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west and the vice president sales and marketing for show where I wanted to welcome you to today's webinar on our soon to be released donations module I've been bored board president for a 501c3 nonprofit for the last eight years My organization children's musical theater which depends on many different channels of giving to keep our heads above water not surprisingly i use show where ticketing platform for my organization and i'm extremely excited about the new functionality being released in the coming weeks the ability to manage multiple campaigns via individual funds the ability to prompt donations in basket and the ability to have donations in the basket with tickets are all features will review today I know that grants have become scarce and many grants that fund my organization are matching funds grants so driving truck driving and tracking donations and maximizing every interaction is paramount in today's fundraising environment Pete Marchione II director of sales for the Southeast region and bow ringa project manager for our Annapolis office will take you through today's webinar on donations following the webinar Tara Delaney who's our product manager will be available to help us answer any questions that come up during today's webinar and during the webinar please use the question box via your gotomeeting console to ask any questions that may come up during the webinar we'll do our best to answer those questions today and if we do run out of time will certainly summarize those questions again sent out to the group today's webinar is second in a series of three webinars and will continue next week on februari 28 with a look at some ways to drive online sales using show where if increasing online sales is important to your organization we look forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas with you next Thursday at 28 please visit show where calm to register for that webinar I also wanted to get in a quick plug for our second annual show where summit in Seattle on sep tember 19-hour 2012 summit was a big success and we know this year's summit and see I will be even better we hope you can join us sep tember 19th so it will provide you an opportunity to meet and interact with the show where team as well as others show where clients from across the country we hope you visit show where calm and look at the summit and really consider getting some budget allocated to attend again last year's summit was extremely valuable and we had great feedback from it thanks again for being here for today's webinar and I'm going to go ahead and hand things off to Pete and valve to take you through donations thank you Joe and hello everyone we certainly appreciate your time today to take a look at show where's new improved donation capability in many cases this is the lifeblood of an organization for sure and and I'm going to give a brief introduction to donations and then bowel take you you know step by step through the new features of the show where donation module what will cover donations and giving statistics and hope hopefully you'll see these as compelling statistics and will then get into some helpful resources that we've collected that you can take a look at to either confirm the types of things that you're doing or just come up with some new ideas we're going to talk about what an optimized donation shall wear module should be software module and then we're going to get into a marketing approach both the marketing approach in campaigns and the donation software go hand in hand and then valves going to get into the product demonstration and talk a little bit about that in this joe said we'll have a Q&A after that it's surprising to me that so few people realize how large charities have become in the United States if you took it take a look at this number two hundred ninety eight billion dollars in 2011 was the total giving over that year and that was an increase from four percent over the previous year which was a bad economic year here in the United States but the area that we're most concerned with of course is giving in the arts area and this segment of charities has gone four percent over the previous year and it's actually four percent of the total market which you'll see in a minute I've always known that in the United States individuals give most to charities and you can see this number is extremely high seventy-three percent of that 298 billion dollar number or two hundred and seventeen billion given by individuals what I was a little surprised about was the corporate giving accounts which account for about five percent and I thought that was kind of a little lightweight and a little bit on the low end so again the piece that we're looking at here is the arts and culture a piece of this total pie they're four percent again and that's the area that you need to address with marketing campaigns and of course the show where show where's donations software to get your piece of that of that pie online giving and research roundup Pettit came up with some some really good statistics we in the United States or a very generous group of folks and from the year 2010-2011 number of online gifts across the charitable sectors rose by twenty percent and this is all online revenue which grew nineteen percent so everything that we're doing these days is directed to online for sure the average gift size on social media networks increased ninety percent just in the first quarter of two thousand and twelve verse the previous year which was q1 2011 so all across the board social media touches our life every day as does all the online functionality so as I said the United States we folks are very generous and folks that get online or even more generous and that's due maybe to some of the income levels and discretion in its discretionary income that's available to them people in the high tech fields perhaps but certainly there's an imp 0 nature of online giving when I get on to Amazon for example I'll likely by a lot more books than I would in person in a barnes & noble store paying cash so and also the credit card effect the credit card effect isn't really money right it's all just plastic and we tend to give a little bit more with credit cards and kind of worry about it later so online donuts for sure give significantly more than offline donors do and and one of the reasons is it's a very very convenient to to give online and that's certainly the reason that that I do another stat that's not up here is that sixty-five percent of donors whether they're going to give offline or online actually research the organizations that they're going to donate to online so they were already there so you can you know try to capture them as well this actually this chart came from theater communications group which many of you may be familiar with and I'm showing this because it's kind of a young environment here eight years ago only six percent of the folks had online donation capability for folks still as of today seven percent are not donating or not accepting donations online which is kind of interesting but we'd like to concentrate on that one two three years forty four percent that's kind of young enough where we can make some recommendations with regard to marketing and and have some interactions on the so on the show where software to to improve it specifically for this group and of course with touch that for the seven-year group as well these are some of the resources that that I looked at for this presentation and we can get these names to you you may be feeling that some of them Charity Navigator had a ton of statistics that were really compelling and very very good online giving research had a great white paper they're part of the West Virginia University and they had some interesting stats probably most of you on the call are pretty familiar with theater communications group they do a lot in our industry and there's a great PDF download with all sorts of pie charts and graphs and everything that you want to know about our business broken down into little pieces Steve wolf if you know that name he started arts management planning and research about 23 years ago out of Connecticut he does a great job and you'll see a lot of his folks his associates giving presentations at the likes of in ticks and you know just showing all the different statistics associated with our business last one gene gene carb has produced a lot of books he's with patron technology at in New York City and he's done a great job with books on you know how to create a website for the Arts and and also email marketing for the arts are really good books and you should look into that what makes a great donation software package there is hundreds of software packages out there for donations from very large I'm sure most of you know blackbaud and razors edge and so forth and over the years in my various discussions I've always heard that you know it's very expensive even just the training part it's very expensive with with the likes of a blackboard and I'm not knocking him at all they're they're a premier but folks only use a small portion of it so so we're centered on the small to medium budget type 501 C clients that we have and to me that's somewhere around 500,000 on the low end all the way up to perhaps two million dollars or more and and what do people look for in an optimized donation software package well first is it's got to be easy to use it's got to be seamless in terms of working with the ticketing package and as joe said earlier have a multi basket where you can actually donate in the same basket that you're putting at your performance and then event ticketing in as well as some other things perhaps and we have some features that bow may show you that takes you right through the processing sensitively gives you a way to donate at the end of that checkout process also reports you need a good array of reports a nice report library which we do have and you need some ad hoc tools to kind of refine the data that you're looking at and we have the patron value report that does that very very nicely overall a cost effective system that provides value is what you're looking for as well and what we're providing and something that differentiates us a little bit from some of the other folks especially the manual homegrown type systems we continually enhance all of our products and donations is part of our core product system and you'll see from from Val all the changes that we've made and value added to it so that's to us what what makes a really good package and we're always open to feedback as well online marketing results once you do get online if you're not already you'll see some tremendous improvements email marketing conversion rates very high ten percent email to donor conversions Facebook the same thing five point five percent of facebook traffic is donating that's a huge amount and you know we have the Facebook product on our software now and very much the same concept if I have a number of friends on my social media network and and I tell them I'm donating to a certain cause or something or a certain theater group there they're very likely to follow me and donate as well so so all of that is some of the results that you'll see very positively on online marketing the last piece that I'd like to talk about and I apologize if you're doing a lot of these things you probably are in some fashion or not but basically some of the key points that you need to consider as you're getting online and doing your contribution marketing and donation marketing is the place a call to action and that could be simply you know please donate now with the reason for the immediacy of what you're looking for this is the reason that I need to donation now a very sensitive but it gets right out in front of you social media of course Facebook Twitter gets information out to thousands of folks instantly and people are going to be reading all about your need for donations and the reasons why and so forth email still works the very best that's been proven in some of the statistics that we've reviewed and especially are related to telemarketing email works best so if you have a lot of different list either email list or hard lists get them all up on show where and then you can target your you know past donors your current donors you can upsell to them and maybe come up with some new target marketing type areas some new demographics that you might want to target with some emails and again that works the best keep your sponsors and partners very close to you if you have a theater you obviously have a lot of restaurants around around the theater and they're very interested in your patrons coming for a snack before the theater dinner afterwards or both and and certainly there in terms of the restaurants are very interested in helping you out they'll donate themselves Plus distribute any kind of information that that you're interested in to their customers as well this came as a little bit of a surprise to me as well as kind of great creative short maybe a 30-second organic video meaning you know a homegrown video that's personal obviously to your organization and speaks to your particular donors but the interesting thing is that an organic or homegrown video on YouTube actually does much better than you know a high-powered production chop type video that's very costly bloggers pick it up in you know they get the buzz and the excitement going for you very very quickly two more points seek out all the public relations you can get through your board members perhaps and newspapers magazines for sure and a lot of this you can do digitally you can send out digital messages to update your sponsors who would pick it up in some of their advertising and some of those letters and so forth so that gets out to to the folks and and this one is kind of very important and I think now it's going to touch on some of the functionality that we have that address this integrate donation opportunities into the online ticket purchasing process and and what we mean by that is as somebody's purchasing you know you're giving them subtle or not so subtle but very sensitive I trustworthy messages about the buying process and why they should donate so hopefully at the end of the process they're buying a number of tickets and they're also contributing as well so with that said I'm going to turn it over to Val and she'll get into the nuts and bolts of the actual software thank you very much for joining us this afternoon or this morning this case may be my name is dimension is Valerie I am a here at the Annapolis office I originally worked working for one of the clients doing that doing the same thing doing all of this performance setup and that sort of thing as well as the marketing for that company so when I came over to show where I definitely came with a marketing mentality so a lot of this demonstration you'll see me highlighting how to market donations and how to integrate that with the marketing you are already doing with your with your events in your performances we're going to start off today I'm going to show you our red carpet premiere we haven't shown this to anybody yet this is actually what you're looking at right now is our development website it is everybody can see it right yep okay are this is where the developers work this isn't on anyone elses development site yet because this software isn't even going to be released until the end of the quarter and about on the monsters here but we're really really excited about what we have coming for donations we are i'm going to show you front and first what the client will see and then we'll look at the back end and work through some of the marketing and reports that you can hold to give you some background on our mentality going into building this donation software as P pensions we want to keep it simple people who are inclined to make donations are less and less than blind if it becomes difficult so our goal is to make it as simple as possible for your patrons to be making those donations they need we also want to make it simple for you because you've got enough on your plate already having super complicated software just to handle donations and reporting it's not going to be helpful so with that in mind this donation software would sell parallel to the ticketing software and what I mean is that everything that you already know because you've been using our software applies to donations with with our ticketing software everything starts with the promoters and the promoters put on events and in those events there are specific performances that you can that you can buy tickets to if you've been putting up performances and events you're pretty familiar with that tree there what we're doing the same thing with donations so donations start with the promoters and those promoters are going to have specific funds that are on the same level of events and those funds underneath them will have specific campaigns so just to get things started we'll go ahead and take a look at this right up front and center here we have our make a donation button again it's your call to action people are looking for donations here it is right here this is going to take this directly to the listing of funds that are currently running campaign so once we have all of the funds listed we choose this is this is important actually really right here where it does donate now and thank you for supporting us all of this is going to be custom text from descriptions of the funds to your call to action up here on the donate a part all of this you can maximize even you can be heartfelt you can be encouraging this is your time to shine when you're selling these donations so on the fund level we have our custom text about the foundation for education being here in a college town this is what I'm donating to stay for sure click on the donate button and then we are funneled directly into a list of the available campaign under that fun so today for the foundations for education they are collecting money for their fashion program for their music school and then graphics and general operations you'll notice that these features campaigns have pictures and descriptions again editable and you really really have fun of these guys and maximize what people are learning about it once you've selected fashion because I'm a girl so really it's going to be fashion that I'm donating to at the moment you clicked into that and you see your options to actually donate donation amounts can be either they are set up in the back end and you can set up up either as these preset amounts or a custom amount or both obviously in this case we have both setups and I'm going to be particularly generous today with my paycheck and drop in a thousand dollars here the other thing that's really important for a lot of donors is who gets recognized for the donation we do have the donate on behalf of field and the donate anonymous field so that people can select who they are don't meeting on behalf of or or if they would like to be recognized at all once you've selected the campaign and the amount that you would like to donate it's up to you to decide whether you want to donate this right away and get the process completed or you can add a donation to the basket and you continue shopping as Steve mentioned earlier well for the sake of this example we're going to run through the entire process and we're just going to donate now I'll enter my donation information and billing information and I get to live on Main Street down here in Annapolis and then the other important thing to know just as a side note write it down while you've got your fan out when people enter their email address here if it's already connected to a patron account so if they have been using their email as a cited as a sign in authentication for their patron account you then any donation they make an desperate their emails here in this field will automatically be credited to their patron account so i'm going to enter my matron accounts email address this will also be the email that the confirmation emails go to and enter my card information and click donate now that will take just a second here but when the donation is processed we're on our development development site so it's turning through a lot of information here when the donation has been processed you had sinned against customized this thank you for a donation order and you receive your donation order number so that's the basics of a quick donation as I hinted at you can also add a donation to a basket let me show that you now yeah alright we're back sorry about that little technical difficulty for a moment on the phone end but we've got you covered again now hey okay that sounds way better everybody's going to be happy okay everybody here you can lean back from the phone again now can continue on grandpa okay here we go thank you okay so now that you've seen how to basically make a quick donation we're going to move to showing you a little bit more how this cross promotion marketing is going to work with the ticketing side of things we've made the donation we're going back to the home ticketing side and I'll show you again we have our basic call out here if you have been working and updating your site constantly you're very familiar with the fact that you can customize just about anything and just for the sake of example here I've added in donation opportunities in the information here I've added and ads well it's Pepsi at the moment but you can add ads that suggests that people donate to specific campaigns or funds these are things that are great use them don't over use them for our example today we're going to go to this nice little indie rock show here alt-j and a couple in in 2012 one of our releases introduced a feature that is a it's an event suggestion feature so when you are in the event detail in this case alt-j you have the opportunity to suggest other events that like-minded patrons would be interested in few other music shows and now with the donations module you can also integrate your your donations so not only are you suggesting events that people can go to you're suggesting funds that might be near and dear to this this customers hearts so there is the event suggestion here and the other thing that we introduced in 2012 is has to do with when you have actually added ticket to your basket so we're going to add two tickets for that show to our shopping cart we're going to let it load up here once you've done that we've also added a feature where on individual performances so it can be different for every single performance that someone is going to there's this suggested call out and you can suggest either other events and performances or you can now suggest another way for someone to donate and like I say there are so many opportunities for you to be asking for donations but if you if you've been paying attention to you know the people who are asking for donations you know when they overdo it so use it wisely be very very targeted and smart about how you do it and these can be incredibly effective tools that said we've got all the tools here for you so now that we have two two tickets in our shopping cart we're actually going to go ahead and yes we are going to support these student musicians that clicking on that button brings us directly to the campaign so we've skipped over all of the funds and are directly into what this campaign is looking for this one you'll notice doesn't have all of these suggested amounts it only has a custom amounts and our default setting puts a minimum of five dollars in there just so that you can cover your credit card costs that is something that is completely customizable by you this time we are going to add fifty dollars to our donation in our basket and when we go back to our basket you'll notice now they are not just the tickets in our basket but also the donation the tickets will show the ticketing fees there are no extra fees for donations there's no tax there's no fee for that it's a straight-up donation and it shows all of that financial information here so then when we check out again we're going to enter our sign our login information so that this will be linking both your donations and your ticket purchases to your patron accounts calm and we login and then we we check out as normal we are going to have to select how we want the tickets delivered how we heard about it if you have that turned on in your system where it's going to be going and the credit card information oops that's not my name here let's try this again Valerie wearing a and will snag that credit card now you'll notice also that there's your we'll try this again okay you'll notice that we also have a gift card here if you have gift cards enabled on your website people will be able to make donations using the gift card it won't be restricted to just credit cards they can use gift cards to make their donations as well we'll give it a second to process the order so maybe three seconds and the order is confirmed now here's another opportunity again with the custom text in this case we have that the order is complete at etc oh sorry that the order is not complete this is not the confirmed order yet we are still confirming everything in there the donations and the tickets are still in the basket everything is the way it should be yes we have read our Terms of Use and now our order is complete now here you'll see I have support us with a charitable donation today this is something again that I have added as custom text so I've already shown you four different places where we are asking for a donation be smart about it but use these things these are these are tools for you to use to encourage donation and charitable giving so there you have the customer side of things we're now going to move to the back ends if you've been building events and performances you're familiar with the system you know how this works we'll start by looking at the promoters because that's the top of our chain their promoters has actually gotten a bit of a facelift this time around when you have you can see we have several promoters that work with this particular company we're going to look at the Savannah Philharmonic's promoter page all that's required is a promoter named but we have added a promoter page that is a link that you can send to your promoter or use for your own professional marketing means this promoter page highlights the name and that whatever description you've entered as well as all of the donation opportunities and events that are under that promoters banner so you're going to want to again make it compelling make it interesting and then use this link to to bring things back to this promoter and continue cross marketing so those are the promoters from the promoters we move back to the funds and you'll notice here this great new fund development tab that we have all of your donations are going to be are going to be housed in this area for the most part there are some system settings that will be elsewhere but they're more generally speaking the donations basics are all under the Sun development tab we're going to start looking at funds because that's the next step down you'll notice we have all sorts of images and funds here we're going to look at the foundations for education again all that's really required for that is that you have a name for this fund and then you know what promoter is associated with it today you can see that our foundation for education is under the promoter funds if you have all of this other information in here that's going to be what's feeding into the front end of the website you can make it compelling you can make your image is beautiful you're going to want to make it all is clean and careful as you can just so that everything is is encouraging people to be donating to this campaign and this fund so now that we've got our fun set up we need to set up our campaign all right we've been looking at the at the fashion campaign today we are going to check out the general operations with campaigns there's a lot more information we're going to need because it's not just what the name of it is and who the money is going to we need to know how long this campaign is going a lot of venues and arts organizations are going to have general operations funds that run all the time you're always going to need those donations but there might be a special project the special campaign that you are getting that you are getting money for which will be a shorter active date range you can see that we have required the campaign name the funds that its associated with and then an active date range and here again take advantage of these you have descriptions that go under the public site both short and long descriptions of what this campaign is all about and why people should be contributing to it you notice these tabs here at the top the general information the amount this is this is where you enter the custom amounts and the preset amount 50 you want them you don't have to do you don't have to do both but you have to do one or the other for sure custom amounts again we recommend a minimum of five dollars just to cover the credit card processing fees on your part but it's completely customizable if you want there to be no minimum absolutely go for it similarly with the preset amount this is another it's kind of a hidden marketing opportunity but it really is a marketing opportunity for you because you're your yearly donors this is this is your opportunity for your annual campaign to have guidelines here you're going to have your yearly donors that give a hundred dollars a year a thousand dollars every year these suggested preset amounts can subliminally and and even explicitly help guide people to the campaign amounts that are that are these donation benchmarks for you and then the other fun thing that we have going on with campaigns when you are a organization and you are funded by donations the guideline and standard practice in the industry is that you that you reach out and you touch those patrons seven times before you ask them between asking them for money so what we have here is a thank you email this is the first touch after someone has made a donation to your campaign this email goes to them automatically if you have it enabled and it has it's completely customizable to them and you can thank them for the contribution you can alert them to events coming up that sort of thing but this is your first contact with that patron who's made a charitable contribution after they have made that charitable contribution so those are the nuts and bolts of setting up promoters funds and campaigns now let's take a look over at some of the reports that you can pull because again reports are all about knowing who is giving these donations so that you can keep contact with them throughout the year and so that you can thank them for their donations the first report we're going to look at here is where over here in the reporting tab we're going to look down as a donations reports this is going to be the totals report it's the donation campaign summary and with this report you can enter the donation date range or you can search I promoter by fund my campaign you can go as broad or narrowly as you want with this in this case we're going to look at scad and see just the general toto totals of what these donations are looking at you can see here when the report pulls up for this promoter it has all of the different campaigns and then the summary totals of how much money is in those campaigns this is just kind of a snapshot report for you very very helpful for day to day now from that broad look at a report you'll also want to see who gave and what they gave and what their contact information is going to be so that will be our donations report here for specific campaign especially if it's a campaign that happens every single year you're going to want to know who is giving money to these and how you can contact them so in this case we're going to look at fashion that has been getting so much attention today and see who has been donating to this again this is this report can be expandable it's this is one of my favorite reports actually you can customize it here by getting rid of some of these windows and it can also be exported to an excel file but this is going to be where you find who your donors are where they live their email addresses for email campaigns and what when and what end to and how much they donated to so this is going to be one of your one of your go-to reports here the next report to take a look at is going to be the patron value report that Pete mentioned a bit earlier the patron value report it looks at both the tickets and the donations that the patrons are are spending money on and for this example we're going to look at the last month and see who has been spending the most money at our at our venue in the last month so we're going to put in a month date range here and pull up this report and it shows the names of the people who have been coming to our venue and what their numbers are their contact information what their basic value is and then it also includes the donation when their most recent donation us so those are some of the basic reports further if you punch even further in than that you can look at individual patrons on that last report we saw who the patrons were that are the most valuable if we know their number the pager numbers or want to search for them we can actually look up their value under their own profile tab so right now we're going to look up my profile here so that you can all see how very generous I've been this month and this this is also something that we have updated recently here and are pretty excited about with the patron detail there are all sorts of different tabs as you see there is now a donations tab this donation shows basically where I've been donating my money and what I've been doing with it i've donated on behalf of audrey because who wouldn't so with these and other things these are the reports the sorts of reports that you can pull there more to come and where this is really just a very small shet snapshot of what we have going as far as donations go we're thrilled to be sharing it all with you I think I think you'll be excited as we are with what we have come in and right now i'm going to open it up for some questions all right thanks Val and p for taking us through the new show where donations module will go ahead and throw some questions out here and tara just give me a confirm that you're on hello hello hi hi ok let's son you ready for some questions here I am ready all right this question is from non you know if a person if a patron has a profile can they just choose their profile as opposed to entering billing info there's a couple different ways for them to go about on the front and trying to make it as easy as they can for them one way is they can to their basket that message that appears above when you choose to make a donation you customize that message so if you want to encourage people to log in add it to their basket and complete their orders then you can choose to do it that way the donate now is actually quite intuitive if you do the donate now and you fill out your billing and you put your email there i believe is val said it will actually link to their patient accounts they don't actually have to log into the system and it wont to Utley do it something that we found in the past was the fact that people didn't want to have to log on sometimes they're making their quick donation they just want to enter their information be done with it they don't want to sit there and try and remember it even if the password reset exists so this was a solution for us to kind of intuitively on the backend be able to capture that information without requiring a login because we found as though that was a hindrance for people with donating so again they have the option that they can add it to their basket complete a full check out and go that way or they can click donate now and enter their billing information below okay so you can take two paths Thank You Tara this is from Susan at drum corps international is the local banner along the top or top of the organization's or will it always a show where what's great about show where we brand everything to you so all of the site design of course we brand it to you and all the banners that across the top like for the organization's the promoters etc those are all your images so if you choose not to put an image it would just have your drum corps center across the top or if you put in a specific one that maybe its individual scholarships to join a core or maybe it's you know some kind of travel package to come to the World Championship then you have the ability to make that banner say exactly what you want it to be so that is completely up to you and your way to do it yeah it says show where today Susan just because we have this is our development site so again it's a demo site and completely you know one of the things I think we do best is deliver that fully branded experience to your patrons and donors just a from lighthouse the air is there any mechanism for people to sign up for a recurring donation we don't worry have a function with this donation module that's about to come out but it's definitely on our development pipeline thank you um let's see here here's it is there a hand report to compare year-to-year increase first decrease actually we've talked about that a lot of what we're doing with this module in its first launching is kind of trying to get feedback from you guys on what you want to see I love that idea personally number one seeing your patron growth and also seeing your campaign growth so looking at different ways of how we would look at that if they'll through it kind of the same way you guys can currently do it now where you either look at base events or on performances kind of looking at over a year to year and see where people are our patron value report currently actually gives you quite a bit of information it shows you you know what their total donations were what their last donation was and when their last donation was so that's kind of good but I completely agree like how much would they donate in 2010 2011 2012 etc so we're excited to keep any feedback like that about some additional reports we can add in with this functionality ok thank you next question what is the extra fee for accepting donations to the non proper would you like me to take that one yeah so the extra the extra fee is just simply based on what your per ticket online fee is or your box office fee it's not a percentage fee so somebody donates $500 then it's you know and and your online fee is you know a dollar fifty for instance then it would be 150 for that line item in the basket just like a ticket and the box office fee would apply through that channel as well ok next question are there any plans to be able to import previous owner history into the donations module I think part of my question for that would be are you looking at just doing your old show where donation through bringing donations from external source old donor stuff from show where all that old owner information is actually going to be able to be the legacy data is going to be modified so that way it is accounted for and this new donations that were about to release for donations that came previous to show where or in external sources we actually started last year with integration for previous patron data so I believe that we could work with you on some kind of integration tool with that maybe by the end of the year to bring that over so you can have it all of one source great next question Tara do you have plans for in kind or matching gifts on in time gifts can actually still be tracked you are going to associate it with a campaign you just use the payment method in kind there's actually donation details actually has a comment field so you can actually add a comment in there to specifically what kind of donations they did and then you can pull reports you know based on all of your donations with memos and seeing what kind of donations they were so there is the ability to track that currently matching gift depending on how you handle it could be handled similarly or maybe you have a completely different concept for how you want to handle mashing gift sniffs though reach out to us and we'll talk to you more about it okay I think we got to all the questions again if you'd like to learn more about the donations module please get in touch with your project manager or your salesperson and they can certainly help you and give you a one on one demo and maybe address things that are specific to your situation Pete if you would forward the slide will there we go again thanks for being here today wanted to get in one final plug for our summit which again is Thursday are witches September 19 in 2013 we think it's going to be a great event we know it's going to be a great event because last year was so successful and you know we have a lot of great clients up in the Seattle market clients like ride the ducks sea otters and zani the showare center of the triple door so we're going to go up and we're going to learn more about show where learn more about customers but we also like to add a lot of fun into our summits and with great clients like that will will definitely be having some fun when we're up there so again thank you for attending today the link for today's webinar will be sent out via email shortly and again have a great day

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