Porque Utilizar E-mail Marketing? | Guia de Marketing #16

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Hello, this is Bruno Peres and today I'm talking about
email marketing. Do you know what this is? Let's talk about it. Release the Malkolino vignette! there I'm bruno peres welcome to
another marketing guide and today I'm already talking about email marketing
first of all I want to tell you that the game of many, many times people
saying ah and a half doesn't work anymore and a half is a thing of the past and at the same time
if you browse the internet a little you will say that many people say
without using the medium just for capitalist in a lot of tools the internet
is forcing you will only get and a half and send an email to people what it is
right and what is wrong well there are several lines of study there we are going to
talk a little bit about it the first one is very important that you know that
email works like this I worked with several companies and even
united nations we used they still use an email with the same in order
that other companies as you probably have already received emails from
group 1 is a good part of groupon sales come from your email shots
as well as from other large companies because because the email tool is
a party is mainly a relationship tool
so it is the main sales tool
there it depends on your strategy but it is certainly a complementary tool
so you have several advertisements happening or 100 vacancies for the
strategies several things happening and it is one of those channels you will remember in
some neighbors ago there will be the card here we talked about
marketing channels and now it is entering each of these channels
so the email should be used as this tool for you to continue the
relationship with your customer in some process there it would be if you has an
online store already bought from you and left the data really the name email from
that moment you will send an email thanking you for the purchase and then
according to his behavior within your web site you can send emails
based on in the purchase profile for example to the united nations we
always sent those standard emails from companies birthday or whatever time
that you give us the uol you are talking about this cause this is what is
also happening in other emergency actions
such as earthquakes such as natural disasters such as conflicts and you are
trying to understand more and more your user by capturing more information from him and
increasing your average ticket increasing your relationship with him understanding
the more he needs the more if he sells some important things
first don't fall for this buying email lists
if the person on the internet is just finding something but because that's not a
good thing strategy when you buy an email from this guy and
you send an email to stay this guy doesn't know that you have a consensus because
it's an online food purchase app you want to send an offer to
a customer base of a hamburger shop near the house of them
you go there and buy a gigantic base and you start shooting and a half first
for various terms if technical causes and a half can fall in spain is the c now
you will never receive you bought acm and mails a good amount will never receive because spam will come
later this guy in he doesn't expect to
receive this fear of you understand that this he can find one that is a mistake what a
mistake what a deception which is a series of things
he may not open maybe a small portion trick and after he clicks he has
another loss until the guy buys that is all the purchase efforts of the base
the creation of the email configuration of the platform creation of the
promotion campaign sending the small return sometimes frequently sometimes it's not
often much better for you to build a strategy to
capture people who are already interested in your services in the
next videos and talk a little more about which tools to use how to
create how to test how these emails work but here I wanted to that you
understand what media influenced you, you need to send an email that you have to have
impeccable communication, never put attachments this month, they will say that further
on your content your brand has been showing in the email the email
sent by a good tool sent a cycle there within your
relationship with your customer the more perfect all the
details the better the results of your marketing strategies will be mail gmail
works when it's well used when it's part of a whole and not when it's
thrown around with spam with its quantity without predicting quality of this
medium I hope you're enjoying the
marketing tips here of our day and they didn't talk about email you will see
that the videos on the screen about other marketing channels
leave your comments below to know a little more about what you
want to talk about and then someone from marketing so here every week
leave your like are subscribe we'll see you next time thank you very much

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