Online Marketing Budget – Welche Möglichkeiten bietet mir Online Marketing und was kostet es?

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Welcome to this video tutorial from the FAN system, which is about the possibilities online marketing offers you and what the whole thing costs! Qualitative customer growth with a system – the marketing channel by and with Christian Seigwasser My name is Christian Seigwasser and today I would like to give you an overview of the opportunities and possibilities online marketing offers you! And how much money do I have to budget for it! Let's take a look at it in detail! The largest provider on the web for social media marketing besides Google is: Facebook I prefer Facebook over Google because Facebook is even more targeted and targeted. You can reach your target group in a very defined way! You have even less wastage than with Google.

Basically, everyone has to find out for themselves which channel they find best. The days when only young teens were on Facebook are long gone! The largest target group on Facebook is between 35 to 55 / 60. And that is exactly the right desired target group for most of my customers and my customers. This is also the target group that has a certain amount of wealth because they share their holiday experiences, share their experiences, their lifestyle, etc. Zeiter's social media channel in the context of online marketing is Instagram Instagram now belongs to Facebook and is basically the second largest after Facebook However, the social media channel Instagram has its own rules: it's more about looks and aesthetics. With Facebook you are a bit more on the coach at the customer's home Instagram is a bit more chic! However, if you have products or services with a certain design and aesthetic requirement, then Instagram may be a more successful platform than maybe even Facebook. Because you could almost get lost there in this huge mass of over 29 million users.

29 million users is not insignificant! That's almost every second German who can read, speak and write Then the third channel: Twitter Twitter is the favorite of many celebrities I personally am not that big a fan of Twitter. However, Twitter is very easy to connect to other channels. That means you tweet something and connect it directly to your Instagram / Facebook account or even to Xing and so on … and it runs automatically. It doesn't cost anything and it does n't involve more effort. Therefore, Twitter can also be interesting for many. Fourth, the newcomer Momentum is one of the hottest newcomers: Snapchat However, Snapchat prefer the young target group up to 24/25 years of age. However, it is also getting older, like on Facebook. Started young, with the teenage target group And it's getting higher and higher bit by bit. Snapchat is a bit more entertaining. These are those videos that are only available for 24 hours and then they disappear from the network. Which has its advantages but also its disadvantages. Means: The claim is not so high. On Instagram, the demands on the images and the published material are very high.

Even on Facebook, you now have to offer very high-quality content so that there is still interest. It's a bit easier with Snapchat because it's only there for 24 hours anyway. Everyone is aware that this is not high-quality material, but this is the classic selfie video, which we can easily record quickly. Customers love that. This is what prospects who follow your channel love As I said, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Relatively quick and easy to maintain, but it must also be used permanently. Fifth, one of the biggest global players, alongside the classic Google search engine, is YouTube youtube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world anyway, and YouTube has become a real bestseller for entrepreneurs. What we are doing right now is also a YouTube video. On YouTube you can explain your entire company, a service and a product. Create tutorials – i.e. help videos gives them benefits and much much more There are companies that only started on YouTube. So we started as a YouTube channel. I don't mean the YouTubers who make money with advertisements, I mean companies such as ARS-Audio, which of course already existed before that.

But YouTube was the real booster. ARS-Audio builds e.g. radios for cars, etc. I have the classic, but many simply prefer the built-in radio and that's not so easy anymore. Where do I start? Where do I remove the radio if I want to set it up? He made videos for this. Then, of course, he refers to the right installation kits, to the service that goes with it. It has grown, grown, grown. I recently saw a lecture by him. He doubles almost constantly. It's unbelievable how this company is growing He says quite frankly: Only due to YouTube! Sixth, of course, not missing is Google.

Still one of the most important driving forces in the online marketing mix. You can advertise Google Adwords there. Of course, you can also be organically ranked at the top of Google via search engine optimization. That is the most sensible thing to do as a basis anyway. In addition to the other activities, you should always make sure that your website, ideally even your landing page, is relatively high up , for the right target group, the right keywords, is ranked However, I'm not the advocate who says: Concentrate everything on Google and nothing else From my point of view, the mix of the different channels makes the difference So let's move on to more! You should not neglect other channels! For example, I still have Xing in my portfolio.

Xing is one of my main channels for acquiring new customers, but also for maintaining regular customers. Then there's LinkedIn. There's so much more… For example, I have a customer who has an acting school. There's , which may not mean anything to most people, one of the top channels because small music videos can simply be posted there. This is of course perfect for an acting and musical school. I'll give you the following tip: just see which of these countless online marketing channels suits you. Which ones can you find there. There's a lot more. There's affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and so on and so forth. It doesn't all fit in this video. Here I wanted to give you an overview of the most important main platforms in the social network, as well as in the search engine area.

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If you want more information and are more interested in it, just click on the link under this video Download the handout for free right now from: www Down! Or just have a look where you can find more videos on the web or on my channel. Because if you subscribe to my channel, you will get a lot more knowledge about online and offline marketing. However, the whole thing is not entirely in vain. Many say social media marketing, online marketing is basically free first of all, it's not quite! After all, we are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs always have a value that they have to get paid for somewhere. Above all, time. Time is one of the most important goods that I have as an entrepreneur and it is limited! Even if I work a bit more than the classic employee, it ends somewhere at 200 – 250 hours a month.

Ideally even with less. That's why you should always factor in: How much will it cost me as an entrepreneur! And if I invest this time in social media, it will of course also cost your company money. Second, pictures and videos Pictures are not for nothing! Of course, if you take pictures yourself, you can use them freely. But we often use photographers or we also use Internet platforms such as, or other platforms where we download videos and photos, for a fee. Even if the fee is very low In some cases you can even download pictures for 30, 60 or 90 cents Nevertheless it is money and from my point of view it should be planned Thirdly the content! It only comes alive when there is a certain content.

Meaningful text, useful text or additional content that simply offers me a huge advantage as a customer. That's not entirely for nothing either! It's sustainable! I'm an advocate of content marketing because it's a very sustainable form of marketing. But creating content isn't free because we need time for it too. Or we even buy the content from copywriters. Sometimes that's easier than you think I use copywriters myself for certain topics, where I buy content And that's often cheaper than if I use my own time as a small business owner And fourth: the sponsors It may be that you need other people, other affiliate givers So that means people who positively redirect to your site. But that you also support certain things with your site! That means that you take care of backlinks and so on. All of these costs that you should keep in mind.

All this costs time or even fees. These are all costs that make up online marketing. That's why online marketing is not entirely in vain. But from my point of view it is still one of the cheapest and most attractive advertising channels that we as entrepreneurs have ever had. Because offline marketing used to be much more expensive. I've been an entrepreneur myself for over 19 years and I know the time when I only had to do offline marketing because there were no other options. From my point of view, the mix is perfect. You can find out how to create the ideal mix between online and offline marketing and find your own way on my website and in many other videos here on this channel. I would also like to invite you to create your own personal marketing strategy You will also find a free voucher for personal telephone coaching on the website, where we can talk about your marketing strategy for 30 – 40 minutes by telephone or Skype, completely without obligation and free of charge. I'll give you a good tip: just download it and make an appointment with me or one of my team I'll summarize again! First: Find a suitable channel for you! So a channel that fits you, your target group and your orientation! Secondly: Create a schedule In what period of time do you want to achieve what and how? And don't leave that to chance! And third: Make a budget plan Nothing in the world is free.

Because time also costs money. Even if online marketing and social media marketing are among the most effective and cheapest marketing channels from my point of view. Above all, if I combine it with classic offline marketing, it still involves a certain amount of costs when I as an entrepreneur I wish you every success with your online marketing! With your own strategy! go her! Get started and don't wait for a competitor to do it! Because by then it might already be too late It is one of the greatest gifts we have ever received in terms of marketing that we can now interact and communicate directly with our target group so quickly, so flexibly and so actively .

Use this opportunity With this in mind, I wish you every success in your systematic customer growth. It 's best to download the appropriate downloads for this channel directly. For more information, just click here! Otherwise look at: www. There you will find all the downloads, there you will find podcasts, there you will find more videos, field reports, best practice examples and much much more And last but not least, the tip: Subscribe to this channel as well! So you don't miss another important video! In this sense! Your Cristian Seigwasser! You can also find further downloads at: .

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