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when marketing online there's three different types of media to choose from and each of those have their own set of marketing tools i'm darlene this is netta and we're going to introduce you to these three types of online marketing media share with you their pros and cons so let's get to it the three types of online marketing media are owned earned and paid first there's owned media which is anything that you create or control this could be your own website or blog or your business's social media accounts i know you don't technically own your social media but it is free and you control the content that's shared there own media is great because you control the messaging and it's cost effective but keep in mind that most customers don't consider the stuff coming directly from the company as unbiased next there's earned media this is when the public voluntarily endorses your brand without compensation in other words you earned their marketing and for small businesses this earned marketing media comes from customers posting on their social media review sites or business listings consumers consider earned marketing media to be the most trustworthy and it's also a direct driver of sales but you don't control the messaging in earned media so sometimes it's negative and finally there's paid media that's when you purchase advertising from a third party to display on a third-party channel kind of like paid searches on google and display ads on facebook while paid media options offer control and quick results it is considered the least credible of the three and tends to have declining response rates when choosing your marketing tools a balanced selection of owned earned and paid is ideal but not always possible so weigh your options against your marketing goals and consider time effort and how much money you can realistically invest you don't need to be an expert on the types of online marketing media but a basic understanding is helpful when choosing your marketing tools i'm neda i'm darlene thanks for watching

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