Rethinking types of media | Seth’s Web site

It is observed or it arrives.

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It is hosted a lot of spots or it has a one house.

It earns and provides on permission, or it is spam.

It improvements more than time or it’s static.

It’s the do the job of an specific or the output of a community.

It is worthwhile due to the fact of community outcomes, or in spite of them.

It makes electricity and momentum, or it absorbs it.

It is scarce or it’s commonly readily available.

It thrives on the long tail or only functions if it is a strike.

It dances with the early adopters or soothes the inner thoughts of the late bulk.

It is actually stay, or it benefits from time shifting.

It launches alone or it waits to be pressed.

It enhances efficiency, or it reduces it.

It is a catalyst for cultural change, or it feeds on cultural adjust.

It energizes and conjures up, or it trolls with snark and irony.

Men and women share it mainly because it gains them, or a person has to hustle to make it spread.

It goes stale really immediately, or it will become more appropriate in excess of time.

It’s worthy of conversing about, or it’s not.

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