Orphan Meetup Group Optimization

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Alright. Let’s see. Today is Wednesday May
2nd, 2012. So, I’m talking about taking over Orphan Meetup Groups.
Everybody knows how to use Meetup, right? No. So, well, if you don’t know how to use Meetup,
ask somebody or just start an account. It’s easy. Basically, what this is when people start
a Meetup Group they’re the organizer. And if for some reason they change
their email address this is usually what happen, their credit
cards expires and the Meetups starts asking for the credit card.

And asking them and then
there’s no credit card and so Meetups starts the dissolution process
to dissolve the group. And the first step in that process is to throw
the group out in the great ocean of all other Meetup folks and you can
take it over. Now, you only know about those groups, though,
if you’re on the group.

What that means is if you’re operating on
a particular niche or silo of information like business, entrepreneur,
SEO or Internet marketing or Calvin, you work in fitness or holistic
medicine or whatever. You go and join those Meetup groups. And so,
as they dissolve, as the organizers disappear, you’ll get a note
like this right here that says, “Your Meetup group will shut down
in 2 weeks.” And there’s a big button here that says “Keep this group
going”. If you click on this button, it basically lets you take over
the group. The first step is to join the groups that
you’d like to monitor in your category, your niche. And then, like
I have my email.

I have a really complicated email sorting system. But
in Meetup all these different sorts so the people that send me
direct messages, Meetup support and messages like important messages
about groups go into one spot. And that’s one of the first places that
I check every morning. What happens is these things are kind a like—you
can think of them in terms of real estate. In real estate, most investors
think in terms of either you’ve got a distressed property
or a distressed owner. And what you’re really looking for is the distressed
owner which is somebody that disappears and they’ve got
a great property and now it’s just there for free. It’s different in real estate. There’s
no qualifying for loans, no taking money, you just go and take over the

Let’s go and take a look at this group here.
I haven’t even looked at it but we will now. This group’s got—look
at that! 272 members. I just got 272 new clients for taking a Meetup
group over that are interested in, let’s see, Austin E-business
and online marketing for business owners. You getting the idea here? That’s 272 people
that have gone to a lot of Meetups. And one of the reasons I took
over this Meetup group was I noticed some people on there that I knew.

And you can go through like here, “Recent
Meetups”. This one was done on February 23rd and one in May. So, it’s
fairly recent that people been getting together in this group. Who was running that? You know that’s a good question. I’d have
to go back in time on Archive.org to see… How can you be sure, it says they changed
the location? Yeah. Well, maybe or it might be that she
is a co-organizer, event organizer. But you can look through
here. That’s not a big a deal of history. Yeah.
These people, they’re new to me and I saw some other people
like Vogelpohl on this group. It’s probably an interesting
group. Will you contact them individually or send
out a mass email? Well, so yeah. So, the next question is what
do you do with it? And it’s like real estate, you either going
to hold it or flip it. This is funny.

I just thought about it this
morning. It’s all real estate, hold or flip? And so, if you hold
it then the goal is for example if you didn't have a Meetup group
you might use this to seed your group. Like that’s what you did, David. When we
worked together didn’t you take over some random group that had a few
other members on it? When you take over a group you do lose the facility
of sending a message. Like, when you form a new group and you set
your—see all these categories over here where about? This is
where we’re going—yeah these category here like “Online Marketing
and Social Media”. What you do when you form a group is you set
these categories and then when you send out or when the group actually
forms which means it makes it through Meetup's review of the group
to make sure you’re actually legit.

Then, the group forms and
all the people that are on the category’s waiting list get an email. Now, this gets interesting too because look
at this. If I do a, let’s see, everybody know the alternative syntax
for Google. So, if you say site:meetup.com that means you’re only going
to search Meetup, right? If I say “intitle:waiting list austin”
so that shows me that in general it looks like there’s 2.5 million
waiting list. I think that’s probably something’s a little bit
broken there. But that gives you an idea of how you can find the waiting

Well, it’s probably looking for past ones
as well. Or is that what you…? Maybe. Anyway, the point is this is
a way to find the waiting and Meetup. And so if you for example
go to like, we probably wouldn’t be interested like lesbianfriends.meetup.com. Why couldn’t you create a BOT that puts—first
of all, the BOT automates the syntax. Then, the BOT would
then take a keyword and then refine the search. Then the BOT could then
go in to each individual thing and click whichever buttons needs to
be clicked. Yeah.

So, here’s the thing when you say BOT are you
talking about starting a Google like this? No. Just like if you bought studios or having
a program or create a scraper. That essentially automates the whole
process. Yes. Here’s the idea that I have for a scraper.
First off, they change the Meetup to circumvent BOTs, change
their login and how the navigation works to be JAVA script based. So, what that means is for you to actually
write a BOT you got to use a JAVA engine which is either Rhino or V8.
I don’t know if you know about those. Those are really cool. What they are is V8 is the Google version
which I would use. And V8 basically is a browser with JAVA script that
you can write scripts in. It’s like a command language like PERL or
PHP. So, if you’re thinking of scripts to go
and navigate and do things like login and then traverse to different

And because it’s running Javascript, you actually, if like
a pop-up comes on the screen, you get access to the fields of the
pop-up. So, you’re saying you can do it. You just
do it if it’s JAVA script instead of BOT. Yeah. It’s way more complicated than just
hacking up. Like there’s a module in PERL called WWW::Mechanize which
is what people used to use a lot. But that only works if it’s straight
HTML. Like if you’ve got an HTML form that does login then you can
use the normal HTML based versions. And most people have switched to using Javascript
or Facebook Connect or something like that to access Facebook
and also to defeat BOTs. So, anyway going back to the waiting list
here. Anyway getting back to the waiting list? Well, I’m about to show you. So, in Meetup
when you go to your Meetup account you can camp on topics like entrepreneurs,
business networking, wellness. Here for example is the entrepreneur waiting
list. How much would you have to pay Baxter to get access to 2,134
entrepreneurs in Austin that were waiting to hear from you.

I mean, they’re sitting and waiting to hear
what you’ve got to sell. It even gets better because let’s say you’re
Shawn Collins and you’re running Affiliate Summit in New York. Look
at this. Wait for it. 17,535! If I was Collins, in fact I’m sending him
a copy of this video, and I was running Affiliate Summit in New York and
Vegas, I would start a Meetup group about 2 months ahead each one
of them and actually list the event, that affiliate summit, in Manhattan
and in Vegas. So, I’ve got access to all of these people.
Let’s do a little quick arithmetic here. I still don’t get, why are they on the waiting
list? They put themselves on the waiting list so
they get notified anytime you form a group that has a category of entrepreneur.
These people get an email.

So, it ain’t spamming. They
said, “Yo! Yo!” So, if you’re in a Meetup, they’re going
to automatically be… Anytime you form a Meetup group for the first
time, not create an event. Got it. That so if you take over a Meetup group, you
lose this first pass. Now, I’m going to tell you how to get around
that in a minute. You only get the first pass when the Meetup
group forms. So, anytime you’re running a live event
any place like if you’re doing a joint venture with somebody where
you’re speaking, I always form a new Meetup group. Like, if I’m going to Dallas this week,
guess what? I form a Meetup group that’s in Dallas and access all the
list in Dallas about what the topic I’m talking about. Because I take it upon myself to fill my room
out, trust anybody to fill the room for me. Pretty cool, yeah? You make your speaking event at Meetup is
what you’re saying? Pardon me? You make your speaking event…

The Meetup,
yeah. You don’t have to go out there and conduct
Meetup groups. They have the time to… No. If I’m going to physically
in Dallas… I setup a Meetup group that routes people to whatever
venue that is. As long as you’ve got a physical venue.
If you start a Meetup group that only has virtual venues, they won’t
let the Meetup group form. In fact, they’ll disband it and say, “If
you do it too many times, I’ll give you your money back and ban you
from being an organizer.” And then, Shawn Collins will be charging for
affiliate summits. So, how does that work? You just have a Meetup
group that will route people to the registration page.

That would also… So does that defeat the point of Meetup because
it isn’t… I mean, I’m a neophyte to Meetups so… I think
I know where you’re going. It’s like what are you… I mean, what’s
the purpose? Yeah. I mean if you’re because the point
of Meetup is to actually create a Meetup. But if you start just filing
people to a sales process, won’t Meetup kind of frown upon
that? No because you actually do in fact, what I
would do is I would do a—on Meetup I’ll do like a pre-event and here’s
where to register at my main event and then do a post-event. Also, what I would do is in the event listing
in the Meetup group description, I’d say, “This is for a set
of physical events in New York or Vegas or Austin, or wherever he is
doing it.

And this Meetup group will run for as long as the event series
runs. And then, next year when we have the next
Meetups we’ll list them up too. In the mean time, if you’d like to
keep up with all the content residue we publish from all the affiliate
summits all over the world, you join our main Meetup group. So, what you do is I call this “satellite
groups” or “sibling groups” or "router groups" so you create all these
router groups that run for a finite period and then you either rerun
sometime in the future or you just disband them. You can use those to
route people. That’s what I do. I always route people back to my
main group. You have arguably the most successful Meetup
systems out there in your business. I mean, you drive of most to your
business. Are you able to monetize? Have you been able to monetize
through the Meetup group directly yourself? Well, when you say monetize
directly you mean have Meetup collect money for it? Yeah.

I mean, following the strategies that
you’re talking about. Well, the problem is the money process that
Meetup does, I would strongly recommend you never involve Meetup,
meetup.com’s money taking system with your money taking system because
it is just screw every bit up. And you will drive your customers
off. What Gonzales does is he says, “Here’s the Meetup that’s going
to happen at 6th Street and here’s where to buy the ticket.” And how
do people buy a ticket? One Shopping Cart or a Square. That Square
is awesome. Yeah. So, yes. And I think you’re wanting to know
if they buy tickets on the Meetup? If it’s integrated? Like you would on Event Break.

No because… It sucks. They start monitoring you more closely. They
become like Google and they’re like… How can we get in your pocket? If somebody is using this to make money…
The other problem is that what they do to… in a different way. What they do too is the biggest complaint
I’ve seen is that once you start charging for Meetups, Meetups like if—say
if I’ve got a Meetup that is you’re supposed to buy a ticket
for Meetup, I don’t know if I can… Let’s see if I can get to… I guess
we have to look at their monetizing thing here. Let’s see, optional,
roles, sponsor, membership dues. Okay. Here’s the problem. When you go in and all
these up, what it does is it starts barraging everybody on your Meetup
list for your payment.

And also if they don’t make a payment, then
it starts running the tab with them and saying, “You owe this much…”
and it just bludgeons these people and they get thwart off and they
leave. So, I strongly recommend that you never, ever
setup anything to do with their membership dues system. So, anyway. You saved me on that one. You don’t want
to do that. Like I don’t want to set up shopping carts
and all that. Trust me.

It’s like back pedal, back pedal.
Let’s go back to this category thing just for a minute. So, you want to go to the category. I still
don’t understand what a waiting list is. Waiting list like if I go
into my account here. Let’s see if it’s general. You listed all the things that you want to
know more about.

Like in your Meetup group like you’re saying, “Hey
I’m interested in health and I’m interested…” Stand Up Paddle. Stand Up Paddle. I’m… Who’s saying this? Sir, you are. When you join a Meetup and the
only thing you want to know a Meetup groups and what future groups
are being created. The problem is the Meetups front end is so
freakishly stupid. And if being at a Meetup common list, these guys
are just stupid as stumps, stupid as a bag of hammers. So, basically I find that in this manner,
I’ve got a waiting list method that like somebody said there’s only
room for 10 people at this Meetup and then there’s… No. There’s confusion now because you’re
talking about an event waiting list. I ain’t talking about that.
I’m talking about a category or topic waiting list. Got you. Are you a member of a Meetup group
somewhere? No. They’re just saying they’re waiting to
be informed when a Meetup like that… Meetup is so stupid that I can’t
even figure out how to get to…

Get to the topic list… Or just things that you’re interested in.
Basically it’s like, “Hey, I’m interested in this.” It’s like…
I’m sorry. organic, and things that you’re talking about. Yeah. But Meetup systems is so brain-dead
now but I can’t even figure out how to get to my list of… See you would
think you would go under general and you would say you know, here are
all the things, all the topics you’re camped on. I can’t even
figure out how to get to that now. One of the most knowledgeable Meetup people
I know.

I know and I got news. If I can’t figure out how to get to
it… Yeah. Low playground.
Okay. Let’s try something here. Let’s see if I can figure out how to
do this. Click the line at the very bottom that says
“Delete your Meetup account”. So, if I do a search for “bulldog”
here. Yeah. I think this is ridiculous. So, I think if I hit “Join”.
And let’s see if I can join this without answering all these
stupid questions. “Bulldog”, this is awesome. Now it says—now
it clicks up “Click the topic below and add your interest.” But
the problem is how the heck do I get to my interest? See there’s no
way to… I mean, it say’s to add this to your interest but how many—how
to get to. When you originally sign up there’s a thing
like “List your zip code and what you’re interested in.” There’s
like two bars across the top and that’s how you… Yeah. But I’m trying
to get back to it. So, anyway… Click “Find a Meetup group”.

Yeah, that’s
how I did it. This is an opportunity to create a Meetup
group. Create a better clone, something that actually works. Okay, so that’s sort of how it started.
And then, it’s like well if you… Let’s start sort of… Well, anyway. So,
Meetup is so stupid that you can’t figure or I can’t figure out
how to get to it anymore. It used to be under “Your Account” and it
just listed all the ones that you’re interested in. So, anyway let’s get back to our conversation
here. “Waiting list for entrepreneurs in New York”, let’s take
New York. So, now you can have I think 15 categories. So, imagine if you
are smart enough to know which are the 15 top categories in New York
which I do and so my guess is that anytime I start a Meetup in New York
I can get to about 150,000 people for exactly 0, well $72 every
six months.

You understand where this is going? If you didn’t lead generation and you’re
like doing SEO and actually paying for traffic, oh my God! Why? Because
then you have to get all the traffic. You have to gauntlet and figure
out who’s good. Meetup’s already done that. Tell you what. I will commit to running this
test tomorrow. I’ll do it. Cool! Tomorrow. Let’s see what happens. Good deal. Now, back to our Orphan Meetup
Groups, let’s go back to our group here. If I take this group and I
use this as the kernel of a new group then, I use that as the base group
and then, create other Meetup groups to route people to this one.
And every time I create a new Meetup group, then I get the email. That’s
how I get around missing that first email, if that makes sense. So, if I take this Meetup group over, I miss
the option or the ability to get that first email sent out to all the
categories because it’s already formed. If I’d like to have access
to that, then I just form new Meetup groups, which is exactly what I

So, for example… So then, they didn’t get a message when
you’re starting a new one? Right. Okay. Do you call it the same thing or how do you
name it? Whatever you’d like. So, you don’t take it over. You just notify
all the other members of that group. Well, I’ve taken it over right now.

also that allows me to email all these people. Now, I’m going to tell you the powerful
stuff to do with this group. If you’re going to keep this then you run
it as a normal Meetup group. If you’re going to flip it then what you’d
like to do is optimize it for SEO juice, link juice to your site. Here’s how you do that. See this “Discussion”
thing right here? You click on this “message board” on here.
Look at all these articles. Guess what you can do when you are a Meetup
organizer? You can go click on these puppies and you can say, “Edit”.
Guess what you can put in there? A link to your website. There was a rumor that came out a couple of
months ago that the Meetup link juice was no longer existent.
Well, yeah. I actually did some… Yeah. I think you were the one who told me
that. It was in between Panda and Penguin. There
was an update that Google did to their infrastructure. They didn’t
even name it.

It was a random update that they’re now starting
their webmaster blog. And if you did anything with SEO at all, you freaking
should camp on the webmaster blog. I’ve got a software that
runs every morning that tells me when certain web pages change. Once a week I go and look and the software
scrapes all the articles off of webmaster Google and sends me all the
articles. One of the articles was this little random thing that
says, “We’ve changed the way that we analyze sites to where all the
subdomains are treated as primary domain content now.” I mean it was like—I read that online, well
there goes about 80 percent of the freaking way I’ve done the

Because for example in Meetup like if you have rawfood.meetup.com
that was treated as a separate domain so all the juice around Raw
Food collected in that category and which puts all the sites that
were linked to it. Now, you got things like French Bulldogs and
Raw Food and Carburetor Repair, Three Legged, Pot Bellied Pigs, Pole
Dancing, all that content is all merged together and the link juice
is meaningless because of the none of the contents were related anymore,
at least that’s my thinking. And I notice that the PR on my web—my Meetup
sites like there’s not a PR check that’s easy to run and clone. But
there’s one in Firefox that just puts the PR up. And most of the
pages that I used to have 7’s and 8’s on went to that like to use
the force. It was like in week’s time and I watched
them went down, down, down so much less. But any juice, is good juice if
it’s from a page that’s related to your topic. For example, I was
doing networking for success, whatever.

This doesn’t really have
much content that’s used for all these. Let’s see if we can find
one that’s a little more useful, that’s a better… “Question about and backlinks”. Now, here’s
a good one. This thing has been going on for a year. This page has
been existing for a year so if I go in and I say like “I’m Brian
Horn and I’ve got the .gov, .edu what’s that Link Hijack Product or
something. Then, I would go in here I would say either modify one of
these replies or add another reply to it that link to the Link
Hijack Product. That would push the juice from this discussion to there.
And then, I would click over here and say “close to new replies”
because I wouldn’t want somebody else putting their product. Another trick you can do is you can go back
to—well, this thing right here is starting a new discussion. Guess what
you can do there? You can say something like—we’ll just do it
here. “Resource Guide" "Austin Internet Marketing Party” and then—he
is in the marketing party, right? For the…

No. I’m pushing juice directly to a site
because Meetups got plenty of juice they don’t need any more. They’ve got juicy orifice. I don’t know
if that’s right. It’s true. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it? With my own two eyes as of late last night.
You went to the website. Yeah. I checked it out.

The link going $29.95
a month. So I just put a link in here and actually
I’m going to change this because Meetup does funky stuff to their links.
“Internet Marketing Party”. Alright, so “Internet Marketing
Party is a great place in network and learn about what marketing is
so you all check it out.” So, now guess what? If I go look at these
discussions here, look at that. What the heck. I’m going to pin that
at the top. So, that’s pin so that’s always pinned at the top now and
I’m going to go in here and say “Close to new replies” and nobody
can go in there and change it. How can they change it, like edit it? Or add something else to it. Like all that
David Gonzales is he’s an evil guy. Well but if they say you’re awesome,
that’s great but if they’re evil. Anyway, so basically if you
look now you’ll see the little red thing with the hash to it that
says it can’t be updated and you see the pin is active to say it’s pinned
at the top.

Why would you pin it to the top? Can you remove the replies? Gonzales says, “Roll the dice”. So we’re
going to reopen new replies. And you’ve got this group just by taking
over? By clicking the button and taking over. And you had to pay a fee for that? Well, it
takes one of slot. But I’m about to step down here. There’s only three, right? There’s three
slots. Yeah. Three slots for $72 you can get as many as
you want. So, if you open 18 accounts, you get 18 times
3 slots. For example, you might—if you have more than three or
four groups then you just keep opening slots. So, anyway… You can sell these things. You could potentially
sell it. Now, before… Isn’t that against the TOS? I don’t know
but I wouldn't ask… No I’m just asking out of curiosity by way
of putting it on the market like an actual as opposed to…

That might
be interesting to put Meetup groups on Flippa. Take them over and
put them on Flippa. Shoot, that might be a whole new business
opportunity. But how would you turn it over to somebody
else? Is there… I’m going to show you how to turn it over
to somebody here. Anyway, actually we’re pretty close to done
here at what I was going to talk about. So, there’s a couple of other
ways that you can run this juice. When you’re using discussion
boards like this, it’s fairly easy to… also create a page and you
can just randomly create pages and do the same thing. For example, you came up with marketing resource
guide, an SEO resource guide and just put them on these
groups. And then, turn the groups back lose into the wild.

Now, here’s the way it works. I’m going
to get rid of this group right now because it taking up one of my slots.
Well, here we’ll do this one last thing here. Is it slot worthy?
It’s not slot worthy for me. So, I’m going to say, let’s see. I’m
going to say “Email members” and I’m going to say this is from David
Favor. And let’s see. I usually have templates
to do these things. I haven’t done it for awhile. Let’s see.
I’m going to let this group go in a minute and I just say, “If you’d
like assistance running this group, be in touch with me.” And I’m going
to say… The party removed the site from the server
because everything had been taken off so at this point we’re going to
start from scratch.

Alright so, let’s wrap up on this right
quick. I just made this email and said I gave them my primary Meetup group
and I said, “I took this group over” and said “email the members
on the group, hopefully someone in the group will step up as an organizer.
If you’re inspired take the group over and get in touch with
me for assistance about how to grow your group.” And I’m going to
post this on the message board and I’m going to hit submit.

That just went to 272 people. Now, let’s
see I think we’ve gone through all the SEO. The last SEO to is…
see this sponsors and perks over here? You can do the same thing
over here. You can go into sponsors and you can create either a
group sponsor or a membership perk and add your SEO step over
there too at the past link dues. That gets all the link dues up. Now, I’m done with this group. I’m going
to go to my account and change the darn thing again. I used to have
a thing over here that had subscriptions. No, that’s just where
I went. It used to… “organizer”. Here we are.

Here’s where the categories get set-up.
To Meetup, you guys are stupid as a bag of hammers. It’s stupid
to put multiple things, multiple devices. I bet if we had “view
profile” here, nope. I was wrong. I thought it would give me like—no,
that’s the profile of this one group instead of all my thing. Here’s the “step down as an organizer”
thing again. I’m going to say “Step down as an organizer”. Now, in the
step down process if I nominate one of these people, like I could
pick one of these people like Mike. I’m going to say, “No, I don’t
want to nominate”.

If you nominate somebody to take over the group,
it’s better to get in touch with them because it takes one of your slots. You can nominate me if I’m there. Let’s
see. I don’t know if you’re here or not. Let’s see, Steve. No, you’re
not. I’m not one of the 272 special ones. Join right away. Join right now with your

Basically, when I step down it’s going to
send another message to all the members of the group saying somebody else
can take over. Let’s see. Did you say it takes one of your spots when
they give it away? Well, if you nominate somebody it keeps taking
up one of your slot until the 14 days go away or they’ve taken
over and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to wait. It ain’t slot
worthy as Kristin said. I like that, “it ain't slot worthy”. For the other here, I’m going to say, “Just
took over to offer assistance to someone else…” and who knows
if anybody reads this or not.

Alright, so I’m going to hit submit.
So, boom! I’m no longer the organizer. You step down as the organizer. You can see there’s all sorts of different
ways to use the different groups that are orphaned. Steve’s taking over right now. Yeah. For
example, it says. Steve is on the uptick… I can take care of it. I like… He’s on the update. Now, if we go back to
this group here. It probably says that—yup, see there’s no
organizer over, “This group doesn’t have any organizer. Learn more.” Now, what would also be interesting is there’s
no way to get a list of these.

Having some kind of BOT that would
want groups to try to figure that out in a way that Meetup won’t
know you were doing that is something I’ve been thinking about for quite
a while. But I haven’t come up with a good way of doing that. Now, it might be
that just using that link right there, I don’t know
it’ll just put me randomly in a group names there. Like, what’s your
internet marketing party one word? Let’s see what happens when we
hack the link. So this would be a way to just go through the top 100
groups every morning. And do this random link here that I just put in
with changing this name of the group right here. If it scrapes the
page—if you find this text, this group doesn’t have an organizer, the
you can automatically click and say “take over”. That would be a
useful BOT to have to… This is not any good for…

Yeah, it’s great to do virtual stuff. It’s
just that you’ve got to list physical venues if you expect Meetup
to allow you to actually have the group formed. Once the group forms… It won’t allow it unless there’s a physical
location. That’s a good point. When you start a new
Meetup group, always list at least two or three events at physical venues.
You can always change the venue later or you can cancel the
group. Don’t make any difference. It’s just as long as you get
through the first stage of the gauntlet. Because as far as I can tell,
once you make it though the gauntlet, they never check it again. Really? So, it all can be virtual then? Yup.
But you’ve got to have—for the group to make, you’ve got
to have a physical venue to start with.

Okay. Otherwise, because when you go through
the process, they ask you, “Do you commit to having physical Meetups? Just pick some random place that other Meetup
groups meet and who cares if you show up? You don’t go to the meet and it’s okay? Yeah. Just list, list Dave and Buster’s,
list Michael Abedine’s House at 8AM in the morning.

So, that’s what you
do. Cool. Any questions to wrap up on this? So you did this primarily just to expose these
272 people to your… Yeah. Except I expose differently than you
do. It’s not like the trench coat. I apologize. It’s a trench
coat, Jay. He hasn't been arrested for weeks. It’s tough. So, yes the answer is that I
took that group over simply to access the membership. And if I was going
through it a little better, I’ve got templates that I’ve written
up, email and I would probably go back and find this particular
group better than just making one up randomly, but you get the idea. So you’re aim again is to get these people
to Meetup group, yeah. Well, free members too because 272 members,
I don’t know. If I get ten members it’s ten that I didn’t have
for free, for five minutes worth of work. So, even if the only thing
you did was take over the group and send an email. Yeah, it was worth it. It was worth it.

At some point, if everybody in this room did
the same thing with this email group, I mean, wouldn’t it like kind
of start to look a little… Yeah but what are they going to do? When you
say it looks odd, you’re imagining that somebody in Meetup is somehow
going to know… because I don’t know how many Meetup groups there
are in Austin. But they’re, you know… Let’s see if it says here on
the front page. There’s in a 25 mile, let’s do 100 mile radius.

1,160 meet groups. Imagine trying to keep up with 1,160 meet
up groups. Across the whole US. I mean, good grief. Here’s
an interesting hack. Look at this. I have to take off. I have a meeting in 15
minutes. I’ve got a party… I don’t have cards but… Anyway.
That pretty much wraps up. Any other burning questions about… Okay,
Christian what’s your question? Can you just kind of take us through the initial
how to set-up an account? To set-up an account you just… Let’s see.
“Organizer Dues”, you just go in here and since I’m already set-up
it has my information set-up and if it wasn’t set-up then this
would be “Start an Account” or something like that.

pexels photo 7788009

You can just start
an account. Why does it say… It’s here last night. Do you have to go up there? 12 times 6 is
72. I mean, go in and set-up your organizer account
first and then… yeah, or the primary thing about the group
is just to make sure that… here’s the thing about setting up
group system. The most important thing is to set all your categories
right up front before you do anything else with your group. So,
when that email goes out—like if you only set-up one category
that only goes out to one category. Then, if you set up all 15 then
it goes out to 15. And 15 is the max? I believe that’s the
max, yes. For example, let’s see. Do wellness. Yeah, I was going to do wellness.
I think there’s about 1,000 people on the wellness list right now.
Alright, so let’s go to that.

Let’s take a look at wellness. Hey,
Clint. Hey, David.
So, the wellness there is 913 people within 100 miles or 25 so a lot
of attraction. I’ve got a whole bunch of foolish people, I mean smart
people here. Let’s see. That’s how I got here. Let’s see if I can figure out how to get
to Law of Attraction here. Let’s see if that would work. Business and
Law of Attraction… Let’s see how many people are on this waiting
list, one person. So, this is important too because you have to
look at these categories because if you pick a category that’s got
one person waiting, then you just wasted your email. So, “Consciousness” this is probably the,
no that ain’t it. Let’s see what Law of Attraction is. That’s not it.
So you have to figure out what the right one is for the Law of Attraction
because it ain’t just jumping out of me here which one it is. Probably Abraham Hicks.
Where did it go? Abraham Hicks. Stupid Meetup. Where is it? It was back in your original list.

Hicks, 2 people. So, somehow or another we aren’t quite figuring
out the right waiting list. Here we go, Law of Attraction is one
word. We’ll see if this is… Now, I’ve got to tell you though, for me
personally I’ve taken over some Law of Attraction groups. And my experience
is most of the people that are doing the whole Secret thing
or losers, I apologize. They suffer from this malady called Secret-itis
where they think they can ponder the lint in their belly button
and stuff will happen which is stupid. I’m trying to hold back here. You can turn what you’re recliner into a
Maserati. You can’t turn your recliner to your Maserati
as far as I can tell. I’ve tried. As far as I can tell you you’ve
got to take action aligned with whatever you desire the outcome
is. You’ve got to really desire… yeah, there’s strong desire. There’s very low conversion rate. It’s too bad the were like… so negative.
Yeah. There you go.

They attracted all that starvation into their
life. Well, yeah so I mean you had to do it. You just do it yourself
and chest it. Scarcity mindset. So, what you do is you go into use this sort
of general template here on how to search for things which is site:meetup.com
and then whatever the keyword is in quotes. And then, intitle:
“Waiting list Austin” and if you’d like to see “waiting list
New York” you just change that. And then, you can probably if you figure out
Law of Attraction like this. So, there’s no way to like rank categories
of being? No. You’re talking about how do you find
the biggest waiting list in Austin? Yeah. You just have to have done enough of
it to know or have a feel of how to start based on your niche.

There’s no
way to really do that all that easily. I’ll probably offer some sort of… I mean,
this is kind of generic sort of how to use orphan groups and I’m
guessing people that are interested in running Meetup groups will be
in touch if they’d like to consult about it. Any other questions about
this? Rock and roll, we made it in an hour. Anything? Going once. Yeah.
Calvin’s here. So for fitness, I’m going to target everybody
in a type of fitness, exercise. Yeah. So, let’s do fitness here.
I’m guessing that’s a word. Look at that. That’s in Brooklyn. And they’re still waiting. And they’re still waiting. I apologize.
“Fitness in Texas”… One other really important thing is when you form
a Meetup group… yeah, so 2,700 fitness people so that would be… Yeah. So here’s another important thing.
If you go onto your account in the “general settings” here and like
where it says “location”, when you form a Meetup group whatever the zip code
is here, that’ what waiting list you’re actually going to access. For example, if you’re trying to, like if
you’re Shawn Collins and you’re trying to start a Meetup group in
New York, you have to set this to Manhattan’s 10002 I think is the
Central’s zip code.

So, you have to set it and you can’t change that
until after that initial Meetup announcement goes out. So, you have
to figure out how to go camp on the interest in New York. So, you
have to start a bogus Meetup account, member’s account and set
your zip code to 10001 and set your category to camp on as like “marketing”
or “SEO” or “affiliate” so that you get the email
that a new group in your interest have formed.

Once you get that email
then you can go and change that to the next one. But it’s got
to be that this zip code has got to be set and that determines who
gets it. It’s got to be set until the group forms.
Because if you try to form a group then it’s going to form around the
zip code of whatever’s there. What I would do is if I was going to do a
New York, when I change this to Manhattan and hit “save” then I go
“form the group” and create the other Meetup member to camp on it, make sure
that I saw the interest. What do you mean by “Meetup member”? You create a bogus member that all it does
is… like I’ve got a bogus member set up for New York and Los Angeles
and Dallas so that I could track all the meet up groups that form there.
Because there’s no way to find out new meet up groups that form unless
you’ve got your zip code in that area.

And I also expand the radius
to the 100 miles. I’ve got to figure out where that—let’s
see. Let’s do this site. Let’s see if we can figure out how to get
to those interest because that’s absolutely essential. Both of you have taken over a group?
Do what? They have both… I was searching and I couldn’t find them.
I’m the organizer. I didn’t play any record. I didn’t play around. Let’s
say. I don’t know. It’s not slot worthy for David.
Let’s see. You just send them an email saying, “If
any of you want this, it’s okay. You can take yours”. Or I guess that
would be surfaced out into the Google area. Let’s see. I’m sure that will come up on your page. “How do I manage interest in new Meetup
group alert?” Okay, let’s do this. “Log-in your Meetup account. You landed
on a personal member help page. If you’re already logged in…”
Scroll down a bit.

Do what? “Log-in to your Meetup account. You
land on your personal member… If you’re already logged in you
can get the member help page…” I’m clicking the Meetup logo at the top
left. Okay. Meetup is even more stupid than I thought. There’s three
places. Here we go. Alright. Meetup.com please pay attention.
You guys are idiots. You click on this Meetup icon, you scroll
all the way to the bottom. It’s no longer under your account and you
can see what all the interest that I’ve got set-up.

Below the fold. Yeah, it’s below the fold
and it’s stupid. So, I’ve got all sorts of things set up here like “work
at home”, “dating for dating products”, “writers new in town”,
and I’ve got a bunch of text up like Linux, HTML and JQuery, CSS. You have 170 interests? So, there’s 170
interests here for this one, for this account. Okay, I got you. And I suspect, let’s see.
How do I add interest? “Add more interest”. So, if I’d like
to add more interest like here’s “spiritual” I think I’ll pass on that
but “entrepreneurship”, “business and social networking”, “spiritual
growth” and “transformation”. Fun times, come on. “Health and Wellness”,
“Start Up Business”, “Start Up Ventures”, “Venture Capitalists” So, it’s unlimited? Yeah, you can just set-up
thousands of these things.

David, you’re passing on “fun times”.
“Fun time” I don’t know about that. That might be… wait, I got to say
the best Meetup group ever. See this? Here it comes. It might be some
adult… “Cougars and cubbies”, I kid you not. I knew it. “Welcome cougars and cubbies
where younger men can meet older women, older women can meet younger
men.” I kid you not. There’s really a “Cougars and cubbies”
Meetup group. Now, why is this… No. Anyway if you think
that there ain’t a Meetup group for whatever you think there
you’d like to attend, you’re wrong. It’s there, baby. It’s there. And also, I noticed that if
you look at the bottom here it says, “Didn’t find a Meetup group you
like?” Let’s do this. They don’t have professional… You know
what? I look for optometrist the other day and they don’t have Meetup
group for those people.

Why don’t do wellness. Optometrist for me
would be a pre-type sell. They have one you just didn’t see it. I
guess we have to click on one of these. So, if I click on I get a search
for “marketing” and if I click on what would David’s group… Internet
Marketing Party. And then, if I go down to… That was Shawn. Was that Shawn’s group? He changed up email. Yeah, he changed this. I used to have a place to add different groups.
I guess I already camped on most of these topics or something. Now, here’s another thing that I would recommend
that you turn off. I could go in here and say “Suggest to Meetup
group buy Chocolate Bliss” and put a link in there to my website.

get the idea. Random people can spam these groups. So, when you
set up a Meetup group here’s what I would recommend you do. If I go into my Meetup group for inside track
party here, if you go into the group settings. This is probably
pretty important. Let’s see “optional features”. Right now, I’ve
got the message boards turned on so anytime I post a message it pops
a little thing at the bottom that ask me what message where I would
like to posted to because I sent out an email for this Meetup.
I’m going to turn this off right now to say, “Keep message on but
disable news post and replies”. What that means is I’m the only
person that can post so nobody can randomly create a new message board
thing. I’ve also got the mailing list set to “allow
all members to send messages but organizers must approve messages
first”. Otherwise, you’ve got people that just join your group
and spam your group.

The other one that is… Okay, I’m going to
submit this to turn off the message board thing. What’s your Google Analytics number? Google Analytics is basically the traffic,
how to look at traffic on your site. I can show you that in a minute.
Where is the—did they take out “Suggest to Meetups”. Here, okay.
“Let members suggest new Meetups”. I’ve got it set to “An organizer
announces them”. You can also set it to “Organizer announces and
trade members say they’re attending.” Or members suggest them, I’d
suggest that you don’t set this one. That’s good. Because then you’ve got all
sorts of people spamming you.

Let’s go into Analytics.google.com,
is that the link? Are you speaking, Dave? Are you speaking with
No. I just put it up there. Did you ever figure out who he is? No. So, here’s the Google Analytics for
my Meetup group. Basically, it just gives you a view into the Analytics
of the site just like any analytics. It’s just a hook to… And I
recommend you set up Analytics even if you don’t understand exactly
what it is, just go ahead and set it up to begin with. You set it up to begin with and then figure
it out because if you wait three years from now to figure out, “Oh,
I need analytics set” and you have three years less data.

So, just don’t
worry what it is just set it. But you set up the analytic or your Meetup
group. So, Meetup added that recently to setup a… So, you can do Google Analytics, okay. I thought
it was a little something off the site so you can do Analytics
on Meetup. When I did a promotional cycle on my—for
my Meetup group here recently and I had something like 500 visitors over
a week period and 60 percent or 70 percent of those were direct
links which mean that they actually typed it in. So, what I do I’d say, “If you’d like
to find out more information Google Inside track party.” With spaces,
I didn’t put the link so people have to Google and then they have to
click on it and join it.

So, that’s traffic directly from Google
from a search instead of meet. Okay. But it doesn’t tell you where it came
from before they came to your site. Well, they had to come from…
if there’s no analytical information if it’s straight from Google
then that tells me that it came through an email because I don’t have
any basis. I just kind of randomly go into Google. Wake up one morning
and say, “I think I want to Google Inside Track Party”. Maybe but
more likely it’s from an email. That’s what I viewed here. Yeah. That’s
right. Morning ritual, man. Find out about that.
One last random thing here and we’ll wrap up on… Add a BOT just to test the speed of the site.

Good. Random thing about when you’re setting
up a Meetup group name and also domain names and figuring out what
the keywords you’re going to target are. There’s two general ways
you can do that. You can either try to go after pools of traffic that
already exists or you can go after pools of traffic that are—they
exist and they’re some sort of nomenclature within the subculture that nobody’s
accessed yet. For example there’s this term “Wetware
Hacking”. That’s interesting. The new Google, I have to make—I got to
go read about this. So that Penguin Update fired, was it yesterday or
the day before in Google? Because the last time I checked these links
there were 400,000 and now today there’s 43. So, what’s the Penguin again? The Penguin is an update. Panda was the last
big update to Google which was last February 10th.

And then, the
other minor update was when they changed all the subdomains to be
the same domain. And then, Penguin was the one that happened this week
or in the last few days. And it took this number from 409,000 was the
last time I checked it to 435. Let’s see where I ranked. Now, take a look
at this. So, I’m number four with the term “Wetware Hacking” which
is a term that people in the subculture had been using since probably
the late ‘70s. And you have to be in the subculture to note the term. It’s like having the secret decoder ring.
Like if you’re in the subculture, you know and if you ain’t you
don’t know.

It’s like people dropping Acid. You can’t explain
to somebody what an Acid trip is like. No, you got to, you know, join
the club. Experience it. Yeah. So, here I’m number four and actually
when I registered this domain, within three days I was on page one.
I was the link on page one and I keep getting more and more. If I
click on the site, there’s the entire content for that site. That’s
it. That’s the number four link in Google. Now, the reason that’s a
number four link—and this is… Verse the phrase, contents… Well, the thing
about SEO it basically proves that SEO doesn’t really work like
everybody says it works because there’s zero backlinks to this site.
This is all on page SEO.

In other words, there’s no external links
at all. Not even a video. There’s no video. There’s nothing. In
fact, there’s no trickery here either. Here’s the actual HTML for this
whole page. That’s it. That is the entire, that’s it. That’s the entire
HTML for the page. There’s the title which is “Wetware Hacking”.
And there’s a style sheet and there’s the H1 tag which is “wetware
hacking” and there’s a link to my Meetup group and application if
you’d like to attend private hack-a-thons. So, a hack-a-thon is
where a group of people get together and talk about hacks. It might
be a PHP hack-a-thon or a Wetware hack-a-thon. And so, the point of
this is if you’ve got a particular subculture that you participate
in, try to figure out if there’s a way that you can come up with
a term that your subculture understands and knows about that nobody else
is capitalizing on very well.

Frequent flexing. Frequent flexing, very yes.
That would be a domain that I’ll go register here in a few minutes.
See! So, you’re talking about the jargon within
certain industries and markets. Yeah. So, basically what this whole site is
based on the fundamental things that Google tell you what to do to
rank well in Google. That is 100 percent syntax correct, HTML and CSS,
no errors, no warnings, no passing go and collecting $200 and the
title is exactly what the term is and the H1 tag is exactly what the
term is, no extra words, nothing.

If Wetware Hacking had been taken,
I might have said wetware hacking 101 or wetware hacking guide. It would
have started with “wetware hacking” though both in the title
and H1 tag. So… Let me finish. So, another thing is
this page is semantically correct. In other words, there’s only one
H1 tag. If there’s 2 H1 tags that might completely drop out of the
ranking. If there was an H1 tag, an H3 tag or an H6
tag and an H6 tag in that order, that would drop out of the rankings
also because that’s semantically incorrect. It should go H1, 2,
3; H2, H3; H2, 3, 4. In other words, semantically correct is absolute
in Google. And the other, the last thing is this page
serves blazingly fast. If we check this site, it probably runs at 8-10,000
requests a second. Pardon? It runs fast. It has no video. No, no, no.

Any site, it didn’t matter if
it’s got video on it, it should still serve it at least 1,000 requests
a second. If you’d like high Google Traction, all my sites serve
4-5,000 requests a second or I never release them in the wild.
And most people, if they can get 12 or 10 requests a second, I think
it’s a freaking good day. And if you’re hosting with somebody with
HostGator, Bluehost or Dixie, if you can get 1½ or 2 requests a second
it’s a freaking good—it’s a really good day.

Anyway, you have a question Michael? So, if I follow what you’re saying, it’s
not so much what you’ve done on the site to get the higher ranking, it’s
what you didn’t do? It’s that I played by the rules. I haven’t
gotten to writing content yet. Here’s the point here. It is that if
you’re focused on linking, writing content, whatever you think you’re
focused on and none of it’s worth anything unless you fix the base level
stuff Google says for you to do right which is correct semantics, fast
page loading, correct HTML, correct CSS which you can test through
the… if you do a search for Unicorn and W3C like the Validator.

Unicorn, W3C… So, here’s the Unicorn Validator.
You can put pages in there. I’m guessing this… let’s just
check my site here. It’d be funny if there was a syntax here, wouldn’t
it? That would just completely blow everything I just told you.
Look at that. This is an acceptable syntax error and actually I can
fix that. It says that—it’s basically saying that this entity
form key has no system identifier. There is one little broken thing
in there that I could fix and probably get even higher ranking. So, these are pretty non… really aren’t
considerations in true syntax. But I’ll fix these here in a few

But if you look at a lot sites, they’ll have like—I check
somebody’s site that he couldn’t get any ranking in Google and had
something like 800 errors, syntax errors. Can you check in the? Yeah, we can check David’s
group here. So, you say there’s only one H1. But what
if you wanted to have bullet points all at the same time, could
you do multiple H2s? That’s the way you do them. In fact, it’s
way better to do bullets with H2s than with a normal list. So, like
David’s got 58 errors. I probably fix that. That slowed down the page or what is it doing? Well, it’s going to do multiple things.
It’s going to slow down the page. See, the other thing is also when you
hit the browser, a person’s browser, that’s a strong consideration
for how you write your web pages, too. Okay. And so, if you’ve got a bunch of errors,
like this has got a bunch of errors, in the browser it’s got
to try to make sense of that.

And it even gets… It will work harder for Google then. Yeah. And here’s the ultimate tester for
web pages here. It’s Webpagetest.org also Yslow and Pagespeed or
plugins into Firefox that you can use. Webpagetest.org is nice because
it’s a separate website. So, it didn’t matter if you’re using Firefox
or Safari or whatever. Geometrics is a good speed tester. Geometrics is another one. Yup. So, this one
is pretty good. I mean, I could even get that done even farther.
If we look at the waterfall here, it says that… Like, see
all these long request here? The majority of the time in this request
has been taken up by accessing the Google Font of the Google CDN
for writing that wetware hacking up at the top. So, what I could do is I can take—I could
just change the—instead of doing the Google Font in line with the code,
I could have a java script function run after the page has loaded.
We could go in and set the font to the Google font.

So, it would
say “wetware hacking” and it would be bang, instant! Probably it looks
like it would paint around 99 milliseconds or no it would be 323
so around between .4 and .5 seconds so in half a second the page would
be up. Right now, it’s running about a second.
If I could just change this slightly I can get some seconds… So, it would change. Yeah, it tells you what
changed. It tells you right here. It says that “wetware hacking”,
my HTML took 323 milliseconds and it took another about a hundred
milliseconds to load the CSS and then everything else is biting
me from Google.

So, yup. So, we’re supposed to go there. Okay. Yes.
So, I’ll go. I’ll actually go back and change that just as an
exercise and optimizing it. I feel like going and crawling into a tar
pit and just turning into oil for future generations. Well, why is that? Because I just… The idea that anybody could
understand this is just about make every neuron in my brain just explode. Well, the thing you do is if you have a site
that’s generating money then, what you do is you do a joint venture
with somebody on a revenue share basis because I mean anybody good that’s
the only way they’re going to work. And you figure out how much
money you’re willing to give them of what new business they bring
in. Because you figure, you built like you got Austin all natural, you
built up a certain equity and so figure, “Well, you know, if I’m
making $100,000 profit, if I can double my throughput and also make the
indexing and my content better so people keep coming back maybe I’m
imagining I you know, add another $100,000 a month after month fix to
where it’s a multimillion dollar in a few years.” And then, you figure out how much of that
you know, multimillion dollars you’re willing to split with the
person and you pitch him.

You pitch him on you know, a 25 percent or
50 percent, you know, like Perry and Ryan the way they run their incubator
is they do an 80 percent split. If you took Austin All Natural and you joint
venture with them, they’d take 80 percent and you get 20 percent. But
if they boost your income 1,000 percent who cares? And your 80 percent would be a whole lot of
money. Well, your 20 percent. Yeah. So, that’s
the point. Once you’ve got a property that is functioning well or that
you’ve got a following some kind of tribe around, then if you can
fix the plumbing to where you can reach more people and also create
a path for those people to come back and interact in your site effectively
then you know, your income just freaking goes out the roof. Yeah. I mean even like Austin All Natural,
even you just random things like, you just fix the site and the
only monetization you did was like book of a week on Amazon. And that’s
the only thing you did on the whole site is you put a book of a week
link to Amazon on that site on every freaking page.

And I bet you
just have a huge chunk of income. That means every page you make, every page,
every article becomes a separate page and on that page you sell you
know, the Adblock for that page for Amazon. And then, you also sell Adblocks,
right. So, if like if I look at this May 2012 issue. If
I open up to page 7 I see a crystal bed therapy, amethyst biomat. Is the
girl in Bastrop? She’s one of them. It’s not the one we
see all the time. Okay, this is somebody different Susan Hickle. She’s
in Castles Down. Okay. So, if Susan Hickle like to have a Adblock
on that page then you sell her a certain number of impressions.
Like, maybe she gets a 1,000 impressions for $100 or $10 or whatever.
And then, every time it gets an impression that account is one
more impression. In other words, she’d pay you $100 for 1,000 impressions
or something. And that would be a different payment for
just random impressions on your site.

Or there was an article written
about amethyst biomats because that amethyst biomats articles over
time is going to get tremendous traffic about that particular topic.
So, you charge more for that ad space than if it’s just a random
ad that’s floating around your site. So, you have different ad rates for different
placement in general. So you’ll have a general placement ad rate
and a specific placement. So if you’d like to buy an ad, you know,
me at Michael Abedine, I get to choose where the ad goes. It’s a lower
rate. Or if you choose regular ad goes all the time at a higher rate.

So this part is for user, user experience
who want it to be a fast load. Well, not for—well, for user’s experience,
yes. But for Google says and every year it becomes more and more
important to speed which page the pages load. Any other questions before
we wrap up here? So the pages get bumped. Going once. Oh yeah. So, you recommend WordPress, then?
Oh yeah.

WordPress. Here’s a—okay, last random thing here
which is a really great tool. Here’s how you choose what technology to
use. Let’s look, WordPress PostNuke, which probably
doesn’t even register anymore. PostNuke was one of the first CMSes
that was ever developed. Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine. So, these
are the primary or some of the primary CMSes systems, WordPress PostNuke,
Drupal, Joomla and Expression Engine. Let’s see which one you should use for your
website. This is going to tell you. Look at that! PostNuke is freaking
gone. It’s extinct. It’s done in the negative. Drupal started at about the same time as the
data here started about the same time as WordPress.

It’s barely
creep up because Drupal is kind of like putting your hand on a concrete
sidewalk and banging it over and over with a ball-peen hammer. Why
would you do it? Joomla’s like just one banging one finger
with a ball-peen hammer because it only hurts one finger and maybe
two or three fingers depending on… In fact, you can look at Joomla. It’s interesting.
You’ll see that Joomla started about—the data here starts
about a year after the data on WordPress.

If you watch this curve here,
this is where Joomla was promoting that eventually they’re going
to have the we’re at one button press update like WordPress does. Right here in mid late 2009, they finally
said, “No, we’re just ain’t bright enough to do that.” And then, “Say,
yeah. You been punked.” And then, you see where they’re going and
you see where WordPress is going. Here’s the thing about Drupal and Joomla
besides they’re great if you’re somebody that has a web service business
that’s pitching you to pay them to do it because what you do, once
you do it there’s no escape. It’s like taking a needle in the
arm. You know, you can’t get off. So, Drupal and Joomla are kind of heroin that
once you start, it’s really tough to get off. And also there’s
no way to upgrade. Every version that comes out, you through away everything
you did before which is great for web services companies
because then you’ve got to pay again.

With WordPress, you hit update, update, update.
In fact, recently I set up a WordPress 2.7 site and went through
the update all the way through the 3.3.2 and it worked flawlessly
every time. Update, update, update everything were… The thing
with WordPress is it just works… Do what? All the plugins? Well, the plugins you do those, you update
those separately. Separately, okay. So, anytime you’d like
to test a trend you can look at the trends and that will tell you.

an interesting trend, too. Let’s look at this. While you’re on that graph… Yeah. What precisely is that showing? I mean, WordPress
is getting higher in? Search volume. I apologize. So this basically
tells you how much activity, in other words, how many people
are using and contributing to this particular topic. In particular, one of the trends that this
tracks really well is all the mailing lists were developers are talking
about what they’re doing and swapping email back and forth about what’s
happening on the project that can account towards this, too.

What was that site that your site awhile back
and you talked about over that place over the North Austin. It
was site something—because I’ve ran some of these, “Oh, yeah. I’ve
got my site built on this thing.” I can’t remember. Here’s the Operating System you have to
use for your servers, too. Notice what happens in the Windows Servers?
Windows Server and Debian and RedHat and everybody started over here
and they’re all plummeting. And Ubuntu started here in 2004 and went up,
up, up. Now, Ubuntu, the operating system actually draws from the Debian
which is the blue line here, the Debian packages.

They’ve just
got better marketing than Debian so it’s just actually a repackaging
of Debian. I’m about to switch to Debian because they
release code. So, Debian releases codes and Ubuntu takes it and repackages.
So, if I go directly to the Debian repositories then I
get code faster. There you go. Do you know my favorite restaurant in Napa? There you go. So, by the way, this is another
way. I mean you can use these trends to tell different things
that you can—different technologies that you can use with whatever. Now with these technologies, what are they
for? These are operating systems like RedHat started
at the top here and it’s flat lined. It’s one of the hardest
operating systems to use. With the computer or that’s on the web?
Both. I mean you can run I can run RedHat desktop on this machine if
I’d like. It’s just really, really difficult for most users to use.

Is it to the hardware or not? What does that
mean hardware? Trends like you know, can you tell the difference
between and stuff? Yeah. If you’d like to do like Android IOS… Not that they would skew the numbers on our
own system. So you can see like you know, Apple does a
good job marketing but you can see that all the activities is all about

And in fact, I found usage is just freaking dropping in the
toilet. It’s because it sucks. Apple is just… they’re just evil
people. Android is an open source system and more
and more people are switching over to it. Apple is sort of headed
towards, you know at one point in time Apple owned almost 90 percent
of all the desktop computing marketplace back in the Apple II
days. And then, Apple thought to themselves, we
don’t care about those pesky users.

We will tell them what they need. And
they created that, what was that stupid Mac that they did? The little
square… With the different colors? That thing super
bullet… and what was the one after it? There was the Lisa and then… In 1994? I don’t care about the commercials
but it’s the… That stupid thing after he left Apple he went
and did his own thing. Well, basically what Apple did was they closed
their system. Apple II was open. It’s the Macintosh.
There was something before the Macintosh. It was something educational. Yeah, it was an educational. It was a stupid,
ugly block thing. Yeah, basically the Apple II was a desktop
system that had card slots. You could hack hardware. You could hack software.
You can hook a monitor up to it, keyboard, extra devices.
And then, they closed all that through all the way and made everything
and said, “We’re going to strap you to a wall and lash you senseless
and tell you what you need.” And that was when the IBM PC, that’s when
IBM said, “Well, what about we just do a better Apple II.

We upgrade the
hardware, the bus architecture and just do exactly what they
did and take the market?” and they did. It’s exactly what they did. And then, Apple dropped something to like
7 to 8 percent of the marketplace in just a few years. And the IBM
PC has taken off. And we still use the same IBM PC architecture
even though IBM ain't made a PC in 20 somewhat years now. They used to
make them over at the corner of Burnett and Mopac. In fact, they dosed
the facility about a year ago and the building is not even there anymore.

So Apple is going back to that thing now where
they got the App Store and the iPhones and like the Macbook pros
and everything. But it’s closed and they’re telling everybody this
is the way you’re going to go. And it’ll work for awhile and then people
like Android, you can look at the numbers. I mean, the numbers tell
the tale. In fact, the numbers are you know, there’s like about
4 ½ times search volume for Android than IOS which is the IPhone operating
system. No, Android is the open source. Any other
questions? We’ll wrap up here. We can get wrapped up on some rabbit
holes here. Anything else? Going once? Twice, three times.
Alright, we’ll go wrap it up..

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