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when it comes to business listings google my business is a must-have for all small businesses and if you're using godaddy's website builder you can create your google my business listing right inside the tool i'm darlene and i'm going to show you how to create your google my business listing in godaddy's website builder on your website builder dashboard select marketing social and then click connect on the google my business card if you already have a google my business listing and you're just connecting it to your website you can do that by clicking connect a listing we're setting up a new listing so i'll click create listing now select the type of business you have there are two options if you have a business with a physical location or if your business is service based you'll want to select ic customers in person if your business is only online you'll want to select i'm online only right now google my business listings don't work for online only businesses if your business is only online your best bet is focusing on your seo head over to your site settings in website builder to fine-tune that since our business is an arcade bar and grill we're going to set up a google my business listing for a business with a physical location i'm going to select i see customers in person and then click looks good next you'll enter your business name category and city some of this information may already be filled out for you based on what you put in the website builder in the category field you'll want to enter what type of business you have if the city state or province and country haven't been entered yet you can enter in the city field once you have the fields completed click next now you'll see a field asking if your business is already on the list you can click select a listing to see if your business is already registered if it is select it and then click next if your business isn't listed you can click no create a new listing i'm going to do that now we need to add our google account if you don't have a google account yet you can click on no i don't have an account to set one up but we recommend setting up the google account before you reach this point since i have a google account i'm going to click on yes sign in you may see some google accounts already listed if you've logged into them with this browser if not you can click use another account i'm going to select this one now you'll receive a message asking you to allow godaddy to access your account i'm going to click allow you'll need to enter the business phone number and click next if you have a physical location that customers can visit you can select yes if you have a service based business you might not and that's fine you can select no and then click next i'm going to select yes since i have an arcade bar in grill i'm going to enter the address of my business and then click next since we don't do catering or delivery i'm going to select no and then click next and since you're new to google they'll want to verify your information you can choose to receive your verification code via text or phone call when you click on your choice the verification code is generated so be sure your phone is close at hand enter the verification code you received and click next that's it google starts the verification process and will let you know as soon as your listing is live i'm darlene thanks for watching

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