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A Google account must be
created or of course one already exists . A subsequent separation from the
Google or google+ accounts on YouTube is unfortunately no longer possible as of June 2014, it worked for a long time but, as I said, is not possible at the moment
. There are two different
versions here. On the one hand it is the confirmed account. With the confirmed account, you can already do a great many things, such as creating individual thumbnails
, setting playlists, linking them to your own website. You can make the confirmed account immediately, simply go to the YouTube settings and have the account confirmed or have an SMS sent
to your mobile phone and then enter the code and the
account is already confirmed. On the other hand, there is the actual
partner status, which you only achieve when you have actually reached 75,000
hours of playback time in the last 90 days . There is a detailed list from
YouTube itself, which I will link to below and also write it down
as a comment.

This is a link to a YouTube page, where you can see in detail what you can do with the confirmed account
or with the partner status and when you can get it. The book contains
many suggestions for channel tips. We have specially selected a whole chapter
for this and take a look at the chapter,
there are at least 10 tips in it that are important for the channel
. Maybe a little tip here: I think the in-
video programs are very, very good. You can, for example, display your small thumbnail
as a watermark or, for example, a suggested playlist to simply achieve even higher
viewer loyalty.

The about us field in the channel is a
very important field, of course it is also read by Google. Definitely store the search words there
, definitely specify the linked websites, not only for your own blog or website, but also for all relevant social media channels and , ideally, make full use of the full range of options. Custom thumbnails are
so important because when you upload a video
, youtube usually picks its own thumbnail and youtube looks there at about 25%, 50
% and 75% of the video watch time and
just randomly picks there a picture out.

The image doesn't have to look that
great of course and if you upload a custom
thumbnail then you have full control of what's
inside. You can also write a text
and they are so important, because of course
when someone watches a video, your video can also appear on the right side under
suggested videos or at the end of the video
as a thumbnail and that's where the users are the videos only look at
the picture, of course.

Of course, you cannot
imagine what is actually happening in the video , so the picture must of course
arouse attention and interest so that the person clicks on it in the first place
. Even if you link your video
to your homepage or blog, the thumbnail usually appears as a preview image and of course you want to leave a good
impression there too. Again back to the thumbnail the size of the thumbnail should be
at least 640 by 360 pixels the higher the resolution the better. It is best to choose a 16 to 9 direction
and the file size must not exceed two
megabytes. So in the description
I usually recommend to make two different parts. At the top of the first three lines of the
description , I of course recommend making a link either to the blog, to the website or wherever you would like to link, to which you then get something out of it and to choose a sensational or very interesting article .

pexels photo 6476587

As in the first
three lines of the description, these three lines are usually
at least partially displayed both on the desktop and on mobile devices and if there is something interesting then there is a high probability that the person just clicks on the link or more Look at the description and the lower part of the
description can be more fixed,
for example you link to Facebook or you say what your channel is about in general. So the upper part summarizes the upper third of the upper part of the
description link and an interesting text. Then in the middle what
the video is all about and at the bottom and then links to other websites
what your channel is about and so on. A channel trainer is therefore important when the user clicks on your channel
, the
channel trailer starts automatically as long as the user has not yet subscribed to your channel and this automatic start
naturally attracts attention immediately.

And it has another advantage, of course, it counts as a view every time and this increases views on your videos enormously and as I said, the user
starts automatically because there is a higher probability
that he will watch the video and then hopefully also subscribe and I like the video marked and so
on. Yes, of course there are
different views on this. There are videos or channels that regularly have 15, 20, 30
minute videos in them and don't cut them and they work
excellently, and then there are other channels that have 30 seconds to two three
minute videos in them and they also work very well and vice versa So I don't think there is a general tip, it depends on you it 's important that you are authentic it of course also depends on your topic if it obviously
needs a lot of explanation or if it goes very, very deep into the subject
then that's it sometimes it is also essential that the video is longer.

I've ridden quite well so far and with
short videos, that is between 30 seconds and three minutes. Of course, there is a higher chance
that the user will stay tuned and watch a video of two or three
minutes, otherwise users who are
more than interested in your topic and if you provide very good content, then
the video can It can also be longer, like two or three minutes, then a 15 to 20 minute
video can also work very well and can also be
looked through. Yes, the number of videos to
upload is a common question. Of course, Google and he or YouTube
like it when I upload videos regularly, so I would rather recommend that instead of uploading 5 videos in a row once, that is, for example, uploading a video every Monday
and every Sunday for five weeks
, that this regularity because all of this is rated
very highly by Google.

Otherwise, if I have a lot of time, of course, I can also present a lot of content. Then I recommend uploading more videos.
Of course, the
experience shows that the user likes it or
not , I have more views on a video
if I only upload one once a week or
if I upload it five times, it splits up upload the week. Of course, you can also take a
look at the analytics data. You can then find the analytics data under
Settings and then Analytics and you can see very well how often your video is clicked on, how long it is viewed, how many thumbs up, how many thumbs down
and so on. By the way, you can also see your average playback time there, so you can check there whether you are already a potential partner. Yes, that's the question I've
been asked so far, if you have any further questions then definitely write them to me, it's best to
write them to me by email at Christian @ the email address is also listed below of discretion and I
blinded her again.

So you can write to me at any time, I'm really looking forward to your , to your messages and we will definitely answer the questions on the page. I wish you personally very, very much luck and success with your YouTube channel and all the best,
your Christian..

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