Onboarding a Virtual Assistant

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Setting up a proper onboarding process for 
your Virtual Assistant is the single most   important thing that you can do to be successful 
with that Virtual Assistant. In this video,   I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. And 
if you're new around here my name is Jen Lehner.   I'm a digital marketing and systems strategist 
and I have helped hundreds of coaches, authors,   small business people, solopreneurs, course 
creators to exponentially grow their business by   outsourcing the smart way and incorporating smart 
systems into their business. So let's get going. Okay, so the first thing that I like to do when I 
hire a new Virtual Assistant is send them over to   Trello. Now you if you don't use Trello maybe use 
Asana, it's fine.

If you just want to use a Google   doc but basically you want to send them somewhere 
where everything is laid out and you could sort of   take them on a path like Welcome, Start here then 
this then this. So in our case we have a Trello   board and let's take a look at it now. So here's 
a really simple but very effective onboarding   template. We're using this in Trello and you could 
do this in any sort of collaborative software even   on a Google doc or you could do it in Asana. 
The idea is that you want to take them somewhere   where you can house lots of information and 
where you can also communicate.

So the first   thing that you'll see over here on the left is 
Welcome and when we click into that you'll see   an orientation video and which we're going to 
talk about in a minute and then a tour of our   Google drive and then we're asking the person to 
sign the contract, right there. Then they can go   down here where it says first steps. As you can 
see here we've asked them to follow all of our   social channels and then also to join Lastpass, 
which is our password protection software. And   then you'll see here there's information about 
weekly meetings. We talk about the daily report   card which you can click here to learn what that's 
all about. And then we've got a column here for   Resources and then a column for Daily tasks, 
Weekly tasks, Monthly tasks. We're not going to   get into this part on this video but there are are 
other videos about this. Think about the worst job   you ever had. Maybe it was all the way back when 
you scooped ice cream or waited tables but usually   it was the worst job because whoever was in charge 
of onboarding you did a lousy job.

Maybe they   didn't onboard you at all. Maybe they threw an 
employee manual at you and said figure it out. And   then you go out there and you can't do your best 
because you don't know like how do I open the cash   register, where are the keys, what's the code to 
the snow cone machine, you know what I mean like   people have to be set up for success to be 
successful. And the good news is that's so   easy for you to do. You want to welcome your new 
VA with open arms because if you follow the Front   Row CEO framework and sort of our methodology for 
working with a virtual assistant then you know   that this is not about a wham-bam thank you ma'am, 
fly-by-night situation where you have a VA come in   for two months and then you get another VA. 
No, this is not the way we do business. What   we do around here is we're looking for virtual 
assistants who are going to be with us for years   who are going to build relationships with who 
are going to have a sense of ownership in our   businesses and are going to be on board from the 

So they're going to be on board because we   are going to onboard them properly and beautifully 
and make them feel so welcome. So here's the first   step in that process. All right so let's dig 
in here and take a look at the welcome video   and the orientation video. So this is sort of 
a combination welcome and orientation video,   if you have a good brand video it would be great 
to plop that down there as well we just completed   a new brand video. So I'll be adding that next 
time we hire someone but let's just play this   so you could get a feel for it. Welcome so who 
is this company that you just signed on with?   Well our mission at Jen Lehner Media is to 
help entrepreneurs grow their audiences and   their businesses using digital marketing, 
outsourcing, and smart micro systems.   We help them by providing premium online trainings 
in the form of blog posts, podcasts, live streams,   Amazon Alexa flash briefings, online 
courses, live events, and videos.   We have a free online community called the Front 
Row membership site called, all right I'm going   to pause.

And we're letting them know what our 
number one priority is here. It says our number   one priority is for to respond to our clients 
immediately. If we can't respond immediately   then as close to immediately as possible. 
We talk about our inclusion and diversity   values and we talk about how we value clarity and 
basically so we're talking about our values here   what's important to us, how our audience and our 
clients and our customers expect, what they expect   from us, and what I expect from us as a team and 
so there's a lot of that like what are our values.   We value excellence and attention to detail. 
Mistakes happen but we want to make sure that we   don't have typos, broken links, and other careless 
errors as much as possible.

pexels photo 3194519

So I do a lot of that.   Then we talk about our community and our clients 
who are they, what do they look like, what's the   demographic. Moving on into branding guidelines, 
so we've included that in there as well. Our brand   is playful but polished and there's quite a bit of 
detail there. We show all of our different logos   and our color palette and basically this is the 
video that's going to let them know like what your   company is about. And then in this video the tour 
of Google drive we're just giving them that could   be a tour of all of like your the back end of 
your website, your Google drive, your social media   but basically a tour of all the assets in your 

And also and I know this is what we did   with our last hire is that we added to the welcome 
video we got the whole team together on zoom   to welcome this person specifically by name. 
So we all got together and said Hey Sheilaine,   you know welcome to the team. We're so excited 
to have you! So that was just super short   and sweet. Okay as I come back to my notes I 
see there's some things we still did not cover.   Why did I just take my glasses off? So one of 
the things we do right from the get-go is we   set up a new virtual assistant with a company 
email address.

So it might be sally@jenlehner.com   and this is so important because now your va can 
use that email address in their work but again if   your VA ever moves on all you have to do is shut 
that email address off. And also you're able to   stay connected with all the communications and 
so forth. Some of the other things to talk about   in your orientation video are your policies. What 
are your policies with vacation leave? How should   people communicate with you if they are sick? 
What are the job specific goals for that that role   and their key responsibilities? What's the 
structure of the company like who does what   inside your business even if you're just a 
very small business with two or three people.   Really good idea to show that I like to show 
that graphically sort of so they could see like   the hierarchy if you will. Don't forget 
to introduce your new Virtual Assistant   to your team right away. So even if the first 
introduction is just via email and then you say,   "Oh can't wait for you to meet everybody 
face to face on our team meeting on Monday"   but do it right away so they can be excited and 
everybody knows that your new VA is coming in.   And then you want to be clear and let them 
know how they get paid, when they get paid,   how much they're going to get paid.

And then what 
your expectations are for working hours overtime,   weekends. Do you expect them to work the weekends? 
You know a lot of times people will put in their   ads that they're looking for someone for 40 
hours a week or 20 hours a week but does that   include the weekends? Does it include holidays? 
Do you need your Virtual Assistant to work during   the hours that you're working? Actually that's 
something and we talk about that in some other   youtube videos and also in my program but that's 
really something that needs to be sorted before   you hire someone, right? Because if it's important 
for you that they work during your working hours   especially if you're hiring someone from the 
Philippines for example, you know they're several   hours ahead, half a day ahead and so that you 
need to work that out in the interview process.   And I think that just about covers it on 

I hope you found this helpful and if   you want to learn more if you want the templates 
for all this, the templates for the contracts,   the templates for all of it, I have a very 
step-by-step program called Front Row Ceo.   It's not open yet. It's going to open in March 
and if you're ready and chomping at the bit to   get started before then, we do have a self-study 
option and we're going to have a really great   three-day challenge coming up in February. So 
we'll put a link down below so you could join   that if you're interested. I'm going to teach 
a whole bunch and if you have any suggestions   comments or questions put them down below would 
love to hear from you and I'll see you next time..

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