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the customer expects that whether they're in store on their mobile device or online it's a connected experience what omni channel does is it allows you as a small business to curate experiences across all those different channels omni channel gives you as a small business an important conduit to start really understanding your customer better and interacting with them in a more proactive manner so a simple example could be imagine i'm walking into your store and every time i come into your store i look at a particular item but i never buy that particular item wouldn't it be quite interesting if you as a small business could now take that information and the next time i pick up my mobile phone there's an alert to me that says that that particular item is 10 off and i could go directly into your website the item would be in the shopping cart and i press pay and i'm done it's almost like having three different storefronts that you can interact with your customer [Music] so if you're a small business owner and you're wanting to go omni channel the first thing that we would recommend is making sure that your physical inventory and order management systems talk to your online systems ensuring that both your physical experience in store as well as your online and mobile experience is simple and easy to navigate and follow from the moment you get onto the site to the moment that you check out the second piece would be how do you integrate them together how do you message to your customers when they're not in your store when the customers are in your store how do you then message to them when they're outside your store and uniting all these things together is now table stakes for all merchants especially the small businesses at a macro level the world is going three-dimensional the world is going to a physical world a mobile world an online web world and you have to be in all three of those dimensions to survive and thrive in the new digital economy in the new digital world that has emerged over the course of the last year feel free to leave your comments and look forward to seeing your feedback thank you [Music] you

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