Online Marketing in Anaheim: What Is The Fastest Way to Create Content For My Business?

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Josue: Hello this is Josue Gonzales with
and today we have Ryan Steinolfson with Accelerate Marketing. Ryan: What is the fastest way to create content
for your business? The fastest way to create content for your
business Josue is to do what we're doing right now, is to create video content. You can create video content just like we're
doing, doing a Google hangout. The beauty of a Google hangout is that the
content, Josue, is posted not only to your Google plus page automatically but it's also
posted directly to your YouTube channel. The beauty of that, Josue, is that when it's
posted to your YouTube channel that is content that then can be posted to all your social

So just like we talked about in the previous
topic, about posting the content of your blog or the link to your blog to all your social
media, you want to post the link to your YouTube videos to all of your social media. So the fastest way to create content for your
business is to just do Google hangout. I was kinda getting ahead of myself there
about what to do next. The first thing to do is to create content. One of the biggest problems I've seen with
my clients is they don't know how to create content quickly and easily. They don't like to sit down and write content
out. Who really likes to sit there and write a
500-word article unless you're an attorney or somebody else, it just takes a lot of time
and it's really, and it's not, not many people are good at it.

A better way to do it, most everybody I've
talked to can actually talk in front of a camera like this and can explain what they're
doing, how they do it, what makes them unique. They can add value to the marketplace by talking
about, maybe even some FAQ's. So that's a good topic to talk about; what
are some of the most frequently asked questions people have about your business? And then just talk about them just like what
we're doing right now.

pexels photo 6802049

And so this is, I'm doing exactly what I would
suggest anybody else would do because it adds value to your marketplace. So that's the fastest way to create content
and again, once you do this over Google hangout it goes not only automatically to your Google
plus page, but it automatically goes to your YouTube channel. And the best thing to do is, once you've created
the actual YouTube video, Josue, the next thing is to actually create a blog post from
the video. The little secret sauce that I add to our
system is that we have our clients create content like this when we meet with them on
a monthly basis to go over what we've done for them for the previous month and then talk
about what we're going to do in the next month. The secret sauce of what we do is we also
create the video content during that meeting just like we're doing right now, talking about
the FAQ's.

But the next best thing that we do is we actually
have an article writer write an article from that video so you actually get two pieces
of content from the same video. I'm going to show you an example here, just
for one second, the power of this is really amazing because what you can then do is if
I go in here to and I go in and look up let's say, like you know, loan modification

Ok, so here's one of our clients, Drake Ozment,
and you can see here's his blog post and here's his video. So here's the video we created right here. And then we created a blog post from this
video and you can see here, in this blog post on his wordpress blog, we've actually embedded
the video we created during the hangout and this helps with your optimization. So we're just giving Google what it wants
which is fresh new content from the actual expert and we're just doing that through leveraging
these very powerful Google hangouts that can be done by really, by anybody. Hope that answers your questions. Josue: Thank you to Ryan for the true professional
that he is. And if you have any further questions feel
free to contact him at his phone number at (619) 313-4895 or feel free to email him at for any further questions. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Signing out from business trends TV..

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