ShoWare Webinar Event Acceleration 5 2 2013

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my name is Joe Webb said I'm the vice president of sales and marketing for show where I want to welcome you to today's webinar entitled event acceleration I'll be joined today by Rob cannon who is a quality assurance analyst with show we're out of our Annapolis office today we'll be focusing on tools in show we're mainly geared towards selling more tickets and reaching new distribution channels and those channels can be as finite as an individual or as broad as the Facebook universe we call the collective set of tools and show her our event acceleration sweet and again this is a combination of distribution channels marketing tools and pricing tools we find that most venues use a few of these sales and promotional methods but our goal today is to familiarize you with more of the tools and hopefully provide some insights into how to use them why to use them and also how to measure success during today's webinar please use the question box via your gotomeeting console to ask any questions that may come to mind during the webinar we'll do our best to answer those questions today and will copy the entire group on any questions we do not have time to address during the webinar we also encourage you to discuss anything you need more info on with your salesperson your project manager or feel free to contact rob or myself directly we're all here to help today's webinar is the third and final in our series of three webinars today's webinar will be available to you our YouTube channel and you can share that with staff and others who who may be interested in the content well we'll send you a link as soon as that becomes available I also wanted to get in a quick plug for our second annual show where summit in Seattle on the nineteenth of September our 2012 summit was a big success and we know this year's summit in Seattle is going to be even better the summit provides an opportunity for you to meet and interact with the show where team as well as other show where clients from across the country we have some great activities planned please visit show calm to learn more about the 2013 summit in Seattle we thank you for participating in today's webinar series and let's go ahead and get started okay my name is Joe West said again vice president sales and marketing for show where and i'll kind of be doing a intro here at the beginning to talk a little bit about what this event acceleration suite is and then once i finish my talk and step down off of my soapbox rob will step up and take us through application specific examples of how to use some of the tools and techniques that we're going to discuss today the main theme of today's webinar is using tools within show wear and available on the web to work smarter avent acceleration is as much an attitude as it is a collective suite of tools a van acceleration is about knowing who your best patrons are engaging them but to take that and engaging but to take that further it's about knowing who your best referring patrons are and in setting them to be even better rob is going to show you how to leverage our new referral tracking URL capability to do just that event acceleration is about simple things like looking up a customer before you start to sell to them patron look up and the advancements in patient reporting can help your box office can help your call center and general staff better understand who a customer is what their value is to your organization and enable better decision-making when it comes to customer service issues and related decisions to those issues a vet acceleration is about taking an extra 30 seconds to acquire an email address at the box office window anonymous walk up sales are quick and easy but letting your patrons walk away without getting an email is throwing money away that email address that Patrian firm ation has real value and if you have that email address you stand a better chance of converting that walk up fail to or box-office patron into an online sale in the future a great way to get that email address is by simply asking if they would like an email confirmation of their order other ideas are turning off the receipt printing all together Go Green save on tickets stock get the email address and send that receipt via email confirmation once you have that email address then it's about converting that email address into a fan page like once you get that like the viral component spreads and the patrons closest friends are likely to like your age as well having as much valid and event specific data as possible allows you not only to better market to your patrons but also unable to leveraging partnerships we recently conducted a round table in greater seattle area where we got together about 14 different clients with the goal of finding synergies discussions revolves around becoming outlets for each other's venues and also sharing mailing lists and cross promotional opportunities as a hypothetical example the Washington State Fair would be interested in marketing their motor sports mayhem package to the seattle thunderbirds hockey subscribers as well as arena event that featured motorized vehicles vehicles motorized vehicle events like championship ice racing as an example once your list is developed and you understand how to access the right information it is extremely valuable you can work the Taylor special package for your patrons that have a high likelihood of purchasing those tickets and again this targeted or focused marketing and and once you understand who that patron is what their value is and what they like you can really tailor offers to them you'll see fewer bounced emails just feel a lot higher open rate and you're going to get better results and we're going to we're going to look at that a little bit further we're not going to go into a ton of detail today on how to sort data within shomer but make sure to reach out to your project manager we have questions on how to pull targeted list targeted or event related lists I just said that we'll have a much higher success rate and again you're not going to get unsubscribes you're not going to get balances if you're really targeting those offers and again that's all possible within the show we're sweet distribution channels so event affiliation is about each is about understanding each distribution channel and the unique opportunity to each presents for instance if your social media strategy and your email marketing strategy are the same you're not addressing the nuances of each channel let's talk a little bit more about sales channels outlets for me for many venues outlets have gone by the wayside outlets still present a great opportunity for sponsorships and targeted marketing the drawback everyone sees with outlets is the issue of the printer the expense of the printer however getting creative you can use printed home delivery will call delivery or mobile delivery to address printing concerns at outlets if you're using show where access control you can even print a hard ticket the you can take that template and you can print that on any printer you can use the laser printer at the outlets to print that barcode so it's really all about having that barcode on a document that can be validated our kiosks product is another great way to accelerate ticket sales and even relieve the boss office of will call lines anything any any computer with internet access can be an outlet and again it's a great way to foster cross market cross dealt with sponsorships you drive traffic to them they sell tickets for your event this isn't new but again a lot of times we see people getting hung up on the expense of the printer which is confusing and that there's so many other delivery methods that allow you to leverage that leverage that channel mobile perches as an outlet this is necessary as upwards of thirty percent of web traffic is now coming from mobile devices and we've we've seen this we validated this data and you know people are using their smartphones to purchase tickets if you're not catering to them they can get frustrated sometimes we see if it's mobile delivery if not mobile delivery if the mobile site is not enabled for your domain you'll have people go in through the regular application and try to pick seats on the seat map and it's just not optimized for them so you'll get errors in the orders and then you have to go back and do cancels or adjust seats and do things like that so mobile delivery is very specific but again with with mobile sales get created at the Marin County Fair when gate admission linings got long attendance encourage those who did not want to wait in line to purchase via mobile and they did make special considerations for your online buyers your print home users your mobile delivery users those are people that are making your life easier and using the tools that streamline the sales process streamlined the entry process and the you know you want to encourage and sent those folks the those rewards and those incentives will also encourage others who are seeing people get those rewards and incentives to use that online purchase channel to use that mobile purchase channel in the future mobile mobiles also I is just as a side note mobiles and other great opportunity to also have a safety net if your internet was down at the box office things like that because people can access buy tickets right from their mobile device and kind of gives you that secondary sales channel as an emergency backup facebook is a sales channel we delve into the facebook application on some other webinars and it's a powerful and economic tool if used right but you have to be smart with how you use it and and some ideas to that one of the things we came up with recently with the release of 24 which is releasing very very soon with our donations module what if you partnered with a local charity or cause to help them raise money combined facebook posts will show where's new donation module and create a win-win your cross promoting to that charity to your vin your cross growing that cherry to your fans and you're also going to garner a lot of new fans from that charity maybe the relationship is between the artists favorite charity and your venue the artist is way more likely to get behind promoting to their fans and again their fans become your fans sure where's new donation module will allow you to track multiple campaigns with donations in basket then creatively about using this tool and you can broaden your reach we we get into again using tools then show it creatively so we kind of get caught up in donations module can only be used by 501c3 nonprofit organizations to do fundraising but again it can be used by any organization to help you have a better relationship with your community to help you have a better relationship with an artist or even a cause that maybe your your venue or box office personnel want to get behind get aggressive about checking in at your venue in sent check-ins to dollars off of beer a free hot dog if you show that you checked in if the average Facebook user has 120 friends every time your patron checks in there also advertising to those 120 friends so maybe it's the text message before the event if you have if you pull your list and you have a text messaging service maybe it's in the pre event reminder that Rob's going to go over a little bit of detail today maybe it's a public service announcement over the PA but get those patrons to check in at your venue and again you're getting that viral marketing and it's not costing you anything they're saying hey I'm at this venue I'm seeing this artist and this is it's just a great tool as another channel and this is again looking at efficiency and maybe freeing people up to do better data gathering better data mining is the show where call center it allows you to free up box office resources to do more creative and cost effective outreach the call center is open 13 hours a day through show where hundred percent patron funded 100% live answer and the agents know where each calls coming from it's an excellent value cost nothing it can even be a profit Center the point is free up resources freeing up resources can help you have more time in the email address from that walk up patron it can have allow you to have more time for your box office to be more engaged in your social outreach or better help marketing do data mining finally as an acceleration works best when you understand results work with your project manager on setting up google analytics and the show where system work with your project manager on understanding referral tracking watch what happens in your facebook Insights when you run a check in promotion remember that event acceleration is about working smarter it's about taking time up front to get good patron data it's about using that data for self and cross promotion it's about incentive facebook users to take actions read the word and it's about finding what works through some basic analytics and then writing that success rob's now going to walk us through application specific examples to help you better understand how to use event acceleration techniques and show where Rob it's all yours okay thank you here now I believe everyone can see my screen we're looking here at the show where tradeshow site Thank You jail for that nice introduction on rob can and I'm a quality assurance analyst here for show wear and that means my job is kind of to help come up with and test the new features that we're showing you today with where I believe there's many tools that we give you to accelerate your event and kind of put the name of the performance out there to maybe some potential customers that you might not be able to reach with more conventional marketing today we'll go over the importance of setting up Facebook event encouraging social media sharing setting up enticing discount codes and promotions setting up email blast also the google search performance links and after someone's actually purchase the ticket i will explain how to set up mobile delivery and what that can do to help you out first I kind of jump around i want to show you how google this is something that Google and show our partner together to to make when someone searches for your venue to make that process a little bit more streamlined and simpler to get straight to the ticket buying process so say someone goes to google and they search for one of our venues here they put in Bull Run tickets when that actually comes up it no longer just shows the URL for the restaurant or the venue it will show the next three upcoming performances links so instead of just going to tickets at Bull Run calm and then trying to figure out what you want to see you can go directly to the Friday may surge show that's coming up tomorrow and purchase tickets there so it kind of just cuts out the middleman if you know what you want or you know you're looking for what's going on this weekend at this particular video you can go directly there from google now you don't have to kind of click five or six times before you can get to the actual purchase tickets part so in the back end of show where there are many things that help actually market your performance for you I've created this event right here called event acceleration webinar which is what we're we are participating in right now and there are a couple things that are actually used with event and performance that I've set up in the back end of show where so first of all when you're creating an event there's a possibility of creating a facebook event automatically let me walk you through that process here you go to the back end of show where and you actually click on the events and then if you are in your performances you click on manage of the actual performance that you're trying to edit and now you'll notice we have these great editing tabs here and most of the things that we're talking about the day will be on the marketing tab now the marketing tab will show you if you've already set it up the different sites that have facebook event associated with this actual performance I'm going to show you how to set up one from scratch right now if I go to performances and I i'm going to copy the performance that I've already created I am creating this called event acceleration webinar I'll do the first one copying performances is definitely something that I would suggest doing if you are creating something similar to what you've you've created in the past it's going to change a couple dates around so I don't confuse myself later then when you get to the actual finishing up process of the performance will ask you whether or not you would like to make this performance a facebook event you could then make sure this is checked and this page right here or this part of the page right here will show you all of the different Facebook pages that you are an admin user on so i would like to add this to the show where a trade show page if you have never logged into facebook on the back end of show where before there will be a log into Facebook button here in in place of this and then I just click on that really quickly and log into Facebook and then this page will appear when you hit complete performance show where does all the work for you and automatically create a facebook event in facebook on the page that you are an admin user for so if I go to Facebook here and I go to the trade show show a trade show page I can see that a new event was just created the event acceleration webinar this is the one that I just recently did and the difference between Facebook events and the actual Facebook ticketing SEL selling system that we have or that the events people can join in by clicking this button right here and that lets all their friends know that they're going to this event but then they personally can invite their own friends so say you are someone like me and you have upwards of one valve and Facebook friends you can literally go and select the people you think that would be interested in this event and that's free marketing for you and it gets gets the word out to as many people as possible without really you having to do anything and without really you having to add any steps to your performance creating process so now now that I've created that someone's already liked but I'm going this event hopefully they know that this is not a real event but who knows but what's also interesting about this event is that automatically the description here on the facebook event gives the user links to the buy now on the facebook app and a link to the actual ticket page on your venue's website so if i click on this by now on facebook i get taken directly to the facebook app for the show or trade show site so if you have the facebook app installed on your show where system that will automatically be generated with the facebook events they can click buy tickets and then right here on facebook they can purchase tickets to the event acceleration webinar if not they can also go to the event actual link for your page and actually buy tickets right here directly on the website so that's something that that automatically is done if you'd like so if you're in the back end of your site and you check that please add a facebook event with this performance that will automatically be set up for you now let's say you want to go back and edit this performance change the picture or change the day at a time anything like that that will automatically be updated in facebook um one thing I would suggest to do is that if you want an image to show up in facebook you have to have on the performance level the image one selected here these notice that on facebook i had this image show up here that correlates with image one in the performance settings here ok some other things that i wanted to talk about were the social sharing links that can show up on your facebook page so someone's scrolling through facebook and they have not purchased tickets yet but they're interested in events acceleration that event they can go here to the event landing page and you'll see these three buttons up here the twitter button the Google+ button and the Facebook button here looks like I've already liked this event but I can be like it if I want or I can go here to Google+ and recommend it as myself or I can tweet that I'm interested in this actual event and that will go out to all of my Twitter followers if I signed in there and everyone will know about this event and it will include in a link for people to click here and possibly purchase tickets now this is before the ticket purchasing process though maybe they're trying to generate some interest in going to this event so they're not sure if they want to go but if their friends are interested in going they'll definitely purchase tickets that's something that could definitely happen and something that I do I let people know hey I thinking about going this thing on saturday who else is interested I put it on Facebook and then if I get the right amount of feedback I'll definitely purchase some tickets to that now the way to set those up I is also in the back end of show where if you go to your system configuration then the public site settings in the system general if you scroll down all the way to right here where it says social network share button you'll want to make sure that these this enables share buttons text box is checked I would actually have this checked by default i mean i would i would do this no matter what it doesn't really have much of a down side to having those buttons on your events so that stuff I something you'd want to have checked on your venue and that comes with the show where system next I want to talk about different ways that you can encourage people to buy tickets so if they are interested in buying tickets but they're not sure about the actual ticket price or whether they want to put them at a map that much money there's a couple ways as you can kind of entice them into buying tickets so let's say I want to buy tickets for this event acceleration webinar I click on get tickets but then I see that it's five dollars but I also see that if I've been provided a password or coupon code I can enter it here to unlock special pricing and if you're like me and you ever see anything that says oh you're special you get special treatment I would say yes to actually purchasing that so say you have an advertisement or some sort of radio advertisement that actually if whoever listens to it or sees this advertisement you can include a promo code that will give them I don't know five percent off ten percent off that's up to you from the actual regular price so in show where when you're actually setting up the event you can go to the pricing section here under manage for the performance here with our new pricing tab you'll click on change for general admission you'll notice that I've enabled to codes here the regular price and the special price but on the front in the special price is not being displayed because i have set up a promo code or password for that particular discount code so if i were to enter the word promo on the front end or on the website of your venue i will unlock that special pricing so if i go here to this page and i type in promo I now can see the four dollar unlocked price and I feel like wow I'm a special person I will definitely buy a ticket so I'm going to put one of those tickets in my basket and that leads me to the next thing we're talking about if you see here in my basket I have this nice purple call out here that lets me know that there's something else I might be interested in if I'm if this webinar looks good to me it might be great with the side of good gravy I don't know what good gravy is but I'm interested enough to click on it so I'll click on good gravy and that shows me and another event that's going on at this venue this is usually they're a little bit more tied together than a webinar and a good gravy show but I thought that was kind of a good play on words so maybe I will actually buy tickets to this ten dollar show as well as tickets to the webinar that I'm interested in so the way that we can step that up we go to the back end that's also on the marketing tab of the performance settings and the marketing tab you'll scroll down past the Facebook settings and you look at this suggested item in basket button right here that allows you to set up all the different marketing tab or the actual call outs here that you see in your basket this webinar would be great with side of good gravy so let's see here psych out this now have three performances actually I want the first one I believe it's this one yep now on the marketing tab here and I'm looking at the suggested item in basket and it shows me that I've set up the wording this webinar would go great with a side of and then the actual link text would be good gravy with an exclamation point that will will determine what words go here but then when you actually want to determine what performance and gets linked to you can just start typing so start typing geo and it will determine I will show me all of the different performances that have the letters geo and then so I want to i want this link to point to this event or performance good gravy and then you can definitely select the background color if you want it to pop on your page so you have a black page you want to make sure that you have a light colored call out background and it's as simple as that once you hit save that shows up in the basket whenever someone puts tickets in their basket and it gives them a nice link straight to that other performance so they can add tickets to that if they'd like to I mean of course is nothing required but it definitely gives them an option for other things to buy from your venue so when you when i clicked on this good gravy link i noticed there are three things displaying at the bottom of the good gravy event page these are related events so if you are into good gravy you haven't even put anything in your basket it can also show you some events that you might be interested in purchasing so here we've selected black file in we've selected bela fleck and the flecktones we've selected Louis black so these are three things that will take us directly to that page just just off of the possibility that if you like a gravy you might also like these so you may have a bunch of shows or performances that are kind of linked together and if you'd like to if you think your customers would buy multiple shows the same I would definitely suggest using the related event on the back end the way to set up these related events would be to actually go to the event settings in the back end click Edit here and you'll see the Edit event content areas button when you click on that that allows you when you scroll down to select related events to the actual event that you're setting up so the webinar event that i have here if i go to the home page i believe that i have set it up to show the slightly stoopid if the alt J in the Marin County Fair as my three related events and as you can see here on the back end I've selected that from the drop downs here but I could easily change those around to anything if one of these shows happen yesterday it would automatically drop off and I could go in the back end and put something new and that was show up there then so that's just something else that will get people from from moving around on your site and maybe broaden their thoughts to what you actually have to offer on your venue let's see what else we can talk about some other things I had to set up the day or show you how to set up today would be the email blast now this is for people that have already purchased tickets to your event but let's say that they are buying a they've already bought a ticket if you go to the event and then the performance is you want to manage or go to the settings for the performances right back to that marketing tab on skin you will notice that there is an email reminder tab here where you can set up an email message this message will go out to everyone that has bought tickets I will say this is from Rob Rob at schiller net and this message could basically be anything it could be telling people to remind them to park in the back of the venue or remind them that there's no food or drink allowed from the outside of the venue but it also could be a way to let people know that their friends still have time to purchase tickets they say we have just released 100 tickets to tonight's show ! and then in the message you can tell them we have just released 100 tickets to tonight's show make sure you let your friends know that they are available at trade show that's aware com and that will actually go directly to anyone who was already purchased tickets they say that you are just trying to make a lot of Oh get re-rub you know this is something this is one of those things where you can get really creative with what you do and you know you can you know put multiple bulleted points or actions you would like that patron to take when they when they get to the venue so we talked about the check-in campaign so you know this is where you can send out and this is going out you know just before the event or the night before the events or you know whatever you set that criteria to be Rob's going to show us that but you know check in and show the show any concession stand that you checked in and get X and again you know that's again get that viral marketing component going you know you could also put a promo code in here for those 100 tickets that says hey we just released this is you know a private offer for those of you who have already purchased tickets use this promo code and bring a friend and so you can really do almost anything you want in this in this area so again be creative and you know have that event acceleration state of mind sorry no that's absolutely right you could actually even say you know the first 100 people that show up wearing a t-shirt of the band get free drink or something going on tonight but something that makes it a little bit easier if you're just setting these up kind of rapidly you can put these tokens in here so if you say we have just released 100 tickets to instead of just saying to tonight's show and making that very vague you can actually put the performance name here in here so you can say like for its name right here at the top is very excited to have everyone and it will be personalized to whichever event or performance that you're actually setting up but one thing Joe touched on is that you can time this to go out at a very specific time so say that your show is May fourth at 2pm you could say make sure this goes out exactly one day before the show starts so now the actual date of delivery of this email will be made third 2013 at two p.m.

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Then you get save and whoever is bought tickets one day before the show will actually get this email thing we're excited for everyone to come and we have a hundred tickets for the show and they'll be available at trade show that show were calm and they'll call their friends will call their neighbors though call up everyone and say oh I hope everyone who come to the show with me I just got this great email letting me know that there are still some tickets available so that's that's definitely something else that you can use as a marketing tool for your particular show one thing that's actually I do want to show you a couple things after people have purchased tickets that can be used as a marketing tool so if you are going through and you buy tickets to this event acceleration webinar definitely going to use my full dollar tickets that I unlocked by two of those i already put one of my basket so i have three now and i check out i login i'm going to select mobile delivery or something we'll talk about later and I'll hit continue once I've selected my address I apparently have many addresses I will pay with special gift cards that i have and hit yes and place my order and now I'm presented with this page here that lets me know that I have completed the purchase and I have my order number but there's something else if I actually share this with my friend I share my purchase my friend I I get five friends to purchase using my link I'll get a free VIP experience package and that that definitely makes my ears perk up and I'm saying what what's that mean so I can tell my friends by using the social sharing buttons below which is a tweet button where they share on Facebook button or I can message them directly by using this link provided here what this is is our referral program so if someone buys a ticket and then they tweeted on Twitter actually I don't want to login to twitter but I Phi treat if I share it on Facebook I could actually say right here that i just bought tickets use my link to purchase your own tickets and I may get a VIP experience so whoever sees my post on Facebook will say well I kind of want to go to that event acceleration webinar also i'm going to purchase ticket but just because they used my link you'll be able to track in the back end of show where that my link which was the reason that or five or more people chose to purchase tickets to this event and that link is posted with facebook it's posted with twitter or they could actually just copy this link right here and i don't know email their offer their co-workers or a friend's directly or I am them or however they can get that event to someone else they can actually click on that event anywhere or click on this link anywhere and be right as someone that clicked on my referral link now the way to kind of see on show where who is clicking on these referral links is through our reporting system if you go to reporting and then marketing and sales you'll see this patron referral report here I will download this report I will generate a CSV and download file once that opens I will set that up alright and bring that over here so here you'll see the CSV file that shows all the people that have referral points or people that have clicked on referral links i actually bought some tickets earlier this morning and i have three people that have used mihrab as use my links to actually purchase tickets so I just buying one ticket I believe Val saw my link and purchase six tickets herself and I bought a ticket are the same ticket the same link Paul decided he saw my link and he purchased five tickets and drew he saw my link he clicked on it and he purchased two tickets so I would be basically the reason my 13 tickets were purchased because I had one order so you could then say you didn't reward me with the VIP experience that you've posted on your your message now the way to actually set up the message is like going into show where system configuration and then system messages you'll see here there is a check out finished area where you can edit the message and here you can determine exactly what someone is going to get so you can say if three hunderd us a lot but you can say maybe if 12 tickets are purchased because of your referral link we will give you a venue t-shirt or something like that then you could say we will we will mail it to you make sure that you will email you with your results make sure that you respond with your address things like that but basically you can you can make this whatever you want but if someone uses those are referral links that's free marketing for you they're putting that link out there and people are people are purchasing from that link but they're actually wanting to put that link out there because they might get something in return so the referral links are definitely something that I would would have turned on and I would definitely use them with some sort of reward program especially if it's as simple as someone clicking on the Facebook share button or the tweet button that automatically puts their link out there and sends it to basically all of their friends so you might have noticed that when I purchase these tickets I selected mobile delivery as my delivery option mobile delivery is something new which they aware that if you purchase tickets online with your mobile device you can actually send them directly to your mobile phone or you actually don't have to purchase them what your mobile device but if you purchase them online with mobile delivery selected as your delivery option instead of getting a hard ticket or a printed home ticket or we'll call you could actually send it directly to your phone and it will show up in an email like this and then you bring your phone to the venue and they'll be able to scan it just like a ticket but what's great about this say you've bought two tickets you can actually send one of the tickets to someone else in your party say that you guys are meeting at the gate and you didn't have enough time to give him the ticket before or her the ticket you can email that tickets to their mobile phone smartphone and they will be able to show this this image here which can be scanned and allow them to enter into the into the video i believe joe mentioned in his introduction that more and more venues are using this now to cut down on lines and to cut down on just any reason why someone might be weary of purchasing online or purchasing at the door and not sure if they can get the actual ticket if you can just say if you put if you have a phone because everyone who has smartphone usually keeps it in their pocket you will be able to get into the venue so I'm usually a little bit worried about leaving my tickets at home but if I know it will always be on my phone and it will be accepted at the door that's another reason why I would not hesitate to purchase tickets um let me go back see if there's anything else we need to talk about but I believe I've covered just about everything we've talked about the facebook event which are quick and easy to set up via share via show where they get automatically set up on Facebook and they have automatic updates if you change the picture or the event information I've talked about the different sharing buttons that show up at the top of events you can stand as you like this event whether or not you've purchased a ticket there the different types of ways of setting up discount codes send out an email blast to everyone that's purchased a ticket and Google now automatically will show your next three shows if you're set up through show where when people search for your venue and the quick and easy way of setting up mobile delivery so that you need nothing but your phone when you show up to the venue so that is basically the event acceleration webinar I have I am I I tend to think of show where itself the software as an event acceleration sweet it has everything you need to get the word out there to your customers and actually to your customers friends we have any questions or aunt there are questions that so I have Joe yeah certainly one one point back to that email reminder again powerful tool to use for sponsors as well so driving traffic to a particular restaurant or something prior to the event or maybe driving traffic to a bar post event or a dessert house or something post-event are both really great opportunities for that email reminder campaign as well um a couple of questions Rob and we'll just kind of take these as they come how do you get events on Google if you have show where and you have your act if someone's actually searches for you on google it's an automatic process it's not something that you have to set up the best way I would say for someone to search for you is to include the word tickets in the Google search so like I say they're looking for let's say that your venue is called red light tickets or red light shows they would they would actually search for a red light tickets and that will show their next three performances okay great let's see you next question when you set it up as a facebook event can you send additional messages to people that join yes actually in that facebook tab of the marketing tab there is a section in show where that says send a message out to everyone in the event that will be posted as the actual you'll be posted as the the admin of the page the facebook page that you posted the event on and it will be broadcast to everyone there I mean you can also manually post a message there but right in facebook you can send out a facebook message to everyone going basically save the same things that you might say in an email but it'll be quicker and and direct you could say hey I hope everyone's having a good time or hope everyone's excited about the show coming up remember to wear your band t-shirt if you want a free drink things like that great and then finally my system doesn't have these features are their costs to upgrade and you know upgrade I believe the the version that Rob took us on a tour of today was version 23 grand version 23 there is no cost to do a general upgrade within show where there can be additional costs for certain modules and you would just discuss that with your PM or salesperson your project manager or sales person to get more information on that but most of the functionality Rob showed you today is is just part of that basic 23 release and just requires again getting in touch with your project manager and scheduling an upgrade to take advantage of those one thing we wanted to do real quick was show you our website and we encourage you to visit the website to find out more information about the show we're summit and there's a little micro site setup that will give you much detail about things to do in seattle where we'll be staying and again that's going to be just an outstanding a few days in seattle we have a blog as part of our show where page now and we encourage you to read that i mentioned the Pacific Northwest round table but there's a little more detail their box office best practices and we would also invite you as customers to if you have something you're passionate about and would like to have us consider posting a blog we would certainly encourage you to submit something to us you can submit an idea and we would also co-develop something with you if that was of interest to you and then finally we wanted to click on our youtube channel and just show you how to get to these webinars if you want to go back and review anything this is where we post them when we're done and you can see we have several webinars there from the past and again if you would want to go and review anything with your team this is where it'll be we'll have this webinar posted up there probably some point tomorrow for you once we get done with edits we want to thank you for attending today's web our and we will be in touch thank you

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