up-to-date content which has become a must have when trying to get through to
customers on top of this constantly updating signage can take up lots of
time and resources turning out to be very costly using storia by engages you
can create captivating and effective content easier and faster than ever
before the simple production process enables your team to make smart top
quality localized content in minimal time with more automation and less
approvals here's how easy it is select from a range of templates add imagery
from your library and fill in the blanks then submit the results simple the
dynamic content is then ready to publish across a range of channels or without
having to rely on expensive agencies for small changes or juggling with internal
marketing resources for brand approval giving your team the platform to deliver
quickly on content with quality messaging both efficiently and
affordably storia by engages

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