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Hey beautiful people from this channel,
ok next today I'm going to answer the most asked question from all over the
last decade the question asked is great but it's the
following and which social networks should I be in my digital business
this is very individual the only thing that is not individual and that we have
to apply to all digital businesses , that is, to everyone who
wants to capture customers who want to sell over the internet who want to
distribute products or services through social networks or the internet the only
rule is you can't stay in the hands of a single social network without this is the rule
because the following is orkut ended right we remember that orkut ended it was
cool while it lasted even facebook facebook is cool it has its
particularities it has its age group there is the grace of the grota grooving now they
're talking about a tik tok that's for kids already had the nep chat and then there's
also twitter so there are people who use linkedin for business and youtube
continue and So what do I recommend for this creature content creators who
are starting their digital project and who don't know how many networks to use first
have a website your blog has a literary connotation
there you put your articles and you sign this content with your own
pen of its own authorship and this content is long-lived it can be
found by people through google search and the same happens with
youtube youtube from google you know so youtube is a social network there are people
who think not but I think it is the youtube is a social network where the content is
long-lived you post a video here three years from now this video is still
here and it may be selling your product because because people are
looking for that subject or even increased the search for
wanted subject so the website and youtube are very important digital channels in your
business then you have instagram and then you have facebook and here at lique we
like to work with this triad right holy trin ness that we even
call facebook and instagram and the tube and the good blog the blog is like your
boat and social networks are the hook and the bait you use to
attract the fish to your boat it is on your website that you sell your product it
's on your website that you capture the customer's email capture the customer's tap so you
can communicate with him in a more face-to-face way so my people which
social networks you will use depends a lot on the party and it depends
a lot of your persona or where is your ideal client on twitter orkut
stage on youtube I don't know what I know is that you can't
stay with a social network because if that social network goes to beleléu
you will go along if I have to recommend for a beginner I would
recommend the holy trinity as I already talked to instagram and youtube and
facebook now this is not generic linkedin is
very important for some types of business twitter is very important
for some types of us this new one for those who speak the one with teenagers like this
can also be important for some types of business, as is the case of a
student of mine who tells the people he is doing it and doesn't even come from a preparatory course
for the enem, so we have to understand the persona very well and there in the
content creators don't have a student who doesn't get out the beast and understand the
behavior of the character that's why it 's very important to develop a
content strategy because the answer to this question which social networks
am I going to use it came out of the strategy
when we studies a niche when we study our content dna
when we list the objects we had from our digital project
when we define who our people are or with our ideal client
when we create editorial lines to talk to these clients at this moment
that we are thinking about all this this answer of which social networks are
important for this project also reveals itself in front of us as a light that
comes from the beyond is not a light z that comes from beyond the study
even so I think I answered this very pertinent question plus ask
of the decade and the most awaited answer in the universe if you fell here with a parachute
in this channel that subscribes and tells me that in the comments which
social networks you already have do you use and which social networks do you still want to use and didn't
start because of that procrastination of always
worth a kiss and until the next video

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