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Online Video Marketing Tips
Hi, Ryan with Accelerate Marketing. One of the problems that I see is that a lot
of business owners are not taking advantage of what I'm using right now which is a simple
Smartphone, a lapel microphone, and video. Not only video, but also Google Places and
their website. If you're not being found by your customers
online, your phone is not ringing and you're not going to get as much business. Theres some very simple techniques and some
very simple tools that I'm reminded of as I'm visiting here in Washington D.C. and as
I see this guy, this statue behind me, he is on a horse. Back in the day, they used to deliver mail
and messages and communication via horses. Well there is no reason to live in those days

pexels photo 205316

Weve got amazing technology, my wife is capturing
this video right now on my Smartphone, I'm going to upload it YouTube in probably two
minutes after I edit it for another two minutes. Seven minutes and I can communicate to over
a billion people. That is what you can do as a business owner
with video, Google Places, or getting on the map locally and also with your website. Take advantage of these tools. If you need any help to learn how to use these
tools and actually get access to a live training where we teach you how to use these tools,
then text your name and email to 561-739-2283. Again, that is 561-739-2283. Thanks!.

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