Perche il mio sito web non appare su Google

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Hello and welcome back to our YouTube channel, I'm Laura from Kairos Comunicazione
and today I wanted to answer one of the most frequently asked questions:
Why can't my site appear on Google? Attention, your site is not that it is not seen
on Google, your site probably does not appear in the first positions of Google and this can
depend on many factors. First of all , your site is present on the internet, because
if it has been created correctly, it is clear that if we go to type
the address on the url bar, this will surely be reachable. It is clear that what
interests each of us is not that people arrive by typing the address of our
website, but that they arrive there for example because they are researching our products and our services.
Then there is the fact that your site may not appear in the first pages
of Google search results if you have not done anything to make your site optimized with the aim
of ranking better.

What do I mean? A website cannot be positioned
absolutely, a website appears in Google's search results through an input. For
example, if I do a search it is because maybe, what do I know, I have a site that sells accessories
for boating; I don't care that people arrive as I said before by typing
"" but maybe I would like people to come to my site because they are
looking for, I don't know, a fender for the boat.

At this point, if that keyword, for example,
is not present on your website or if you have never worked by creating content that precisely
tells about the usefulness and the need to have fenders inside, on a boat, it
is clear that it is unlikely that your site will appear on the search results, indeed it is practically
impossible. So what you need to know, that positioning is always related to
keywords; keywords are nothing more than the questions that each of us asks the
search engine, so when we create a website, which we do a very simple example is
our machine, we must think that this is not enough. Because in order to appear on Google
and therefore intercept any requests from potential customers, we must first put
a person to drive it on this website if it is a car, then we have to put
gas on it, take care of its maintenance and we must do everything because this website
is performing. I gave you the example of the car but it is clear that for websites,
gasoline is nothing more than good optimization, that is to understand that the website is positioned not
because it is beautiful but because it has useful content.

pexels photo 6802049

Not because the site was made in a certain
way but because content is constantly updated within that site . So here
the keywords represent an element that is its own content, excuse me pun
, within the contents, therefore " keywords" means contents and contents; it means
feeding your website with answers, answers to the questions people ask
when they go to Google. Therefore, if you want to make your site visible within the
Google search engine, what you have to do is work on its optimization;
structure optimization, page optimization, site optimization, but also
fresh content and also try to work in synergy with the various social networks so that this
can make your brand known anyway. If you are interested in finding out how to better position
your website below this video in description I leave you several articles of our
blog in which we give free suggestions that can be the starting point for
improving your website, making it appear on the results of google search.

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