Should You Hire a Pro or DIY for Content Marketing?

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– Hey I'm Emily, I'm here with Darlene. Now that you have a good idea of the content you need to reach your target audience and support your business let's talk about why you should consider creating your own content for your site. (upbeat music) – Creating your website copy images and videos sounds like a daunting task. Let's talk about the three big benefits of doing it yourself. – Benefit one, you're going full custom and you own it. What better way to tell others about yourself and your business than to use your own words and feelings.

– Do you have a great product you made and want to show it off? What better way to do that than with images of where you made it or a video showing how to use it. – It's these kinds of custom content that demonstrate you can connect with your audience in the right way. And it's aligned with your content strategy. – Benefit two, custom content costs money. So why not cut the cost and do it yourself? – Writers for your copy need to get paid. Those custom images that match your sites feel and product mix, those cost money. Photographers, videographers, they have businesses too, which means you'll have to pay. – Doing it yourself can save you on cost and let's you create more targeted content that matches your business. – And lastly, benefit three. Creating your own content helps your SEO and can help you get found online.

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– Writing a weekly blog about your business operations with images and videos that you created all contributes to the SEO of your site. – You are going to want to get good at creating content that helps your business. – So we hope that you jump in and start creating content that helps your business grow. I'm Darlene, that's Emily and we'll see you later. (upbeat music)


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