Onlinemarketing Einstieg – Wie funktioniert effektives Onlinemarketing im Detail?

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Welcome to this video tutorial from the FAN system, which today is about: How does online marketing
actually work, what advantages do I have from it and what does it bring me as a small and medium-sized entrepreneur Qualitative customer growth with a system The marketing channel from and with
Christian Seigwasser My name is Christian Seigwasser and I would like to invite you to take a short, crisp, fast journey into the world of marketing.

What does online marketing bring me in detail ? -Performance ratio etc. compared to the classic advertising channels of the past Let's just take a look at it together. First of all, please don't just start Create a strategy! Don't
just start posting something, sit down on a piece of paper beforehand and think about where you want your journey to go! By the way: You can either take a blank sheet of paper or look in our download area at There you will find numerous templates and a lot of material to download that you can use to help you so that you don't have to start from scratch Which strategies can we enter There are different ways! First, there is the area of image and awareness.

That eans: We can set up and build up an image and awareness strat gy. Would you like to build up an image and increase your aware ess? Then your advertising or
marketing campaign will look very different than if you want to sell something, for example. I
don't necessarily tend towards image and awareness. Because that's more for big companies. From my point of view, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs should rather do sales advertising. That means: For every euro that we invest from our hard-earned money, I would like to personally always feel what benefit comes back there. A certain image, a certain awareness, then arises all by itself. If you find a middle way there, I'm also happy to help you, so that we can plan and look at it together. The next area is customer loyalty Also used very frequently. You may already have a very good, well-known group of regular customers and build on recommendations. Then a certain amount of online marketing – recommendation marketing – can provide considerable support If you use your Internet platform, for example through an access area or through interesting blog articles, where new information about your specialist topic is constantly coming up get published , make customers very loyal to you, make them fans of your business That should be the goal anyway.

Turn your customers into fans! Because then recommendation marketing at a high level will happen all by itself! Another important area
is, of course, the acquisition of new customers My hobby horse! We constantly need new customers! Because even if we have a great customer relationship, the customers will naturally become fewer. Companies sometimes move away or are closed. Even if you serve private customers, they can also move away, leave us or relocate, have other interests, etc. You should always devote a certain part of the
acquisition of new customers to your corporate marketing So that we never falling into the trap: that we are doing well at first, but then we suddenly find ourselves in front of a mountain and don't even know where we can quickly get new customers from if important regular customers are missing. In my view, new customer acquisition should always play a role in the online marketing mix play The best way to do this is through landing pages. If you don't know what landing pages are, then I strongly recommend you to watch my video tutorial here on this channel! Because landing pages have a significant advantage over classic websites What exactly is the difference, what advantages you enjoy and how quick and easy they are to do, you can find out on my channel
or on the page: Sales increase! In the end, online marketing leads to a purchase page if I want to increase sales.

This means that I actually increase my sales. It can either happen directly that I sell something directly on the page, or it can also support the sale. I know many Use people whose websites are well designed as sales tools In the past, customers
were bombed with classic brochures. Now I can do it interactively. I can plan something with the customer on an interactive page Online marketing has so many faces and you can invite your customer to a real journey, to a world of experience , provided you invest a tiny bit into it. And that's easier than you think! Provided you have a strategy for it, of course. As I said, I'm happy to help you and you even get the whole thing for free! Just go to: and arrange free telephone coaching with me! Visit us at: and get more useful free tools for your customer growth! There you will get numerous tips for over half an hour, very personal, tailor-made for you and your

The whole thing is of course non-binding and free of charge! So, you can win so much and lose so little! I would just do it! In any case, avoid wastage A good strategy always starts with positioning myself as a company for a precisely defined target group I know there are so many who could be happy with your services There are also so many who could use your products , or your offers… But it's best to find your desired target group and make your communication in
online marketing, just like in offline marketing, exactly consistent with this target group Which image worlds do your customers love Which word choice, which address? Is it the you form, is it the you form? That's where it starts And so on… That should also be part of your marketing strategy so that you avoid wastage and become
very effective! You can't build on it and say: From today on I'll only do Facebook and I'll gain everything from it Personally, I find it really bad when people say I don't need all that, for me there are only Google Adwords or SEO campaigns Relatively difficult: Because what if the whole thing shifts a bit? On the one hand, you commit yourself to Google very significantly when you say: I only generate my entire new customer acquisition, my
customer growth through Google Adwords ads…

From my point of view, there should always be a mix of different channels! You can redirect people from your social media account, from Facebook, to your YouTube channel like we're doing here! You can find a lot of interesting information, for example, on Facebook or on my page:! There you will find numerous best practice videos, downloads, videos and much more, which is not possible here on YouTube. It is therefore intermedial and we use different channels, which makes the customers simply happier. First, I would always recommend that you do a newsletter There's no use just launching an ad, just launching an online marketing campaign, If people don't have the opportunity to sign up somewhere, offer them something that will add value, give them more value, do me a favor. Don't do a
newsletter like we know from bad providers. Be sure to buy this now…! Instead, create real added value in your newsletter, create benefits. Bring them something they can put into practice, something they can use.

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Then you've achieved something. And you are welcome to sprinkle a bit of advertising along the way. Then the customers will buy almost by themselves and I promise you! However, it won't be the case if you bombard them with clumsy ads! Be a beneficiary in your newsletter area, because then at some point you will no longer be able to save yourself from entries. Only do clumsy advertising, then you will no longer be able to save yourself from unsubscribes! Secondly: Present yourself in directories There are so many directories for your
industry, for certain subject areas and so on. For regional conditions… Just look around at all the directories there are. In Germany there are well over 100,000
different directories. Where are you already listed? Many of them can't even be found regionally using the Google address finder Or in classic specialist forums, specialist directories and so on So: Just take a look and register yourself in the various directories Most of them are even free! Third: Portals! There is a great deal of power in portals, a great deal of power. It also makes sense to register there.
Just look at which portals are relevant for you and your target group Just look at which portals your target group uses.

These can be completely different portals than you might have thought Just have a look, where they are on the road Fourth: Of course search engines There is not only Google! There is so much more. There's Bing, there's Yelp, there's TripAdvisor and so on. Just look at which search engine is strong in your area, in your industry. Google is not omnipotent and google's power is decreasing to place it in other search engines Open your eyes, broaden your horizons, just break new ground . This also often costs either a
little time, almost no money at all and sometimes just a little effort. I definitely recommend that you be
placed in different search engines Fifth, there are apps There are so many apps, portals and so on Portals and apps are often the same, but sometimes they are not Because many good portals often offer apps We are becoming faster and faster with certain apps found easier. You don't have to develop your own app for this. Simply register in common apps. The classic way of doing this is, for example, in the
out-of-home area:, …

However, such apps are also available for many other things. There's something like that for alternative practitioners, for trainers, for coaches, for small craft businesses and so on. Just see if there aren't free memberships where you're listed in apps and thus ensure increased attention and, above all, findability And see but also, whether a small investment would refinance itself, take a look at where your competition is. That usually helps a lot. But make sure that it's the more successful competitor. and not necessarily the one who is also on the hunt to win customers that he does not yet have. I would like to make you successful and you should only orientate yourself towards companies that are already where you want to be.

I don't want to do that say that you are not successful today. But always check if there isn't a company that is even more successful than you. Then find out where these companies are located and present and be there too! I summarize again briefly The most important briefly summarized! First: The strategy is important! Don't just run. Make a plan! We would be happy to help you with this. In our academy. You can also find many downloads on our website Or, best of all, simply arrange a telecoaching Appearance in harmony is important! Don't just start and do something left, sometimes right, sometimes this type of photo, sometimes the color, but make sure that you have a good CI Corporate identity is actually only something for large companies. But you can also determine it yourself. Simply determine which color scheme, which fonts and font sizes determine your company, etc. And thus ensure a coherent appearance on all channels. And last but not least: Combine different things. Don't just back one horse a single direction But combine different channels, try them out a bit Of course you should have a strategy But that’s why you can always try new things to get a feel for it That often does less harm than good The benefit is already small activities considerably high I can tell you one thing: If your competition is not yet using a new type of channel, then simply try and be present there.

You can often achieve a lot more with much less effort. In this sense, I wish you in any case good luck with your customer growth with a system And if you liked this video tutorial, just click here below and And subscribe to my channel There you will find numerous other videos, practical examples, tutorials about online marketing in detail, what landing pages are, how you generate your Facebook presence and so on.

You can also find a lot of information at: There you will also find Best Practice examples, downloads on all aspects of marketing and much more. I wish you every success in growing your customers with a system. Yours sincerely, Christian Seigwasser You can find more downloads at:

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