Online Marketing Tipps – Die 10 besten Tipps für Dein erfolgreiches Online Marketing

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Welcome to this video
tutorial from FAN System, where I would like to give you the 10 best tips for your
online marketing today! Qualitative customer growth with a system! The marketing channel by and with
Christian Seigwasser. My name is Christian Seigwasser and today we are going to take a look at
the 10 most important and best tips on the subject of online
marketing. Firstly: class instead of mass! A certain
amount of content is required. But make sure that
this one has a certain class. Because only mass: that doesn't work either! Find
your middle ground and a perfect mix there.

Second: Always create added value! There is no point in writing about how great and beautiful your company is, how great and successful you are as an entrepreneur. Sure, you can take your customers, your
prospects, on a journey with them, of course they can also subconsciously
perceive what you have already achieved: what
great results you are generating. What great services and products you bring. But that's not what it's all about! Create added value! The followers of your website, your channel, your podcast, your Facebook channel, whatever…

Gain something from it! Offer them something that makes them happy to follow you! Third: Content First! I am an advocate of good content marketing! A certain amount of push marketing also makes sense where we work with ads. But content – good content – ensures that customers come to you of their own accord. Demand arises. A pull
is created That's what I want to achieve for you and your company That's what I'm committed to and it's fun when I experience in my circle of customers : Once content has been set, I can feel permanent demand for years! Fourth: Pictures say more than a thousand words! get emotional Create beautiful images that your customers will love! You are not the same picture! A good picture is a message that invites people to positively interact with you! Make sure your pictures are mostly filled with positive, smiling people! For example, if you sell houses: Don't just list houses! But also put happy homeowners in the foreground! If you sell cars, same thing.

Are you a coach:
happy seminar participants! As a trainer: a happy training member! No matter what you do, it is always possible to involve happy people! Even if you sell machines, there are happy users who are happy they hired you Create that emotional bond! The more technical your product, the more emotions you should create! Pay attention to this on TV: look at the commercials to see what the big companies are doing. It's unbelievable how many happy people smile at you in a short time. You will probably come across 30, 40 or 50 smiling
faces that have beamed at you in 3 minutes Responsive design is an important point Responsive design means: everything has to be right When you start your online marketing activities, make sure that your website and landing page look like this are structured so that it is also
clearly visible on mobile devices.

Choose a suitable font size,
suitable images that are also wonderful to see on smartphones and
tablets I have my own YouTube tutorial on responsive design Check it out! Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything! There you will also find the video: How to set up a perfect landing page, etc. Also recommended: There you will find even more downloads, best practice examples and much more. All about marketing Sixth: control techniques Online marketing without control is not online marketing! We can monitor everything in online marketing today! This was not possible in the past. You used to place an ad and hoped that it would work. Now you can evaluate everything exactly. So use these tools too. Pay attention to how many visitors you have per ad. First check how many visitors you have on your website. Have you already installed Google Analytics or other plug-ins? So modules with which you can evaluate where your visitors come from How many visits do you have per week, per month? What kind of people are these? The control is gigantic today It offers you a high level of effectiveness in terms of online marketing Seventh: search engine optimization is also an important point that we have a high findability in the search engines There is not only Google.

pexels photo 6802049

There is Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. We should place ourselves there and be easily found everywhere Relying solely on SEO is not the panacea
Search engine optimization and building a website that is SEO optimized should play a significant role in the marketing mix Don't let the content go bad at the expense of
search engine optimization But find a healthy middle ground Corporate identity Even as a small business owner you can
create a uniform appearance The more uniform and clear your appearance is, the more you will be perceived as a brand. You will be higher in the eyes of the customer applied It may sound strange The more appealing the corporate identity is, the more we subconsciously perceive that this company is an established company A company that has something to say and also has good
quality and a lot of know-how Ninth: Competition What is going on in your competition? are you always just in the edge of your own nose or do you look beyond? Do you see what the more successful competitor is doing? It's not about tussling with your competitor from the neighboring town.

That's not the goal! There is certainly a company in your industry that is higher up and more successful than you. So in my area there is definitely one. Have you achieved everything in Germany, look in another country to see if someone is more successful than you Gucke, what they do differently You don't have to reinvent everything. They have already set a good example and given us advice. So take an interest in the competition. But only those who are more successful. There are also very good tools . I have put a link in the Facebook Marketing section. You can use this link to analyze your competitors perfectly. It is incredible what is possible there. Look at it! Check out the other Facebook Marketing videos on this channel It's amazing what's possible How to analyze the competition 10. Keep moving forward!
Do not fall asleep. That's really a motto That means don't just look at what
the competition is doing, also look at what companies from outside the industry are doing I often learn from successful, outside of the industry companies that are more service-oriented service providers
than I am today I think: what can I take over from them and learn Look what this makes possible .

I used to take over so much from the service industry in my catering business. That's why I was always a little different from the others. That's guaranteed to be possible with you too. I wish you the best. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Think outside the box Visit more successful companies. Ask for an appointment Often the doors are open there. You might even end up with a great partnership. I wish you every success with your systematic customer growth. I'll give you another tip: be sure to visit my website! There you will find numerous downloads, best practice examples, a podcast from me, more videos from me on the
subject of online and offline marketing … and much much more!
I look forward to seeing you when you visit me! Otherwise, be sure to subscribe to
this channel so that you don't miss another important video. Until then, good luck with your customer growth with a system.

Yours sincerely, Christian Seigwasser You can find more downloads at:

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