Onlinemarketing – 7 Gründe für Online Marketing

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Welcome to the FAN System video tutorial, where I would like to give you 7 reasons for online marketing today, which make it attractive, make it lucrative and which present and convey it to you as a very effective marketing campaign and as a very effective marketing channel . Qualitative customer growth with system The marketing channel, by and with Christian Seigwasser! My name is Christian Seigwasser and I want to take a quick look with you at 7 reasons why online marketing makes sense for small and medium-sized companies First: Effective target group analysis You can use a great analysis that you can use the social media channels or other online marketing platforms offer, perfectly address your tailor-made target group
! This has never been so precise in offline marketing. From my point of view this is perfect! It's almost unbelievable what possibilities there are today
. How precisely you can reach your target group.

You can define your target group 100% precisely. These possibilities have never existed before! We can choose what age, where they come from, classic demographics and so on, where that person lives, and so
on and so forth… But then adds so much more! For example, where does this person shop? The person prefers discount stores or luxury boutiques. Where is the person going on vacation? Does the person prefer long-distance travel? When was the last time you went on vacation ? Is the person married? If yes, how long? Newly engaged, how many children? What cell phone does the person use to access the internet Does the person prefer a smartphone or desktop PC? Everything is possible, everything is possible!
There is almost no limit to what we can narrow down today.

We shouldn't talk about data protection here at this point, that's not the topic at the moment. You can discuss that and of course there are different opinions. From a marketing point of view, however, the limits and possibilities are limitless. The question is, do you use them? Because your competition is probably already using it. And that's why I encourage you to think about which target group data you can use so that you can reach your target group before your competitors do. Where do you find them? I will help you with it! Just go to: target group analysis Or go to the download area of and look for the target group analysis tool there.
I've summarized everything that the internet has to offer there and you can very easily and precisely determine your target group there.

Second: It's cost-effective From my point of view, it's one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising that we've ever had. We have the option of doing pay per click campaigns. That means we really only pay for the person who is a 100% match for us and who is interested in our service. So only the person who clicks on our ad. That's gigantic! It's as if the ad salesman had come to you and said: I'll print your ad 10,000 times in the newspaper and you only have to pay for the people who call you at the end.

Which ad salesman does
that anyway? In online marketing it is possible. And much, much more. Today we can also upload videos, image worlds and so on relatively quickly and easily
. We get them from databases. We can produce media stuff where we used to need a film team that can now be created for a few euros or even on your own PC and sent out into the world Third: success control! You can control exactly what causes which advertising. That is, what exactly brings back what, how, where! We used to have to spend first, looked at the range and then waited.

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Today you can see exactly what is happening with IT tools and programs, but often with the ad managers that providers such as Facebook ad managers, Google Adwords campaign planners, etc. bring with them . where do I find my target group. You have an immediate overview of your costs and ideally you can simply start with 5 or 10 € campaigns and evaluate whether you have already won customers. If that's the case If that's the case, then of course there is courage and trust to increase it. But please don't start and throw in 100 – 200 € and any campaigns right away. Feel very carefully. Just look at how successful very small campaigns are. From my point of view, they should lead to success. I would be happy to help you with that. By the way, you can also find a voucher for free telephone coaching on our website: Visit us at and get other useful free tools for your customer growth, where we can create a model strategy together with you It doesn't cost you anything, but you can win a lot and save a lot of time.

So just use it. Then: unrestricted accessibility The network is always online. 24 hours,
7 days a week, 365 days a year There are no public holidays, there are no days off. You are always present and available for your customers . We used to wait for the ad to be
distributed, for the magazine to be distributed. The Käsezeitung – that's what we call it, the small advertising papers, etc. And then it was only on the customer's table for a certain, limited period of time. For some, it never made it onto the table. Many have disposed of them directly at the entrance Here we are always present for our target group! Increased attractiveness As already mentioned. We can make media contributions with pictures, with videos… We can do something like what we are doing here right now: spoken content. So much more is possible compared to the classic, passive media of the past. Use it! Very important: interaction options You should also use them. The online marketing business, especially in the social web, is not a one-way street. This is really important and you should take that to heart.

You can't just broadcast and hope that something will come. It can be seen as a burden or it can be seen as an opportunity. You can interact with your customers immediately. They're guaranteed to respond to your
ads, and I think that's a huge gift. Because where where could you constantly improve? How could you use that in the past,
that your attractiveness for the ads, for the sayings, for the
headlines, i.e. for the advertising slogans, etc. can be constantly increased
from day to day ? You can, for example,
react to feedback and immediately implement. A dream of what is possible.

Provided you interact and work with your audience I recommend that to everyone. Because this allows growth potential that is almost unlimited Last but not least: Increased presence With very few resources, very little financial investment and a relatively manageable amount of time, you can ensure that you are very present. Provided you have chosen a target group that suits your time and advertising budget. Most people want to win over the whole country with their services and products just because the Internet is active nationwide. It's just as difficult, of course, before. You have the opportunity to work nationwide. But choose a suitable target group. Nevertheless, choose a framework that fits your advertising budget , your positioning – also means your time commitment. If you don't have a precise positioning yet or are still a little unsure, what exactly is the right size of a target group so that I appear there like a big player? Then I also recommend that you simply
contact me. Just write to us at: Or redeem the telephone coaching voucher immediately, which you can find on our website: By the way, you will find much more there.

I recommend that you just go to anyway. You will also find a link below this video. There you will find numerous downloads, podcasts, best practice examples, more videos and much more about your strategic marketing. Not only online, but also for offline marketing. So, just visit us and
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